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Three Trends That Will Push the Crypto Market 10 Times Higher - Palm Beach Research Group

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Three Trends That Will Push the Crypto Market 10 Times Higher - Palm Beach Research Group
  ! #$ &' () *+,-.',/0 # #$%& ' )*+)$,-+ , ! #$ &!''()*++,,,-(./#0$.1!23 4(-1 #5   ( )') &!''()*++,,,-(./#0$.1!23 4(-1 #5   #$%&& #%&'() #$*# +,-- ./)$ #$& 0%1.#2 3*%4&# 56 #,3&) $,7$&% 06 '7789 ':;9<: => ?7@7AB7< CDE CFDG (<: A quick glance at the bored look on my wife’s face told me I had won.We were in a cozy Moroccan restaurant. It was a small place tucked between two tilcovered buildings in Lisbon, Portugal. A gaggle of brainy 20-somethings surrounded at a crypto meetup.I had spent the night drinking Diet Cokes and talking with the brightest minds in thecrypto space. My wife’s bored features told me I had nothing to worry about.“Okay, Teeka. I believe you,”she would later tell me.Longtime readers may recall I had been gone from home so much in the ! rst half of 2017 that my wife thoug was cheating on her. I had spent 120 nights away, visiting ! ve cities on two continents across six time zones,attending a dozen conferences.In November, I took my wife to the crypto meetup in Lisbon so she could see exactly what I do when I travel. you are a hardcore research nerd like I am, what I do is quite boring. By the end of the night, my wife realized She was thoroughly convinced of my ! delity. Mission accomplished.I’ve been skipping across time zones and putting my marriage at risk for one reason: to ! nd the best crypto idin the world and bring them to you.Back in June (, Itapped into my vast network of insiders to discover that three trends would be key to identifying superior-performing crypto plays in 2017: fat protocols, scalability, and interoperability.Since I wrote the June issue, the cryptocurrency market has exploded. We’ve seen the overall market size jum485%—from $106 billion to $620 billion.Those are astronomical returns. But I think we may see even bigger gains in 2018.Here’s why.Since June, I’ve been to six more conferences in six cities across four countries. From Bogota, Columbia to NeYork to Portugal, I’ve traveled the world looking for the themes that will drive values higher in 2018.And I’ve discovered three new trends that will push cryptocurrencies up 10 times or more next year.In this month’s issue, I have no formal recommendation for you. Some of you may be tempted to lament that stumbling in my editorial duties. Hopefully, the four short-term trades (with an average gain of 249%) I’ve sentsince November 13 are enough to satisfy you.I think you’ll discover that what I’m about to share with you is far more valuable than any single traderecommendation.That’s because I am going to give you a playbook that will show you why crypto assets will go much higher tha can imagine. Over the next 12 months, you can pile up more personal wealth with this knowledge than you hamade in  your entire lifetime .I want you to read this issue closely. If you do, you’ll be ahead of 99% of crypto investors who are just jumping without a game plan. Most of them will lose their shirts trying to “outsmart” the market.All you need to know are three things… and you’ll make 10 times your money or more next year… just like youdone this year in our long-term portfolio with cumulative open gains of 81,207%.If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you know we’ve guided you to monster gains in 2016 and 2017. Bu2018 could be the biggest year yet. And if you’re a new subscriber, don’t sweat it. This party’s just getting startNow, let’s get to those three trends for 2018. #89:: #9:;<= #8>? +@AA .B=8 ?8: 09CD?E 3>9F:? 56 #@G:= $@H You Guide to Pro  !  ting From Cryptos in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y Account  Check out Our New Crypto Corner We’ve recently renovated the entire Palm Beach Con  !  dential   Crypto Corner( If you have questions about anythingcryptocurrencies, chances are you’ll ! nd the answers there.There, you can access our research and step-by-step videos on web-based wallets, hardware wallets, andother cryptocurrency services.Be sure to check out our wallets and exchanges list ( to see which exchanges you can buy all our recommended coins on andwhich wallets we recommend holding them in. Three Trends for 2018 In the past, I’ve talked about three technological themes that will drive value in cryptographic assets.They are scaling, interoperability, and fat protocols. (You can read ( full issue here (’ve used knowledge of these three technological themes to rack up massive gains such as…8,726% on Ethereum, which is creating the smart contract platform of the future.61,398% on NEO, which is enabling the smart economy.4,355% on Monero, which is meeting the demand for private transactions.In this month’s issue, I will pull back the curtain on three social trends that will catapult the crypto market into multitrillion-dollar asset class.They are: The Denationalization of Money:  You could call this the rise of “private” money that’s not issued bygovernments or central banks. Closing the Gap Between Crypto Awareness and Crypto Participation:  A brand-new