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FAQ of Swarna Gowri Pooja New 2011

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Doc. Prepared by How to perform Swarna Gowri Vrata - FAQ NVRavishankar. Bangalore Ph 080-26500933 Sri Gurubhyo Namaha: Mahaganapataye Namaha: FAQ of Swarna Gowri Pooja: Disclaimer: Pooja Procedures vary from region to region and vary from paddathi to paddati. There are numerous regional and community variations in performing the ritual. It is best to consult elders at Home to know about your paddathi . This FAQ is based on Hindu-Brahmin-Smartha –Mulakanadu Sampradaya. Most
    Doc. Prepared by   How to perform Swarna   Gowri Vrata - FAQ   NVRavishankar. Bangalore Ph 080-26500933    Sri Gurubhyo Namaha: Mahaganapataye Namaha:   FAQ of Swarna Gowri Pooja:   Disclaimer: Pooja Procedures vary from region to region and vary from paddathi topaddati. There are numerous regional and community variations in performing theritual.   It is best to consult elders at Home to know about your paddathi . This FAQis based on Hindu-Brahmin-Smartha –Mulakanadu Sampradaya. Mostly commonto all Brahmin sub-cast and Bangalore/Mysore/Sringeri region.   1.   What direction should the God be kept: Pl. keep the god facing East – Best OptionOr 2 nd option - North.General Explanation - Please note that God can be kept facing any inDirection………Sruti vakya says “ Daivataha : Sarvato mukhaha  ”….(thatmeans, God faces all directions)……so in this context, We must face the godwhile doing pooja (Abhimukhi) In that case, if you are facing east then godwill be facing west. If you are sitting facing North, then God will be facingWest. As far as possible, keep god facing in such a way that, as soon assomebody enters the house, they are able to see the god directly… it is yourconvenience….. Avoid using corners. However, You must face to the East orNorth while sitting for pooja and sankalpa that is important. 2.   What direction we should sit for pooja: Pl. sit facing East or NorthDirection.   3.   Can I Start the pooja in Raahu Kaala: Pl. Note that the Raahu Kaala isfollowed only for Journey   purpose and for starting any big events. But it isnot followed for daily events and periodical event. This is vrata is aperiodical event ( Varshe, Varshe kartavya  : …. That means every yearritual….).. so in my opinion, you need not see rahukaala to observe thisvratha. Shara (exception) ---- Pl. observe RahuKaala if this is first year of  your pooja (newly married first timers)1.   What is the Rahukala for Bangalore for 31-08-2011 ( Rahu Kala 12-19pm to 1.51PM) Please note that the Rahu Kala varies from placeto place depening on the SUNRISE time of the day.4.   When do I take Mangala Snaana: People who are all doing pooja…sumangalis and the children   should take mangala snaana on the previousday of the pooja…. That is on Bidige(2 nd day of the lunar Month) …. On thepooja day (triteeya), you should take normal bath…   5.   How many Threads should be kept for pooja: Even Nos. 2,4,6,8etc.,depending on how may of you are doing vrata together. (Normally forthis vrata, people who does not have tradition of keeping Gowri Kalasha attheir home, will join us for doing vrata).6.   Each Daara should be of how many threads, and how manyGantus.(Knots): the Sloka says, “ Shodasha Granthi Sanyuktam, Krutam,Shodasha Tantubihi”…. That means, it should be made of 16 threads and16 Granthis (Knotss). But Normally, you take single thread hasi daaradaunde, make five folds of daara with a length of about little more than half ameter and put 16 Granthis (Knots). Take one Shavantige hoova and tie it atthe center of the daara. You need to soak the daara with arishina(Turmeric)..keep it on viledele (2) and adike(2) and dakshine, keep it in a small plate andplace it on to the right side of the Devi and do Pooja.7.   What is the procedure to tie this daara(Doora Granthi): Normally, afterthe pooja, if Husband   is around, ( dressed in Panche and shalya), He will tiethis. Give this Daara to him. You keep one taambula with a fruit anddakshine in Both of your hands…….. taambula facing Husband… you facingNorth or East…and Sit. Husband will show/touch this daara first to rightwrist, and later left wrist……like this for three times and tie the daara withthree knots on to your right hand wrist. After that, he will put arishina andkumkuma to the knots. You will keep the taambula down,… get up and givehim akshaate and do namaskaara. If Husband is not around, next choice isamma, or atte, or any other sumangali around….The daara tieing procedureis same.8. Minimum - How many co-conuts you need for pooja – Totally 4…… One forNivedya, one for Poorna Phala… Two for Upayana Daana……… if two of you aresitting, you need to keep two more extra ….. Multiplies of two for any additionalSumangali sitting for pooja.9.   