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Hardware City Journal - Vol. 3 No. 4 - March 23, 2012

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Friday, March 23, 2012 New Britain’s FREE weekly newspaper Vol. 3, No. 4 Sergeant Tracy Baden Officer of the Year By Nick Gwiazda Call her Officer of the Year. Call her Detective of the Year. Call her Teacher of the Year. Sergeant Tracy Baden is a combination of all three. The 18-year veteran of the New Britain Police Department accredits her award as “Officer of the Year” from the Connecticut Association of Women Police (CAWP) to her vast array of community involvement. The official honors w
   New Britain’s FREE weekly newspaper  Sergeant racy Baden Ofcer o the Year  By Nick Gwiazda Call her Ocer o the Year. Call her Detec-tive o the Year. Call her eacher o the Year.Sergeant racy Baden is a combination o all three. Te 18-year veteran o the New Britain Police Department accredits her award as “Ocer o the Year” rom the Connecticut Association o Women Police (CAWP) toher vast array o community involvement. Te ocial honors were bestowed upon heron Tursday, March 22nd.racy has been a “working sergeant” or six years, with thirteen years o involvement with-in the Youth Bureau under her belt. With our detectives working alongside o her, Baden’s Youth Bureau investigates cases o child abuse. Baden made a point o mentioning that our city alone sees no less than one-hundred y  New Fire Chie Appointed New Britain Mayor imothy O’Brien today  announced that he will appoint Deputy Fire Chie, Tomas Ronalter, as Acting Fire Chie. Fire Chie Mark Carr announced earlier hewould be retiring as chie at the end o thismonth. Commenting on the appointment Mayor O’Brien said , “I am pleased to announce thatI will be appointing Deputy Chie Ronalter to be the Acting Chie o our re department.”“om Ronalter has been an important part o our city’s re department since he was rst hired as a reghter in 1983. Over the years, he has risen steadily through the ranks having served as lieutenant, captain, and deputy re chie.”“Equally important, Deputy Chie Ronalterhas been involved in the greater New Brit- Vol. 3, No. 4Friday, March 23, 2012 Cnn  Appointment n pg 11Cnn  Sergeant n pg 13 J & J Pawn Shop    We Buy, Sell, & Trade    Jewelry - Coins - and more! We Buy Unlimited Items for Top Dollars! 57 Broad StreetNew Britain, CT 06053 Tel: 860-223-2223  Hardware City Journal2 – Friday, March 23, 2012 Please send us your letters to the editor about any topic youchoose. Include your full name, address, and phone number.We will do our best to publish as many as possible. Emailletters to Back Issues If you would like to receive a previously printed issue of the Hardware City Journal  , mail $1 and a self addressed stamped9x12 envelope to: 202 Broad St., New Britain, CT 06053. Limit: one issue per envelope. Proper postage please. Deadline or Classifeds, Advertising, and Letters to theEditor is Tuesday 12:00 p.m. © 2012 Hardware City Journal  Mail: 202 Broad St.New Britain, CT 06053 Email: Phone: 860 637-6806 Contents COMMENTARY 2MESSAGE FROM MAYORO’BRIEN 3LETTERS TO THE EDITOR 3ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT 4EDITORIAL 5FUN AND GAMES 6HARWARE CITY LAW 10HUMOR 12HOROSCOPES BY OZZY 14FUNERAL PLANNING 14 COMMENTARY  Te fx is in In the 1990 Coen brothers ilm “Miller’sCrossing”--a loose cinematic adaptation o  Dashiell Hammet’s “Te Glass Key”; an over- reaching and hot-tempered small town criminaland ethnic underworld boss, Giovanni “Johnny  Casper” Gasparo , treats us to an impromptu dissertation on the meaning o “ethics” in an attempt to justiy his rationale or rubbing outa small time bookie. It seems that Giovanni has conspired to x an upcoming boxing match, pay- ing a heavily avored prizeghter to take a dive--only to have his bookie tip of other gamblers about his bets. Giovanni afably describes himsel  as a “sportin man” but points out that he only  bets on a “sure thing”. In this scenario, Giovanni not only wants certainty over the outcome, anoutcome that his own actions have determined -- he also wants to maintain exclusive ownership o the knowledge o that certainty in order to maximize his own personal gain; —i everyoneknows about “the x” and bets as he does then his windall is greatly diminished. Giovanniseeks to distinguish himsel rom among his gangland peers by possessing inormation about the certain outcome o the contest--in this casethe knowledge that the prizeght is no longer a contest, but a show piece, with a pre-determined conclusion. Giovanni considers the betrayal o his exclusivity in the knowledge o the ghtscertain outcome to be an ethical breach, pun- ishable in this gangland scenario by signing a warrant or this “ethically” challenged bookie’sdeath. Aer all, as Giovanni himsel says, “i aman can’t trust a xed ght, what can he trust?” Colorul language and prohibition-era stylisticsaside, Giovanni’s cowardly bravado closely mir- rors the machinations o the Wall Street elite o our modern times. Multi national corporations and their actors strive or certainty –control over natural resourc-es and industries in order to manage markets. o this end, corporate power leverages instruments such as patents, copyrights and government treaties in order to maintain exclusive rights o  access or trade secrets and distinguish themselves rom among their competition. And quite likeGiovanni, many a corporate actor can