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  Gujarat University MCA Semester VObject Oriented Analysis & Design MethodsDate:  th  !anuary #$$$Mar%s:'(nstructions: 1. Write both the sections in separate answer-books. 2. Figures to the right indicate full marks. 3. Assume the data wherever and whenever necessary. 4. Use the right conventions and terminology. Section ( Q-1 a! ow does scenario building is significant for dynamic modeling. What are relationship with events. #ive a case for preparing scenario for going to top floor of lift.$%& b! 'raw the data-flow diagram for motor analysis.$(&Q-) a! *repare a portion of an ob+ect diagram for a library book checkout system that shows the data a book is due and the late charges for an overdue book as derived ob+ects.$,& b! 'efine followingi! Workaroundsii! etadataiii! *atterns$(& /0 Q-) a! *repare the class diagram and instance diagram for polygon consisting of F/U0 points.$&  b! 'efine followingi! 2tateii! 3vent 4raceiii! 2heetiv! Abstract classQ-( Attempt any 4wo$5& (a) *repare a list of ob+ects that you would e6pect each of the following systems to handle (i) a program for lying out a newspaper  (ii) a telephone answering machine (b) 'iscuss what the ob+ects in each of the following lists have in common (i) 4elescope7 bomb7 sighe7 binoculars (ii) *ipe7 check valve7 filter7 pressure gauge (iii) 8icycle7 car7 truck7 airplane7 motorcycle7 horse (iv)  9ail7 screw7 bolt7 rivet (c) 36plain the various phases of /4 methodology. Section (( Q- a! 'iscuss similarities and differences between data in storage and data in motion. Also give various kinds of common architectural frameworks. $,& b! 2how the generali:ation as e6tension and restriction.$&Q-, a! ;ompare the aggregation versus association.$& b! 'raw and e6plain the state diagram of car transmission with generali:ation.$& /0  Q-, a! ;ompare functional and dynamic model for any of case study.$&   b! For following systems7 identify the relative importance of the three aspects of modeling$&i! /b+ect modelingii! dynamic modelingiii! Functional modeling a! 3lectronic typewriter  b! 2pell ;hecker Q-% Attempt on any two$5& (a) 36plain the various aspects of system design. (b) <mpact of an ob+ect oriented approach. (c) 3vent generali:ation
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