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PLC(06)-Ladder Logic Diagrams

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Yokogawa Prosafe Course
  © Yokogawa System Center EuropeSheet 1 Ladder Logic Diagrams  Introduction: In general, ladder logic elements consist of contacts and coilsIn ladder diagrams, two vertical lines are typically referred toas the hot and neutral power lines. Horizontal lines, or rungs, connect between the vertical power lines and contain electrical elements such as: push- buttons, switches, lights, electromechanical relay coils and contacts, timers, limit switches, etc. In this section you add configuration elements to a Ladder LogicDiagram. Ladder Logic Diagrams are best suited to configure discrete I/O Tags and variables. However, when required, function blocks can alsobe used in Ladder Logic networks (this includes all Standard Function Blocks, Derived Function Blocks and User-Defined Function Blocks).  © Yokogawa System Center EuropeSheet 3 Objectives  Define a Derived Function Block as Ladder Logic Language.  Create a simple Ladder Logic Diagram using Contacts and Coils.  Use the Implied Right Rail.  Change the mode of the MOTOR_1OUT Block.  Notes: ãA Ladder Logic Diagrammust be the body of a user created function  block.ãTo create a sheet in the Ladder Logic language, dive into a newuser created block and you will be offered the choice of language.ãThe scan of a Logic Ladder sheet is still Top to Bottom, Left toRight, the same as Function Block Diagrams and Sequential Function Charts.
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