not slack the greedy thirst or easy money and will resortto any means necessary in order to ensure theirown “sure thing”. Although the corporate ruling class habitually lectures the middle and working classes about the dynamics o the brave new modern economy- -preaching the tenets o change, innovation and risk-taking that are allegedly at the core o eco- nomic success in the global economy, their ownactions are governed more by the same “ethics” as Giovanni —they want to preserve the “x”. Corporate power maniests itsel in coercive and extortionist manner as local governments are cow- ered into granting most avorable terms or loans, guarantees, seed money, and tax breaks underthe guise o “economic development”, political contributions by corporations all roughly equalacross the political spectrum as corporate actors are certain to cover their bets and maintain the “x”; and even when expedient, corporate powerpresumes to topple political regimes, anything toensure certainty, or in the parlance o corporate-speak “ensure order in emerging markets”. Corporate propagandists have gone to great lengths to condition the American worker to expect sud- den and irreversible changes in their wages, work- ing terms and conditions, and liestyle as a result o this evolving and changing global economy, however curiously un-changed and not at risk is the liestyle and comort o the corporate manage-rial class. Tey enjoy the smug satisaction that as long as they continue to control the outcome o events and maintain the illusions and trappingso economic air play--continue the ‘x’; they cancontinue to enjoy their own sure thing. What o our riend Johnny Casper? His op- portunistic scheming in the pursuit o certain outcomes and easy pay-days ultimately led to his own abrupt and violent end; a sobering lesson and cautionary tale or our corporate riends. Unchecked greed, casual disregard or the most basic o rights o others, and open and arrogant contempt or basic principles o airness can only  breed resentment and imbalance in political orders—an imbalance oen times rectied only through the intercession o painul and at times,  violent revolution. n  Hardware City JournalFriday, March 23, 2012 – 3 MESSAGE FROM MAYOR O’BRIEN As we look to building a brighter uture or our city, the thing that must be ront-and- center is quality education. Quality education is at the core o having a successul utureeconomy. It provides uture workers with the opportunities and the means to gain the skills to do the jobs that pay enough to li amilies into the middle class. For our city, it not only means having a workorce that makes our community an attractive place to locateor expand a business - it also helps preserveour middle class tax base. Advocating or quality education in New Brit- ain is about more than jobs – it’s a moral im-perative - the moral question o whether the kids growing up in our city deserve the same opportunities in lie as youngsters growing up in the wealthier, surrounding communities.Te importance o providing quality schoolsor all children, and providing the means to pay or it, has been largely ignored in our society, and urban areas, like New Britain, have been paying the price.As elected ocials we must be advocates or children. We must do our best to weed out the disparities in how resources or public edu-cation are disseminated. We cannot assume simply because o we have compulsory atten- dance laws, and public schools that turn nochild away, that kids are getting an adequateeducation. Attendance is not a prerequisiteor education. Te research is overwhelming and clear. Te return on investment or communities is enormous when children receive a quality education in their early years. Tey are morelikely to graduate high school and are morelikely to nd jobs that contribute to the local economy. Here in New Britain, there is a strong emphasis on early childhood educa-tion.Specically, there is a collaborative efort to ensure that all o our children in New Britain are reading on grade-level by the time they  nish third grade. Research shows i chil- dren are able to read well by that point, they  are less likely to all behind, more likely to graduate rom high school, and more likely to prosper as adults. I we want to close ourachievement gaps, increase our high school graduation rate, and break the cycle o poverty  in our community, we need to ocus on ouryoungest readers. Recently, there’s been much discussion on how to hold schools and teachers accountable or helping all children achieve. Tis means providing efective teaching in every class- room every day. But schools cannot succeed alone. We need to enlist health providers, social workers, community nonprots, aith-based groups, business and civic leaders, and local oundations to help. And naturally, there needs to be a strong collaboration betweenthe Board o Education and City Hall. O course, the most important thing that can be done to improve the quality o educationnot only in New Britain, but throughout the state, is change the unair property tax-based system. Te state needs to move away rom current unding mechanisms or education to a airer system that meets the needs o our kids' education. Moving away rom the property tax as theunding mechanism will nally enable our local schools to be better supported and alsorelieve local property tax payers. I continue to support legislation at the state level, similar to plans I ought or while