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  RESEARCH TOPIC: FINANCIAL MARKETS AND INSTITUTION (GHANA’S EXPERIENCE)  INTRODUCTION A financial market is a market in which financial assets (securities) such as shares and bonds can be purchased or sold. Funds are transfer from one party to the financial market by  purchasing a financial assets previously held by another party. Financial Institution is an institution whose assets are financial assets or financial claims (stocks, Loans and bonds). Financial institution serves the purpose of facilitating the accumulation and allocation of capital by channelling individual’s  savings into loans to government and businesses. When the institutions, markets and arrangements for transferring financial assets are put together, we have a financial system OBJECTIVE The study aims to trace the evolution of Ghana’s financial markets and institutions.  JUSTIFICATION The research is geared towards providing basic information to institutions, individuals of how effective our financial system is. ORGANIZATION OF STUDY CHAPTER ONE  –   INTRODUCTION This contains introduction, the background of the study, statement of the problem, objectives of the study, justification, scope of the study and the limitation of the study. CHAPTER TWO This chapter deals with the Literature review.  CHAPTER THREE This chapter contains the method used in the research CHAPTER FOUR This chapter contains Analysis of data gathered and the discussions of the findings of the study CHAPTER FIVE This chapter contains the summary, conclusions and recommendation of the study
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