breed of investor(separate from institutions) is about to make the leap into crypto. Wall Street’s New Crypto Narrative:  Institutions move in herds guided by big-picture stories called“narratives.” I’ll show you how the non-correlation narrative will be the story that lures trillions of institutional dollars into the crypto space next year.Let’s get to them… Trend No. 1: Denationalization of Money Again and again, emperors, dictators, and governments have proven to be poor stewards of national wealth.Whether to ! ght wars, secure allies, or bail out banks, our leaders have always resorted to debasing our curreto fund their economic shortfalls.The only reason this has worked over the years is because governments have used force, or the threat of it, tomaintain their monopoly to print money.Friends, I’m here to tell you that after two millennia, government control over the money supply is about to coto an end.It all has to do with a trend called denationalization of money  .It’s a multitrillion-dollar trend that will forever put a check on the government’s ability to steal your wealth thrcurrency debasement.Let me explain…Over the centuries, when a government has gotten into trouble, it simply printed more paper money or dilute precious metal content of its coins.The Romans did this with the silver denarius. In the year 301, one aureus of gold (about 8 grams) wouldconvert into 833 1/3 silver denarii. By 324, the silver denarii had been debased so much, it took 4,350denarii to buy 8 grams of gold.In 1803, Napoleon unilaterally replaced France’s existing currency (the assignat) with the franc. Overnight,he rendered the assignat worthless.In 1933, President Roosevelt con ! scated the nation’s gold, then promptly devalued the U.S. dollar by 69%.In 1973, President Nixon took America o    the gold standard. Over the next 40 years, the U.S. dollar fell invalue by 82%.  During the 1998 Asian Crisis, several countries devalued their currencies by as much as 38%. Overnight,millions of people saw their cash savings collapse in value.For thousands of years, we’ve accepted the fact that only governments can issue money. This has led humani sheepishly accept the theft of its wealth in the form of insidious currency debasement.Whether by the threat of violence or imprisonment, we could only watch meekly as governments seized ourwealth. Like a whipped dog that only knows submissive obedience to its master… we’ve blindly accepted thisassault against our ! nancial sovereignty.Those days are over…Since the time of cavemen, the stronger man has always been able to steal from the weaker man.With cryptocurrencies, for the ! rst time, the weaker man can keep his wealth safe from the stronger man. Thi life-changing paradigm shift. This type of wealth sovereignty has never existed before.We ! nally have a way to secure part of our wealth in an asset that’s beyond the reach of any government.Imagine if the “small” people of the world switch their ! at earnings to digital assets they control. What happen the banks? What happens to the brokerage ! rms? What happens to the tax collectors? What happens to a natability to raise money to wage war?You can’t print stadium-sized stacks of paper money anymore when the people have an alternative. This terricentral bankers, central planners, and all other manner of despots.Once humanity wakes up to the idea that it doesn’t have to put all its wealth into ! at currencies, we’ll see a tidwave of money rotate out of paper money into cryptographic-secured money like bitcoin.The denationalization of money trend means that just because we live in America… it doesn’t mean that we h keep our wealth in U.S. dollars. We can use non-government alternatives like bitcoin, Dash, Monero, and ZenC Emerging World Leading the Way This is such a fundamentally important trend, but it’s easy to ignore if you live in the West.You see, cash grabs by our Western governments tend to happen slowly. It’s like the steady decline of the dollsince Nixon took us o    the gold standard. Whereas in emerging markets, money can evaporate overnight thrhyperin # ation.The 4.6 billion people living in emerging markets are crying out for an alternative they can control and trust.ust look at Venezuela and Zimbabwe, where in # ation runs at 532.6% and 12,875% per year, respectively. The currencies in both countries are so worthless (prices double in Zimbabwe every 24 hours) that bitcoin trades huge premiums of 20% in Venezuela and 85% in Zimbabwe.Bitcoin, among many other crypto assets, is the solution these billions have been yearning for.Collectively, emerging markets account for $12 trillion worth of wealth. We’re betting on an exodus from shak currencies to crypto assets governments can’t debase.With the proliferation of smartphones and cheap internet access, people can now be their own banks. That’sbecause they can buy and store digital currencies with their smartphones.ust like how the emerging market skipped landlines in favor of wireless phones, we think they will skip banks instead, transact in cryptos via their smartphones.We think the trend of denationalization of money can push the entire cryptocurrency market past the size of tgold market. (Cryptocurrencies have far more utility than gold… They’re easier to divide, store, save, and send.The entire gold market is worth about $8 trillion. Today, the crypto market is just $620 billion. That means we see the whole crypto market grow 13 times on this one trend alone. Trend No. 2: Awareness vs. Participation Want to enjoy a long, healthy life?Eat right and exercise. Everybody knows that, right?But just because most folks are aware of the bene ! ts of eating right and exercising… that doesn’t automaticallmean everyone will start taking action.In fact, given what we know about human nature, that would be a crazy assumption. Awareness Doesn’t Equal Participation I attend non-crypto related conferences across the globe. And I’ve noticed that more and more people arebecoming aware of bitcoin.  