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Examining overseas student perception of hotels service quality in mainland china.

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Examining overseas student perception of hotels service quality in mainland china.
     "" !"#$%&%&' )*!+,!#, ,-./!&- 0!+1!0-%)& )2 3)-!45, ,!+*%1! 6.#4%-7 %& $#%&4#&/ 13%&# !" #8)-) #$# )-.89# #$%"&' %$%%()*)+,,,-.%/))01)$   ! #$%&'()*+)&, &-,%.% %+/0.&&,* &$ &-, *,1)(&0,2& $3 &$+(.%0 0)2)',0,2& .2 1)(&.)4 3+43.440,2& $3 &-, (,5+.(,0,2&% 3$( &-, *,'(,, $3 6!789:7 ;< !:87 => 8;?:=76 6!>!@969>8  $%&'()*% +,-(./*01. !"# %& '() 6)(A- BCDE  """  "2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This dissertation would not have been possible without the guidance and advice of several individuals who in one way or another contributed and extended their valuable assistance in the preparation and completion of this study. I must express profound gratitude to my supervisor, Prof. Yu Qin, Head of Hotel Management Department, whose sincerity, encouragement and guidance I will never forget. Prof. Yu Qin has been my inspiration as I hurdle all the obstacles in the completion of my dissertation. My gratitude to all the lectures that inspired me throughout my program, to Prof. Tony Zou the dean, Prof. Gu Huimin the deputy dean, Ms. Molly Wang and to Ms. Wang Xue Fei, foreign students affairs office for all what they did for me during my study at BISU. To all BICF (Beijing International Christian Fellowship) members and international students who permitted me to interview and participated in the survey for my dissertation, I express my gratitude. Last but not the least, my Parents and Sisters, and the one above all of us, the omnipresent God, for answering my prayers and giving me strength to overcome all obstacles during my study.  2 #:,-+#1- 23$456567 892:+2$+ +;<=26; >2:?2>;586 8@ A8;2BC+ +2:95?2 D<$B5;E 56 4$56B$6= ?A56$ This study is aimed at examining overseas student perception of hotel’s service quality in Mainland China, and subsequently identifying dimensions of service quality that influences their perception. The target population of the study was overseas student (International students) studying in Universities in Chaoyang and Haidian district of Beijing. In all 200 overseas students were selected as the sample size of the study. The findings of the study revealed that dimensions of service quality that influence overseas student perceptions of hotels in general in mainland China were named: Physical quality, Function quality, and Interactive quality. Overseas student’s (International student) overall perception of the hotels service quality was found to be moderate. However, overseas student perception of the level of Physical quality and Interactive quality were found to be the highest to influence their perceptions. The findings of the study revealed that the most influential dimension that drives overseas students’ perception of overall service quality is Physical quality. It was found that these three dimensions (Physical, Function and Interactive) have  positive significant influence on overseas students’. It is recommended that much
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