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Transcript!/21" 11:$%&11:''11:''&12:$12:$&12:1"12:1"&12:221!/!/21"(xpe)*ment+l,:$7&,:'!SxS1:1!&1:271,:27&1:"%1:"%&1:$'2$/!/21"(xpe)*ment+l11:'!&11:'S*de by s*de11:1,&11:"!2%/!/21"(xpe)*ment+l1':1'&1':2227/!/21"1:'"&11:  11:&11:711:7&11:1$11:1$&11:212!/!/21"(xpe)*ment+l,:'$&1:!1:!&1:21-y *n*t*+l *nte)est *n )ese+)ch w+s the l+b wo)k we d*d *n the *)st 2 ye+)s o my cou)se 0 tho)ouhly enoyed th*s +nd the extens*3e )ese+)ch done by my 4n*3e)s*ty dep+)tment +sc*n+ted me. Th*s )ow*n *nte)est m+de me 3e)y keen to +*n expe)*ence *n )ese+)ch so o) th*s 0 thouht o + top*c th+t *nte)ested me +nd ound + lectu)e) who w+s w*ll*n to supe)3*se me o3e) + summe) p)oect. Th*s p)oect w+s unp+*d +nd 0 tho)ouhly enoyed *t +lthouh the)e w+s + lot o )epet*t*3e t+sks +nd )esults h+d to be c+))*ed out mult*ple t*mes 0 st*ll enoyed *t +s 0 ound the mult*ple p)oblems 0 c+me +c)oss ch+llen*n +nd st*mul+t*n *de+s we)e pooled toethe) w*th the )ese+)ch te+m to deduce the best w+y to o3e)come e+ch  p)oblem. The expe)*ence h+s m+de cle+) to me )ese+)ch *s the bus*ness +)e+ th+t *s pe)ect o) me.0 *n*t*+lly he+)d o 4n*le3e) +t + 4n*3e)s*ty c+)ee)s e3en whe)e 0 w+s told +bout the comp+ny +nd m+de +w+)e o the mult*ple household b)+nds the comp+ny *s )espons*ble o) 0 w+s 3e)y *mp)essed. 0 w+s +w+)e th+t 4n*le3e) c+))*es out + lot o )ese+)ch to de3elop +nd *mp)o3e the*) p)oducts. 0 +m +tt)+cted to 4n*le3e) bec+use wo)k*n to de3elop p)oducts th+t c+n help m+ny people wo)ldw*de com*n up w*th *nno3+t*3e *de+s *s ust wh+t 0 w+nt the ob would +llow me to use p)oblem sol3*n sk*lls 3e)y )eul+)ly wh*ch 0 enoy +nd *nd *ntellectu+lly st*mul+t*n. Also 0 h+3e 3e)y h*h eth*c+l 3+lues h+3*n wo)ked *n + psych*+t)*c nu)s*n home whe)e the wo)k*n st+nd+)ds we)e poo) +nd the t)e+tment o )es*dents *n my op*n*on un+ccept+ble 5th*s *s +lso the op*n*on o m+ny othe)s +s 2 ye+)s +te) my pl+cement the home ot closed down due to nelect6 0m dete)m*ned to wo)k o) + comp+ny w*th h*h eth*c+l 3+lues +s 4n*le3e) h+s shown by *ts sust+*n+ble l*3*n pl+n +nd the comp+n*es h*h 3+lue o he+lth hy*ene +nd sust+*n+ble l*3*n.0 h+3e +ll the sk*lls 4n*le3e) looks o) *n +n employee. 0 h+3e + )e+l b*+s o) +ct*on th*s *s shown by the +ct th+t 0 went to + h*h school w*th + p+ss )+te much lowe) th+n the n+t*on+l +3e)+e *n +ct most subects we)e t+uht to + m+x*mum o + 8 )+de to t)y m+x*m*se the p+ss )+te. 0 w+s dete)m*ned to o +bo3e +nd beyond th*s so 0 wo)ked +bo3e wh+t w+s expected to et the best 98S(s *n my ye+) )oup *nclud*n m+ny As +nd As. Also 0 h+3e )e+t te+mwo)k sk*lls de3eloped )om my summe) p)oect +s  well +s )om +n +nt*&bully*n ;<; p)oect 0 w+s *n3ol3ed *n th+t w+s d*st)*buted n+t*onw*de +nd expe)*ence *n + oun ente)p)*se bus*ness p)oect. 0 h+3e )e+t le+de)sh*p sk*lls shown by my m+n+ement o + loc+l book club th+t 0 o)+n*se +s well +s my 2 ye+) expe)*ence +s + spo)ts le+de). 0 h+3e  been +ble to de3elop extens*3e commun*c+t*on sk*lls )om my 3olunt+)y wo)k +t + psych*+t)*c nu)s*n home +nd the loc+l hosp*t+l ch+pl+*ncy
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