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The Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, ch. 16

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1. Hello, dear reader, and welcome to the Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, chapter 16! This time around, it's time for some college fun, but before that,…
  • 1. Hello, dear reader, and welcome to the Bookacy Family Alphabet Adventures, chapter 16! This time around, it's time for some college fun, but before that, let's visit Salahuddin and Aadam, shall we? So, you've finally emerged from your lab, have you Sal? Recovered from your latest loss? What wicked plan do you have in mind now? "Aadam! Would you please come over? I need to talk to you."
  • 2. Aadam was in his room, reading. Or so he told himself. He hadn't been able to concentrate all evening. Not that reading about someone else's imaginary adventures would really be of use in his current situation, either. But he had to do something. Or at least pretend to. There he was, still living with his father after witnessing for himself what a dangerous man Salahuddin really was. After losing his high school sweetheart to a giant cowlike plant called Dolores. After seeing how everyday life in the house was, how he, his girlfriend Joy and his friend Marsha were pawns in a game the rules of which none of them knew. There he was, still unable to do anything. Still unable to save himself and his girlfriend and run from his father.
  • 3. As he heard his father call, Aadam put away his book, angry with himself. He would have done it. He would have run, taken Joy with him and run far away, where Salahuddin couldn't find them. If it weren't for one thing. The man was his father. Yes, his own flesh and blood. And no matter what had happened, no matter how badly things were wrong with him, Aadam knew that he loved his son. And he had found out that he could not, no matter how hard he tried, hate his father, either. In fact, he loved his father, and felt sorry for him. He could not leave Salahuddin all alone. Not now.
  • 4. Aadam got up and sighed. He was tired and confused. He was scared for his life, and Joy's. Marsha was currently away at college, but Aadam wasn't convinced he wouldn't have to be scared for her life, too. But there was no way out. Straightening up, Aadam called back: "Coming, Dad."
  • 5. "Alright, here I am." "Have a seat, son. We need to talk, about something important."
  • 6. "Okay, then. Shoot." "Very well, son. As you know, since our latest plan turned out less than successful, I have been spending long nights in my laboratory, trying to find a new direction for us. And I think I have found a solution" "You have?"
  • 7. "Yes, I believe I have. I have been in contact with my former colleagues at the Mad Scientist association, and they have, kindly enough, confirmed that there is, indeed, a way to bring back the dead." "There is?" Aadam asked, startled. He couldn't believe his ears. Had his father lost it completely, or could it perhaps be true, after all? "Yes, there is. What we need to do is to build a device. If correctly constructed, my former colleagues tell me, it can be used to contact the Grim Reaper himself."
  • 8. Aadam gasped. "You don't suppose... suppose that it could be something like the mysterious... well, something they had at the Secret Society? It looked a bit like a phone to me. A scary one." "Really? That is very interesting. I believe that the Secret Society may well be in possession of such an item. It is a pity that you no longer have access to their premises, am I right?" "Yeah. Only students may enter their premises, it's an age old rule and I doubt they'd be able to change it even if they wanted to." "Yes. They did seem eager to help, but I doubt their helpfulness would be endless. Especially if they happen to know the value of this item, it may be very difficult indeed to gain possession of it. But fortunately, it is possible to construct such an item, if one has the correct skills."
  • 9. "But..." "Yes, Aadam?" "We don't have any of those skills." "Oh yes, in fact we do. I am a former Mad Scientist, so I have quite a few necessary skills, and also contacts whom I can ask for advice. Also, you have quite a few skill points yourself, and one quite an essential ingredient: a college education." "What does college have to do with it, Dad?" "Well, Mad Scientist skills alone are not enough. I need someone to help me, someone in the Paranormal career. Which, as you well know, is only open to one who has a higher education."
  • 10. "And that's it? Really, that's it? Just build a device that can contact the Grim Reaper and get Mom back?" "Yes, Aadam. Simple and beautiful, is it not?" "We don't need to hurt anyone? Or threaten to hurt anyone?" "Exactly, son. Clean and peaceful, exactly the way you would want it." "Yeah, I guess..."
