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Name of Lesson: Why is the sky blue? Group Members: Yuri, Vanessa, Mayra, Lawrence Grade Level: Grade 7 Middle Subject:Why is the sky Prepared By: Yuri, Vanessa, Mayra, Lawrence School blue? Overview & Purpose: The Education Standards Addressed: Physical Principles in Living Systems purpose is to explain why the 6. Physical principles underlie biological struct
  Name of Lesson: Why is the sky blue? Group Members: Yuri, Vanessa, Mayra, Lawrence Teacher Guide   Student Guide   Objectives  (Specify skills/information that will be learned.) -Teachers will demonstrate the different factors that cause the sky to become blue. As well as explain to them what light waves are as well as the color of lights, what ROYGBIV is, and the purpose of light air. Lastly we will go over what Rayleigh scattering is and how it relates to the color of the sky? Students will learn what factors are  part of the reason why the sky is blue. By understanding these factors students will get a better explanation how all the factors help cause the color of the sky. Materials Needed   ● Teachers will provide a PowerPoint presentation.   ● Teachers will provide the class with handouts that will help check for their understanding.   ●  A template that allows students to have a visual what each of the factors cause. It will show each of their characteristics.   Information  (Give and/or demonstrate necessary information) Some of the topics I will explaining are: -The incoming Solar Radiation -Light waves -Colors of light -ROYGBIV -The light in air -Rayleigh Scattering (All which are parts of the color of the sky.) Students will comprehend how all these factors is part of the reason why the sky is blue. They will also get clarification how these topics relate to one another in which will lead to the answer of why is the sky blue? Grade Level:  Grade 7 Middle School Subject :  Why is the sky  blue? Prepared By : Yuri, Vanessa, Mayra, Lawrence Overview & Purpose: The  purpose is to explain why the sky is blue. We will also explain the different factors that cause the sky to be blue.   Education Standards Addressed: Physical Principles in Living Systems 6. Physical principles underlie biological structures and functions. As a basis for understanding this concept a. Students know visible light is a small band within a very broad  b. Students know that for an object to be seen, light emitted by or scattered from it must be detected by the eye. c. Students know light are a mixture of wavelengths (colors) and that retinal cells react differently to different wavelengths. d. Students know light can be reflected, refracted, transmitted, and absorbed by mater.  Verification  (Steps to check for student understanding) In order to check for the students understanding by having them do a small quiz that will include questions based on the different factors mentioned in the lesson. The teacher will determine whether the lesson is effective by the grades the class received as a whole. Teachers as the lesson is occurring needs to ask questions in order check for the Students will obtain their understanding by the students understanding we will at the end of the chapter have a small quiz in order to see whether or not they fully understood the lesson and the different factors that answer the main question. Other Resources  -Web video that is a small clip basically wrapping up the main idea. -Notes will be provided so that students can refer back to when they are assigned homework, projects, or  presentations. -Ruler -Scissors -String -Markers -Pencil -Flashlight Activity  (Describe the independent activity to reinforce this lesson) The teacher along with the students will create a prism that uses a flashlight which will symbolize the sun and the prism would represent the atmosphere. Ehen the light goes through the prism all of the colors will be shown. The same way the suns different wavelength goes through the atmosphere. Another activity is the color wheel where when all the colors are together and you spin them they will see it will be white. The students will use this activity to see how the colors work as well as how the colors cause the ocean to be blue. This activity will give them a better insight as to why the color of the sky is  blue? Summary  The purpose of this lesson is to get the students to understand and be able to answer the question why is the sky blue? Through the activities they will have a visual as to how the different factors relate to color of the sky. The different variables and factors will help answer the question. All of the factors will be discussed through the teacher  ’s lesson and PowerPoint.   Additional Notes -The different factors that are taught will give students a better understanding of why the sky is blue.  
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