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Specialist Wanted: Evaluation and Implicit Marketing in the Nokia Recruitment Advert Text

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Specialist Wanted: Evaluation and Implicit Marketing in the Nokia Recruitment Advert Text
    Specialist Wanted: Evaluation and Implicit Marketing in the Nokia Recruitment Advert Text Pro Gradu Thesis Department of English University of Helsinki 30th April 2008 Anu Harju   2 TABLE OF CONTENTS :  1   Introduction 5 2   Recruitment Advertising 16 2.1   Branding and Advertising 17 2.2   Online Recruitment Advertising 22 2.3   Corporate Website and Corporate Brand 26 2.4 Nokia Recruitment Website 31 3   Theoretical Preliminaries 38 3.1   Genre in Linguistics 39 3.1.1   Register and Genre Theory 41 3.1.2   Recruitment Advert as Genre 45 3.2   Systemic Functional Grammar 54 3.2.1   Textual Metafunction 55 3.2.2   Interpersonal Metafunction 56 3.2.3   Ideational Metafunction 68 3.2.4   Grammatical Metaphor 84 3.3   Language of Evaluation: Appraisal System 89 4   Data and Methods 93 4.1   Research Questions 93 4.2   Data 97 4.3   Method of Analysis 99 5   Analysis 105 5.1    Nokia Recruitment Advert Texts 105 5.2   Grammatical Description and Analysis of Text 1 108 5.3   Prominent Linguistic Strategies 127 5.4   Us  versus  you  and Linguistic Abstractions 134 5.5   Genre Tendencies 138   3 6   Results 142 6.1    Nokia Employer Image 143 6.2   Applicant Image 148 6.3   Job Descriptions 152 6.4   Recruitment Advert as Genre 154 7   Discussion 159 Bibliography 177 Appendices 185   4 LIST OF FIGURES: Fig. 1 An illustration of overlapping genres and contexts 53 Fig. 2 Speech function  –   typical mood of clause pairs 60 Fig 3 Process types and participant roles 70 LIST OF TABLES: Table 1 Modality 59 Table 2 Some semantic and lexicogrammatical units 67 Table 3 Three metafunctions of language 69 Table 4 Research Questions and Method of Analysis 103 Table 5 Job advert as genre 133 Table 6 Distribution of key participants in the recruitment advert text 158 APPENDICES 185   5 1   INTRODUCTION Globalisation has had a significant effect on the world’s economy, labour market situation and mobility, and these effects are still spreading. As the market economy has gained more ground in the global market, more business opportunities have sprung up, and this has lead to tightening competition over not only resources and market shares but also to competition over ‘human capital’ , which companies try to acquire with effective recruitment. Human capital is a term that Ployhart (2006: 888) defines as “th e competencies of the firm’s [] workforce”.  He brings up the issue of a shortage of skilled work force in the new technological industries as well as in other areas, and points out that recruitment is “ the key strategic opportunity for enhancing competitiv e advantage”  (Ployhart 2006: 869). Thus, successful recruitment has become an essential strategic tool, which guarantees ongoing success when effectively employed. Ployhart (ibid.) goes on to say that “ [b]ecause talent is rare, valuable, difficult to imitate, and hard to substitute, organizations that better attract, select, and retain this talent should outperform those that do not ”. In an effort to recruit the most suitable applicants, companies have started to include recruitment advertising into their overall corporate communication strategy. It has long been the tradition in marketing to extend brand management strategy to include all  aspects of corporate communication (Malmelin and Hakala 2007); now, with the inclusion of recruitment advertising under corporate communication, brand management has come to figure in the recruitment advert as well.
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