  • 11. "Listen, Aadam. I know you are still upset over the girl dying. But this time, it is not the way it will be. This time, we will succeed, and no one will get hurt." "Well, I guess... My family is bound to put up a fight if we succeed, though. Have you considered that?" "I have. But if we then show that we want no further harm to anyone, I doubt they would want to resist. After all, they are bound to see how happy Author is to be back, and to be with me. Now, son, if you would please find today's newspaper and see if there are any vacant positions in the Paranormal field." Aadam was maybe not entirely convinced by this last argument, but as he didn't know what else to do, he went and took the paper inside from the porch anyway.
  • 12. Moments later. "Do you find anything?" "Nope, no Paranormal jobs today, Dad." "Well, I suppose we could not have wished to be that lucky. Keep looking daily, Aadam. There is bound to be an opening position relatively soon. The college degree requiring careers do show up quite frequently, do they not?" "Yeah I guess. Just no luck today."
  • 13. So, now that those two are finished, we get to go to college with the kids, finally. So, how does it feel to be a young adult, Beth? "Please give me a makeover! I want rid of this ridiculous outfit!" Don't worry. I'm not going to leave you like that. I'm not that cruel, you know.
  • 14. Not that your brothers look any better. Well, Baudolino actually looks decent, but I think we'll get him something less dark anyway.
  • 15. And well, Marsha would like to go shopping as well, wouldn't you? "Creator, please help?"
  • 16. Now that's better, Baudolino. Looking like the young adult you're supposed to be. Who are you calling, by the way? "The registrar. They just told me that I can have the biology major just as I wanted to." Ah, very well. So Baudolino studies biology, Beth and Bill take up political studies, and Marsha chooses drama.
  • 17. "Alright! It's good to be in decent clothes again, isn't it, Marsha?" "Oh yeah. I feared I would be stuck in that dress for all of college." "Yeah. Wouldn't have been fun." Except maybe for me. But really, it would have irritated me the most, anyway.
  • 18. "Beth! Best friends don't cheat at chess!" "Sorry, Mar! I just can't help it – no nice points, remember?" "Oh yeah, that. Too bad I have to catch you, though."
  • 19. And there's my boy Bill. Always sneaking on the computer to play when he can. He's playful like a true Bookacy.
  • 20. Now, welcome to Baudolino's Art! This is Baudolinos first business, the one that he purchased while still living at home. Now we're opening it, as he's supposed to manage five of these, so we'd better start early. As the name implies, this business sells art.
  • 21. And here we go. Thanks, Amy, for our very first star! First of many, I hope. So, Baudolino and Bill do a lot of selling, as they both want to earn the badges.
  • 22. Marsha is the cashier. "Ouch! This stupid machine does this every time! Maybe it's broken?"
  • 23. And Beth restocks. "Hmm... If a customer has bought one 'Meaning of Fruit', to replace it, we need... Umm..." And every now and then we swap and take breaks in turns, so no one hopefully starves or wets themselves.
  • 24. "Listen, young lady! This is outrageous! I cannot believe it! One of your employees is green! Green! You need to tell him to wash the paint off immediately, if this is to be a serious business and not a circus!" Yeah, I have no idea why she was complaining about Bill.
  • 25. "But... that's my brother. He's an alien m'am. There's no paint to wash off." "An alien? You have to be kidding me, young lady! There is no such thing as aliens! And if there were, that would be outrageous!"
  • 26. "Now you listen to me, lady! My brother is my best buddy, so don't you go around insulting him! He's an alien and as such one of the coolest persons I know! So if that doesn't please you, you're free to get out of our art gallery!" You tell her, Beth!
  • 27. And what is an art gallery without a comfy couch to sit on and admire the art? Or, well, discuss fried eggs.
  • 28. So yeah, the couch is mainly to allow the employees gain comfort. If customers occasionally do, too, that's a plus.
  • 29. Back at the dorm. "Man, this sucks. We have to do homework by ourselves?" Yes, yes you do. Influencing others to do it gives such a small rise to your class performance that it's no use. But don't worry, there are always suckers who will write your term papers, though. If you collect the influence, that is.