A crowd quickly gathers around me when people ! nd out that I write about cryptocurrencies. They tell me,“Everybody knows about bitcoin now. The opportunity is over.”That’s a false assumption. And we can pro ! t from it. Here’s why…You see, people sitting on the sidelines of the crypto market are confusing awareness with taking action .  Justbecause a lot of people know about bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies), doesn’t mean they’re actually buying I have people coming up to me all the time saying how great they think bitcoin is. But when I ask them if they any… more often than not, they say no.Usually, they’ll tell me they’re too busy to buy it… or they just don’t understand it… or they just haven’t gottenaround to it.My best guess is less than 2% of the people who ask me about bitcoin actually own any crypto assets. This line perfectly with a study by Macromill Group, which found that although 88% of those polled had heard of bitcoionly 2% owned it.So, what that tells me is that, while awareness is growing rapidly,  participation is lagging behind . That’s why it is a mistake to confuse awareness with participation.My call is that in 2018, the gap between awareness and participation will close.Imagine for a second if you could take a pill and magically experience all the health bene ! ts of working out aneating right without any of the work. How successful do you think that pill would be? How many people do yothink would take it?Millions, right? Hundreds of millions, heck maybe billions of people would line up for a pill like that.Well, the crypto equivalent of that will happen in 2018. Next year, we’ll have our “magic skinny” pill moment.Here’s what I mean… A Bitcoin “Skinny Pill” It’s about to become dramatically easier to buy and store bitcoin. My prediction is we will see a bitcoin exchantraded fund (ETF) launch in 2018. That’s right. Very soon, buying bitcoin will be as easy as clicking an icon in yoonline trading account.Imagine all the hassle of buying, storing, and sending bitcoin eliminated with a single mouse click. That’s thepromise held by the launch of a bitcoin ETF. I predict that tens of millions of people will get their ! rst taste of bitcoin through an ETF.Since 2014, folks have been trying to get a bitcoin ETF approved. All along, I’ve said the chances of it happeninwere slim.So what’s changed my mind?The CME, CFTC, and the CBOE.This trilogy of C-lettered agencies and exchanges are paving the way for the approval of a bitcoin ETF. The ChiMercantile Exchange (CME) is the world’s largest futures market. The Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CB the world’s largest options market. And the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is the most powederivative regulatory agency in the country.All three have come together to approve the launch of bitcoin futures and bitcoin options. For the ! rst time,institutions have the ability to hedge their risk in bitcoin. This means they can buy bitcoin, then buy a futures options contract that will protect them if the price of bitcoin drops.Being able to hedge risk will bring a # ood of liquidity into bitcoin.Here is why that matters…In past rejections of bitcoin ETFs, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) pointed to a lack of a hedginmechanism for bitcoin. (The real truth is the SEC didn’t want to be the ! rst regulatory agency to stick its neck Now that the CFTC, CME, and CBOE have embraced bitcoin (and provided a hedging mechanism), we’ll see the approve a bitcoin ETF in 2018.The demand for this ETF will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen. A bitcoin ETF is the “skinny pill” millions of investors will reach for to gain bitcoin exposure.In 2018, you’ll see the consumer pendulum swing from Awareness to Massive Adoption. The ! rst approved bitcETF will bring a nationwide stampede into bitcoin.Soon after that, I expect the launch of the ! rst crypto asset index ETF. This will pump trillions of new dollars inthe entire crypto market.The launch of a bitcoin ETF and a crypto index ETF will close the gap from awareness to full- # edged participatiAs this trend plays out, I think we’ll see at least 10% of America’s stock market wealth rotate into crypto assetsAt today’s levels, that suggests that as much as $10 trillion could ! nd its way into crypto assets, meaning as mas 1,500% growth ahead for the entire crypto market.
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