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shabbaton -25 november parshat vayetzei

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‫בס”ד‬ 25 November 2017 – 7 Kislev 5778 Parshat Vayetzi ShabbatON Kabbalat Shabbat: 3.46pm Shabbat Ends: 4.52pm Mazel Tov to Jeff Kirsch on celebrating his 60th birthday. Mazel tov to Gill & Jeff on the safe arrival of their grandson Naftoli Nissan, second so
    Mazel Tov to Jeff Kirsch  on celebrating his 60 th  birthday. Mazel tov to Gill & Jeff   on the safe arrival of their grandson Naftoli Nissan, second son for Hannah & Rav James Silvert and brother for Akiva-Tzvi.  And we also wish Mazel Tov to Gill & Jeff   on celebrating their coral wedding anniversary. Gill & Jeff Kirsch  invite the community to this week’s  Shabbat kiddush. Kathy Rothstein  will be presenting this week’s Shabbat Dvar Torah before Adon Olam.   The Kiddush &   Kitchen Committees remind the community that it cannot take responsibility that the food provided is allergy free .The community would like to wish Jill & David Birns  farewell and thank them for all their community support over the years as they move to Edgware next week. ”   25 November 2017 –   7 Kislev 5778 Parshat Vayetzi ShabbatON Kabbalat Shabbat: 3.46pm Shabbat Ends: 4.52pm      In this week's Torah portion, Jacob arrives in Haran and meets some shepherds. He notices that they are sitting around chatting and immediately admonishes them: If you are working for someone, then you are being paid to tend that person's sheep, not to sit and talk. And if you are self-employed, you should get on with life. Either way, you shouldn't be sitting around doing nothing. It turns out that these men were waiting to water their sheep, and could not do so until there were enough of them to remove a rock from over the well. Jacob single-handedly moves the rock and allows them to get on with shepherding. It seems more than a little strange that Jacob, for whom these shepherds are complete strangers, immediately launches into a critique of their values. Surely this is none of his business. They are not his sheep, not his shepherds, and this is not even his country. Who is he to show up and tell them how to behave? The Sages elucidate from this a fundamental Jewish idea. We live in a world whose motto is: Live and let live. The way another person conducts himself is his own business. As long as he's not bothering you, let him get on with it. It's none of your business to tell others what to do. This is not at all a Jewish value. Judaism says: Live, and also help others to live more meaningful, fulfilled and happy lives. 'Live and let live' is an attitude without concern for others. Let people destroy their own lives, as long as they don't bother me in the process. Someone who cares about other people, will not 'let live,' if that living is self-destructive or harmful to anyone. In the same way as no one would allow someone to  jump off a building without trying to talk him down, so too, Judaism says, that no one should allow another person to waste his life without trying to educate him differently. Far from being none of his business, the men at the well were precisely Jacob's business. Infusing society with ethics and values was the family business that Jacob had inherited from his father, Isaac, and grandfather, Abraham. It may not have been a public company, but nonetheless it was a business that eventually changed the way the world thinks. (The world's two largest religions eventually became its major shareholders.) For we Jews, morality is still very much the family business. It's not enough to be moral ourselves. When we see immorality, it is also our business to try to educate - as Jacob did 4,000 years ago with the shepherds of Haran. Dvar Torah  Rabbi Shaul Rosenbatt       Blessed is The True Judge   Sadly, we must advise you of the passing of Zara Sandler, mother of Jacqui Morris & Roy Sandler and sister of Leon Kerstein. The community offers its sincerest condolences to Jaqui, Roy, Leon and their extended family. Sadly, we must advise you of the passing of Audrey Samuels, mother of Lucy Weber and Julie Haymovitz. The community offers its sincerest condolences to Lucy and Julie and their extended family. The Memorial Stone Consecrations take place in loving memory of:  Andrew Barton son of Betty  and the late Fred on Sunday 26 November at 1.45pm at Edgwarebury Cemetery (Progressive). Nissim Cohen brother of George Cohen on Sunday 7 January at 12 noon at Bushey Old Cemetery. We wish a long life to the following members who have yahrzeit in the coming week: Betty Barton (Mother); Vivienne Carlson (Father); Sandra Collins, Angela Hart & Hazel Lishak (Husband/Father); Lorna Feingold (Father); Steven Gladstone (Father& Mother); Tanya Glick (Mother); Bernard Gordon (Sister); Irene Lederman (Brother); Brian Lipman (Mother); Esther Meyer (Father); Peter Millar (Father); Jack Moss (Father); Clive Nathan (Father); Martin Newman (Father); Loretta Palester (Mother); Maurice Passman (Mother); Debby Rose (Brother); Elaine Shnieder (Father); Simone Symons (Mother);  Ann Taylor (Father); Glenn Vald (Father). PAGE NUMBERS IN THE CHUMASH: וולש   ת ש   Hertz Cohen  ArtScroll  Vayetzei 106 164 144 Haftorah 118 188 1139    Next week Parshat Vayishlach and Cole Flack’s Bar Mitzvah   (hot kiddush) DAVENING & DAF YOMI TIMES SHABBAT FRIDAY Mincha (followed by Kabbalat Shabbat & Maariv)  3.46pm Daf Yomi 4.35pm SATURDAY  Daf Yomi 8.25am Shacharit 9.15am Youth and children 10.45am Mincha after kiddush but not before 12.18pm Shabbat ends 4.52pm Maariv 5.07pm TALLIT AND TEFILLEN Monday 6.30am Tuesday 6.32am Wednesday 6.33am Thursday 6.34am Friday 6.35am DAF YOMI Sunday 7.25am Monday to Thursday 6.40pm WEEKDAY SHACHARIT Sunday 8.15am Monday & Thursday 6.50am Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 7.00am WEEKDAY MINCHA Sunday ( followed by Maariv) 3.45pm Monday to Thursday 12.45pm WEEKDAY MAARIV Sunday ( follows Mincha) 3.45pm Monday to Thursday 7.30pm Friday (followed by Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv)  3.40pm
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