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This is the Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic Ever – Kills Any Infections in the Body _ Earth. We Are One

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Antibiotic natural - reteta
   Ads by external source Ad Options HOME / NEWS / HEALTH   / CONSCIOUSNESS   / SCIENCE & TECH   / WORLD AWARENESS   / GLOBAL MEDITATION /  2015-01-14This is The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic Ever – Kills Any Infections in The Body | Earth. We are one. The basic formula of this powerful tonic dates back to medieval Europe, that is, from the era when people sufferedfrom all sorts of diseases and epidemics.This master cleansing tonic is actually an antibiotic that kills gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It has also apowerful antiviral and antifungal formula, increases blood circulation and lymph flow in all parts of the body. Thisplant-based remedy is the best choice for the fight against candida.This tonic has helped many people to cure many viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal diseases and even plague! Itspower should most certainly not be underestimated.It can cure many chronic conditions and diseases. Encourages bloodcirculation, and purifies blood. This formula has helped millions of peoplethroughout the centuries to fight the most deadliest diseases.The secret is in the powerful combination of high-quality natural and freshingredients!To sum up, this tonic is effective in the treatment of all diseases, successfullystrengthens the immune system, acts as an antiviral, antibacterial, antifungaland antiparasitic medicine. Assists in the most severe infections.Master tonic – RecipeYou may want to wear gloves during the preparation, especially whenhandling hot peppers, because it is difficult to get the tingling off your hands! Be careful, its smell is very strong, and itmay stimulate the sinuses instantly.Ingredients:24 oz /700 ml apple cider vinegar (always use organic)¼ cup finely chopped garlic¼ cup finely chopped onion2 fresh peppers, the hottest you can find (be careful with the cleaning – wear gloves!!!)¼ cup grated ginger2 tbsp grated horseradish2 tbsp turmeric powder or 2 pieces of turmeric rootPreparation:1. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl, except for the vinegar.2. Transfer the mixture to a Mason jar.3. Pour in some apple cider vinegar and fill it to the top. It is best if 2/3 of the jar consist of dry ingredients, and fillin the rest with vinegar.4. Close well and shake.5. Keep the jar in a cool and dry place for 2 weeks. Shake well several times a day.6. After 14 days, squeeze well and strain the liquid through a plastic strain. For better results put a gauze over it. LOOKING FOR CONTRIBUTING AUTHODo you like this article? Think you can yourite one like it?he team at Earth, we are one. has begunreating a brand new website platform, an uch we are also looking for talented Authho wish to contribute their wisdom andknowledge!e invite you to join our dedicated team, ae will help spread your message to milliof readers who visit our website every morom all around the world.If you think you have what it takes to inspihearts and minds of the people, then we loorward to hearing from you!Please send in your article/s – until then.ith Love, we are one  2015-01-14This is The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic Ever – Kills Any Infections in The Body | Earth. We are one.  .7. Use the rest of the dry mixture when cooking.Your master tonic is ready for use. You do not need to keep the tonic in your fridge. It will last for long.Extra Tip: You can also use it in the kitchen – mix it with some olive oil and use it as a salad dressing or in your stews.Dosing:1. Caution: The flavor is very strong and hot!2. Extra Tip: Eat a slice of orange, lemon or lime after you take the tonic to ease the burning sensation and heat.3. Gargle and swallow.4. Do not dilute it in water as it will reduce the effect.5. Take 1 tablespoon every day to strengthen the immune system and fight cold.6. Increase the amount every day until you reach a dose of 1 small glass per day (the size of a liquor glass).7. If you struggle against more serious disease or infection, take 1 tablespoon of the tonic 5-6 times a day.8. It is safe for pregnant women and children (use small doses!) because the ingredients are all-natural and containno toxins. Warning: Do not use on an empty stomach, and start with a teaspoon for the first few times. It is POTENT and can causenausea or vomiting if you are not used to it. Health benefitsGarlic is a strong antibiotic  with a wide range of health benefits. Unlike chemical antibiotics that kill millions offriendly bacteria your body needs, its only goal is bacteria and microorganisms. Garlic also encourages and increasesthe level of healthy bacteria. It is a powerful antifungal agent and destroys any antigen, pathogen, and harmfuldisease-causing microorganisms. Onion is  garlic’s closest relative and it has a similar but milder action. Together they create a strong fighting duo. Horseradish is a powerful herb,  efficient for sinuses and lungs. It opens sinus channels and increases circulation,where common colds and flu usually begin, as most doctors would agree. Ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory properties  and it is a strong circulation stimulant. Chili peppers are the most powerful circulation stimulators . They just send their antibiotic properties to fight thedisease where it is mostly needed. Turmeric is the most perfect spice , cleanses infections and reduces inflammation. Blocks the development of cancer,and prevents dementia. It is especially useful for those who struggle with joint pain. Apple cider vinegar  – there must be something very healthy in the use of apple cider vinegar as the father ofmedicine, Hippocrates, used vinegar around 400 BC because of its healthy properties. It is said that he used only tworemedies: honey and apple cider vinegar.Apple cider vinegar is made from fresh and ripe apples which are later fermented and go through rigorous process togive the final product. Apple cider vinegar contains pectin, a fiber that reduces bad cholesterol and regulates bloodpressure.Health experts agree that people need more calcium as they get old. Vinegar helps the extraction of calcium fromfoods it is mixed