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  Melissa Hahn 10/30/13 Research Paper Outline I.   INTRODUCTION A. The growing popularity of body modifications B. Discrimination of body modifications in the work place C. Artistic or Rebellious? II.   Body Modifications In History A. Many ancient religions used body mods B. difference between using it for religion and for our pleasure C. Positive and Negative views from religions of body mods D. Why is America, (Land of the Free) showing body mods in a negative light? III.   Body Modifications in the Workplace A. Why is it such a problem? B. Is it because of the old generation? C. Careers that allow body mods D. Petitions for EEO E. Food Industries policies. Really due to health hazards? IV.   Types of Body Modifications. A. Is it considered Art? B. Hair Cutting and Dyeing C. Ear Piercings D. Stretching ears E. Facial piercings F. Dermals G. Scarification and implants V.   Body Modifications Vs. Sociology A. How do Sociologists view all of these debates? B. Why is Society torn with body modifications? C. Who considers it Art? VI.   My Opinion A. My opinion on Body Mods in the workplace B. My opinion on body mods in general C. My opinion on body mod history D. My opinion on body mods in general. VII.   Conclusion A. what I learned B. Wrapping up the whole debate C. Talk about and summarize my reasons and research   
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