  • 30. Just a random shirtless picture of Bill. I just realized I haven't taken enough pictures of him lately. Not that shirtless pictures are hard to get or anything. He wanders around in his jammies most of the day. I love my handsome shirtless alien!
  • 31. Turns out the guitar I forgot to pack into someone's inventory last time around is still here. Well, not complaining. Rock on, random dormie, and earn us some extra money!
  • 32. So, I suppose it would be The Bookacy Family Greek House Greek House time, then. Laura, pledge the kids in! "Woo, I'll be played soon, won't I?" That would be a yes. "Woot! I'll celebrate the event by running around and cheering like mad!"
  • 33. "How to repeatedly fall for the tricks of Legacy kids - by Laura Carl... *sigh* Baudolino Bookacy."
  • 34. "Yay, I'm in!" Good work, Beth. Only three to go, then...
  • 35. What do you mean "you're not the type of member we're looking for right now", Laura? Bill is a Bookacy, and a main house Bookacy at that! He's exactly the type of member you are looking for! "But I don't know him at all, and he's asking to be in my Greek House!" Your Greek House? "Well, I guess it's technically your Greek House... But I take my placeholding duties very seriously! It's not like I should take just about anyone in!"
  • 36. "Help! The bouquet is on the way and I cannot run like a headless chicken to avoid sims who want to get into the Greek House!" That is kind of the meaning, Laura. "But what about my placeholding duties?" Sigh. Just let the poor boy in. He's Adrian's alien son, after all. You like Adrian, don't you? "Adrian's kid? Well in that case! Why didn't you say so?" Sigh.
  • 37. Well, two kids in. Not too bad. The rest will probably roll the want soon, so we're not in a hurry. Meanwhile, life goes on. *giggle* "This is always so much fun, Bill!" "Yeah, I love read hands too. And pillow fighting."
  • 38. "Beth always told me how cool her brothers were when we were teenagers. Guess she was right!" "Runs in the family."
  • 39. So yeah, the current generation are all quite playful. When left on their own, they're always pillow fighting or tub-pirating. Or dancing. And tub-pirating. And pillow-fighting. And dancing some more.
  • 40. "Hey, Beth, now that you are a member, you can pledge me in, can't you?"
  • 41. "But of course, Marsha! I'll ask Laura to come over right away!" Oh. So she still has to do the getting to know Laura to get in. I was kind of thinking that as she is buddies with Beth, that could be enough. Well, not that it matters, really: as a popularity sim she is more than happy to be buddies with everything that moves.
  • 42. "... and it would be nice if someone would let me have a very first woohoo, so I wouldn't have to talk about the topic all the time." "Umm... yeah, I guess so, Laura." Actually, it's not just Laura. Pretty much all my college sims talk about first woohoos all the time, which is kind of funny as they haven't had those yet.
  • 43. "... Gerbits, gerbits, vooooo gerbits! I'm in the Greek House, Creator! Voooo gerbits!" That's nice, Marsha. Vo gerbits right back at you.
  • 44. So, time to work on Baudolino's business a bit again. Hey, Bill! "Yeah?" I said work on Baudolino's business, not block the bathroom and listen to your mp3 player! "You're no fun." I love you too. Now get back to work, those paintings won't restock themselves.
  • 45. "Better?" Yes, much better. You help your brother, and he'll help you in turn. Alas, the reporter didn't stay to give us a review. Oh well.
  • 46. So, level five already, Baudolino? "Yeah. Surprisingly fast, isn't it, C?" Yes, I feared it would be more painful. Maybe I am learning something about businesses. "Well, you'd better. I want four more you know." I know. Let's not think about that now, okay? Now rush up behind the cash register, there seems to be a line forming. And try to ignore your brother discussing handcuffs with some random townie.
  • 47. "Mrs. Jacquet, I am certain you have always wanted this wonderful grilled cheese themed painting. It is such a unique masterpiece! You absolutely must have it on your wall!" "Yes, I must! I never knew that I always wanted it, but I did!"
  • 48. Beside arts, also other important topics are widely discussed among the customers and workers of Baudolino's Art.