serving as state representative, which regionalizes the unding o public education. Tese bold initiatives aren’t easy to win - as politicians rom bothparties stand in the way - but it is the right thing to do or our kids' education and or property tax payers. Until then, education must be treated as a higher priority in our own city budget than it has been. Likewise, this means that our city  government, the Common Council and theMayor’s Oce, must not consider educationto be outside o our responsibility. We musttreat the quality o our schools as one o our topmost priorities. Te people o our city  expect that all o our city's elected ocials will share in that responsibility. n LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Dear Editor: I Judy Greco, one o the most highly re- spected educators in New Britain and pos- sibly in the State, has concerns about thegentleman being considered or the lead position in New Britain’s school system, Iwould say that her experience as a school administrator, her many successul years as ateacher in the system, along with her leader- ship o educators in the State should causeall those Board members who are voting in avor o this gentleman to be MUCH MORE CONCERNED than just visiting the schoolsystem where he is now in charge. Right now, we have people in place at the Board o Ed who care about all our students:Ron Jakubowski, Paul Salina, Elaine Zattola, to name a ew. I know that Ron is retiringaer many years o excellent service and I wish him all the best in his uture endeavors. Te others are tried and true educators and should not be pushed out when someone new comes on board. I know, because it was my pleasure to have worked with them. Teseare some o our outstanding leaders in theschool system.It would be interesting to see a checklist o must haves or a new superintendent, as set up by the ormer superintendents o our schools. A ew o those “must haves” should be successul experience in the classroom onall levels and a personable, riendly demeanor with students, parents and colleagues, just toname a ew “must haves”. I wonder what Jim Rhinesmith, Marie Gustin and Doris Kurtz would have on the list to ensure our picking the right candidate or the position??Sincerely,Elizabeth Nkonoki-Ward Former Board Member, Consolidated Schools of New BritainFormer New Britain Schools teacher    n  Hardware City Journal4 – Friday, March 23, 2012 ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT Music Scholarship Announced New Britain Symphony Education Committee wishes to announce its 2012 Helen Kilduf-Elizabeth Elia Music Scholarship in the amounto $1,000 to be awarded to a high school senior music student rom New Britain, Berlin or Plainville. Te award will be paid directly to the student’s college choice on his/her behal. Te student may be home-schooled or attending a public, private o parochial school, but mustbe a resident o New Britain, Berlin or Plainville. Last year’s recipientwas Samuel Hausmann o Plainville High School. Auditions will be held on May 29, 2012 beginning at 3:30 P.M. 2 classical selections on an orchestral instrument, piano or voice mustbe perormed. An application, letter o acceptance to an institutiono higher education and two letters o reerence must be sent to Mrs.Elizabeth Nkonoki-Ward (pronounced In-ko-no-kee Ward) by May  22, 2012. An application may be obtained by sending an e-mail to or calling (860)462-7401. n March 24-April 15 Opening   Saturday, March 24 6-8pm.Special Open House April 6th 7-9pm(Right aer NBMAA First Friday) Desert menu ã Mole pizza! O M n Mn April 6 to 21 Phoenix Teater Company   69 Main Street, New Britain, C 06051.Phoenix Teater Company presents Stein- beck’s classic Of Mice and Men at rinity- On-Main, 69 Main Street, New Britain, C. Friday and Saturdays, at 8 p.m. One Sunday, April 15 at 2 p.m. ickets are $18 or adultsand $15 or Seniors and Students. Cash bar and other rereshments will be available. Free parking at Chestnut Street Parking Ga- rage across street rom rinity. Call (860) 836-4365 or (860) 229-2072 or tickets andreservations or go to n rinity-on-Main to Honor Local Women rinity-on-Main will host a Women’s History Month Celebration on Saturday March 24th at 2pm. Presented by the Queen Anne NzingaCenter, this celebration will be used to hon-or local women who have done exceptionalthings throughout the community. icketsare $10 in advance, $15 at the door and canbe purchased online at www.trinityonmain.orgor by calling 860-229-2072. Kathleen Binkowski, Ph.D, Betty Harris, RuthHummel,Laura Schleinger Minor, Anne Pilla, Linda Rich & V. Morilita Riley and the PrideGirls 2012, are among those being honored. Te celebration will also include musical perormances rom Nzinga's Daughter, Te Crown Imperials, VOICE, LLC and Mike the Accordion Guy .rinity-on-Main is located at 69 Main St inNew Britain. It is central Connecticut’s pre- mier venue or live perormances, events, and rental space. Housed in an elegant or-mer church, rinity-on-Main is a non-prot organization committed to bringing arts andcultural events to Greater New Britain, as wellas encouraging community revitalization and economic development in the city. For more inormation about the show please contact the media manager or rinity-on- Main, Katie Jurkiewicz by email Katie@, or by phone (860) 229-2072. n Earth, Air, and Form 30 Cedar StreetNew Britain, CT 06052
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