with, which helps in the process of maintaining bone strength. Potassium deficiency causes a varietyof problems including hair loss, brittle nails and teeth, sinusitis, and runny nose.Apple cider vinegar is rich in potassium. Studies have shown that potassium deficiency results in slow growth. All ofthese problems can be avoided if you use apple cider vinegar regularly. Potassium also removes toxic wastes from thebody.Beta-carotene prevents damage caused by free radicals, maintains skin firm and young. Apple cider vinegar is goodfor those who want to lose weight.It breaks up fat which supports a natural weight loss process. Apple cider vinegar contains malic acid, efficient in thefight against fungal and bacterial infections. This acid dissolves uric acid deposits that form around the joints, and thusalleviates joint pain. Dissolved uric acid is later eliminated from the body.It is believed that apple cider vinegar is useful in treating conditions like constipation, headaches, arthritis, weakbones, indigestion, high cholesterol, diarrhea, eczema, sore eyes, chronic fatigue, mild food poisoning, hair loss, highblood pressure, obesity, and many other health problems.The master tonic is the best combination to fight each of these conditions. Protect your health using naturalantibiotics!  Are you on “Tsu” yet? Its a new social media platform that pays you for creating and sharing content! Thousands  of peoplehave already joined. Its just like Facebook, it takes seconds to join, and even easier to use! And best of all you can  reach100% of your friends  and audience, and NO Censorship. You can only join by Invite, and this is an invitation   from us toyou . Click here to join! and be sure to Follow us  too. Credits:    2015-01-14This is The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic Ever – Kills Any Infections in The Body | Earth. We are one.  ..Other included sources linked in Healthy Food House’s articl: organichealth.coFeatured image Via: WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?  Add a comment 745 comments Cory Albrecht  · · Top CommenterIf this stuff is so awesome, why were people suffering and dying from so many diseases back then? Also, Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence .>This master cleansing tonic is actually an antibiotic that kills gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.Citation please.>It has also a powerful antiviral and antifungal formula,Citation Please.>increases blood circulation and lymph flow in all parts of the body.Citation Please.... See MoreReply · Like · · Follow Post · January 8 at 9:02pm View 66 moreFollow271  Andrew Auten  · · Top Commenter · Works at Robot ClergyYes, any kind of fucking verifiable proof would be nice.Reply · Like · · January 8 at 9:16pm Follow113 NotMerlin Shwager  · Top Commenter · Fuck Off Facebook Andrew Auten how about getting off your lazy ass and try it yourself ? Fucking hell ! People like you piss me off !Nag nag nag nag but when it comes to try it yourself ? Hell naaaaw... moroon..Reply · Like · · January 9 at 3:37pm92  Andrew Auten  · · Top Commenter · Works at Robot ClergyTrying a quick potion is not the same as a double-blind peer-reviewed drug trial. See. That's what actual scienceis, not hippie bullshit.Reply · Like · · January 9 at 6:16pm Follow150 Nancy Stebnicki This may help some - seeing it in this form. I have been making it for 20 years and yes, it is very effective. Have seen it kill offstrep throat in 2 to 3 days several times and clear up all kinds of sicknesses like flus, colds, viruses in hours- truly amazing. Iwould not add honey - but eat that at other times of the day - as someone suggested adding honey - might hinder thefermenting process. This is for acute - need now help - it is not an immune builder - propolis, however, does build theimmune system - also is great for all respiratory infections and many other things - including infection in the teeth areas,phlebitis, etc ect Reply · Like · · Follow Post · January 9 at 12:31am View 107 more50 Harry Phillips  · Top Commenter ·  Army Apprentice SchoolCongrats, you have done an uncontrolled study where n=1, as evidence your anecdotal story is worthless anunconvincing.Science does not use a single person or even a small group of people to provide evidence that something works.It uses thousands or even 10's of thousands, THEN it has to pass review by other experts in the field of studyTHEN it has to pass post publication feedback.If you have any of that for this remedy then present it.Reply · Like · · January 9 at 6:24am77 Kevin Michael Whitten  · Top Commenter · Earthling at Greatall Harry Phillips what is your problem? It worked for her. Someone doesn't need thousands or even 10's ofthousands of peoples' evidence to know what works for them. Do you need thousands of peoples' evidence toknow that your shit stinks?Reply · Like · · January 9 at 6:53am174 Harry Phillips  · Top Commenter ·  Army Apprentice SchoolKevin Michael Whitten an unverified lovely little story by a person that has no evidence is hardly convincing isit?....oh for you it might be but I am simply pointing there is a MASSIVE difference between her anecdote andREAL evidence.Reply · Like · · January 9 at 6:55am33 Richard Laventure  · Herkimer County Community College / 20 plus years chefingDear poor Harry Phillips, all the ingredients in the mixture are completely natural and most certainly safe. I am going to trythis and use it daily. As stated by several people medications are made from what God has provided is with, many of themare unsafe because of there properties. This particular mix is more like a salad dressing so why not try it? It may even workon poor attitudes, who knows. However if and when I have a medical problem of any kind I (and anyone else with a lick ofcommon sense) shall head straight to the doctors. Those people you speak of that died because they were to dumb to get toa doctor and chose this mixture is their.own stupid fault. No claims are being made that if you have a serious persistentproblem you should just get out the salad shooter and pour on the magical dressing you created from a recipe found onFacebook. You go to the nearest hospital or doctor. Those people who you said died are morons just like you. Peace outHarry!Reply · Like · · Follow Post · January 9 at 1:48pm28
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