Minimum How many Bananas You need for pooja.. About ½ KG Bananatotaling about 6 in Nos.   10.   What is Madhu parka: …….. Madhu means .. Honey…. Parka means Curds…so take a Banana and   peel it from the flower side of the fruit and dip it inHoney, Sugar, and Curds and keep it on beetle leaves and beetle nuts withDakshine and do nivedya. Please avoid keeping this near devi as it may getAnts later.11.   How many Gowris will have to be kept in this pooja ……. One Maralu Gowri(or Mannina Gowri   called saikata Gowri), One Arishina Gowri(calledDaakshayini Gowri)…. Five of Mangala Gowri (if applicable to you)…. OneMannina Gowri(called alankaara Gowri)…. One Mukawada (Optional)12.   How to decorate the god for this pooja……. It is actually left to yourimagination… but I will tell    you what I have seen……..The best is to keep God ina Mantapa(Wooden)… otherwise, Take a Stool or Teepai(Center Table) Cleanit…. Put rangoli on it Asta Dala Padma….……. Take Annada Tappale (big vessel)  with big base and small neck… Place it on the stool and fill this with Rice togain Weight……. And decorate this tappale with Saree nerige and BlousePiece…… let the fall of the saree come downwards, so that pallu and border arevisible… Take one Silver plate big and drape arishina (yellow cotton) blousepiece on the plate and Pour Akki about ½ KG in it…… place the Gowramma onthis. Take small silver kalasha and put ganga/water (after gange pooje) in tothis and decorate with five viledele….keep a small mirror in front of kalasha….Keep the Mukhavada in the center and keep big bindi of kumkum tothe mukhavada….Keep one Gangastaali and one Annapoorneswari Vigraha forpooja purpose…..keep one set of bale, bichole, kaadige, kannadi and otheraabharana items of Gowramma to the right side of Mannina Gowramma…….Keep one belli (silver) Ganesha Vigraha in a separate plate for Ganesha PoojaPurpose….. Now decorate the table with Balekambha and torana (Mango leaves)and put rangoli… Keep Deepada Kambha on either side of the table(stool)…Keep one small Devi Vigraha in small silver plate at the center of thestool on the ground on a Mane or some thing to gain a little height to enable youto do kumkumaarchane……Please take care to bring only Mud type Gowrammaand not plaster of paris and other materials etc.,…. Keep a Devi photo at theback to give more look.. decorate with Flowers, Torana etc.,….13.   . How to get Gange(sacred water collection) for this pooja …….. go near awell or go to nadi(River), or kere or any good water body…..clean the wellarea…(earlier days, people used to white wash the wells for the pooja day)…..put rangole……. keep deepa(2) there….. put arishina kumkuma for the faceof the well……..Do small Ganapathi pooja there… ask his permission to takecare of pooja well(NirviGhnam kurume deva, sarva kaaryeshusarvadaa) …..get the water from the well soak the black blouse and whitepiece and squeeze it… keep good quality mud ready (taken from tulasimannu) and little bit of maralu… make maralu gowri and arishina gowrithere……… decorate with arishina kumkuma… do small pooja with flowers ,gejje vastra etc.,… keep small nivedya as well…. Some people will breakcoconut here……… make aarathi….with gowri haadu…. Bring it near thedoor of the house with ghanta naada and haadu etc.,…… tulasi poojaand hostila pooja…. Keep deepa at hostilu….decorate face of the house doorwith gejje vastra….. Do aarathi for gowramma… with ghanta naada… placethe Gowramma at pooja place.. adjust to the god centering etc.,….dry thisblack blouse piece and white blouse piece and put it on gowramma…somepeople put kari mani sara also… a ganga staali and annapurneswarivigraha… keep one ganesha vigraha also in separate plate in front forpurpose of Ganesha Pooja…. Use the same water for the whole pooja….14.   How to start the Pooja …….. After Ganga Pooja, Keep the gowramma asexplained above on the decorated saree. Now after deeparadhane, Husband
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