  • 49. "Uncle Abraham! So good to have you here! I am sure you want to have this beautiful painting called 'Handle and Spout'! It would look great on your wall, and I'm sure aunt Kendra would also appreciate it!" "Well, it does sound good..." "It's a unique masterpiece!"
  • 50. "Well, in that case! And it's good to help my favorite nephew out with some stars, right?" "Absolutely, uncle Abraham! Now, here's your unique masterpiece. Great doing business with you, uncle." "Likewise, kid." "Bill, we're out of 'Spout and Handle', would you restock it please?"
  • 51. "Hi, aunt Kendra! No, I don't know where the burglar went, haven't seen one here, but would you like to come inside and have a look at our unique masterpieces?"
  • 52. "Hmm... this painting truly is beautiful. The form of light, the balance..."
  • 53. "Thank you, mr. burglar, for your purchase! Now if I could just find the enter key... There you go! Thanks, now I suppose you'd better hurry up before my aunt stops being distracted by our unique masterpiece."
  • 54. "Dammit, the burglar got away! And you're dazzling me to buy the painting, aren't you?" "Yes I am, aunt Kendra. Aaaand... that's a sale! Thank you for choosing Baudolino's Art. Say hello to uncle Abraham from us, will you?" "You've dazzled him to buying your paintings too, haven't you?" "Well, kinda, yeah." "Alright, I'll tell him you said hi. If you see our Bianca on the campus, you tell her hi from Mom and Dad."
  • 55. "Hey Nicole! I can sense that you'd want this beautiful 'Meaning of Fruit'." "How could you guess, Bill? I so want this 'Meaning of Fruit'!" "Well, it has food other than grilled cheese on it, so..." "Yes, food other than grilled cheese – marvelous!"
  • 56. "I would recommend this beautiful 'Meaning of Fruit' to you, sir." "The unique masterpiece? Like the one I have two of already?" "Yes, sir, exactly like that one!"
  • 57. Discussions in our gallery: "I can see a friend of art when I see one, uncle Abraham! Enjoy the form of light, and the warm colors..." ... "That woohoo I never had was totally great, Jan!"
  • 58. Having couples simultaneously in businesses sometimes gives you an added bonus, as they tend to interact on their own, and like it. "My wife just accepted my romantic hug! I like this business!" That's nice, Stephen.
  • 59. Back in the Greek House, things are just as busy. With three popularity sims in the house, there are often several guests for dinner.
  • 60. And some mornings are busy, because our placeholder is not having the best of days. "Fire, fire!" Calm down, Laura, the fire department is on its way. Just get out of the way if you can.
  • 61. And sometimes it's time to take care of family relationships. By whacking each other with pillows.
  • 62. Speaking of family relationships: "Hmm... I guess I should give mr. Chamcha a call", muttered Marsha one evening, "it's been a while and he asked me to report regularly."
  • 63. "Hi mr. Chamcha, it's me, Marsha!" ... "Sure, everyone is in bed by now, there's no one here. Why?" ... "Always the Crime business! You're always working so hard, sir!" ... "Yeah, I understand, of course you need to protect yourself from competitors." ... "Oh, everything is just fine here, I'm learning a lot and making new friends and all kinds of fun stuff."
  • 64. "That is very nice to hear, Marsha. Have you made friends with your housemates?" ... "That is wonderful. I am delighted that you all come along so beautifully." ... "Oh, really? That is fascinating." ... "Yes, I think you have mentioned, a Legacy, yes, I think so. Do they have an heir picked out already?"
  • 65. A few moments later. "Any luck today with the Paranormal career, Aadam?" "No, Dad. I wonder what's up, I've been looking every day, but still nothing." "Well, I suppose that we just have to keep trying." "I guess so. Dad, what's the deal with Marsha?"
  • 66. "Why, son?" "I see." "Well, I heard you on the phone with her. Are you using her as a "Very well, Aadam. Keep looking for the Paranormal positions, one spy or something?" is bound to eventually come up." "Well, not really, son. I have seen it best that I have a valuable source of information close to the family. What she tells me about them may prove useful in the future. For instance, to
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