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Examination of Postgraduate Theses Related to English Textbooks.docx
  Examination of Postgraduate Theses Related to English Textbooks Semra Güven 1  Yasemin Deniz 2 1  Assoc. Prof. Dr., Gazi University,   Gazi Educational Faculty, sguven@gazi.edu.tr 2 Graduate Student, Gazi University, Institute of Educational Sciences, jazminedeniz35@gmail.com Abstract The aim of this study is to analyze the postgraduate theses about English textbooks prepared between the years 2000-2017 in Turkey according to various variables. The research data has been obtained from 19 relevant postgraduate dissertations on the website of National Dissertation Center. 4 of the theses examined are doctoral and 15 are postgraduate. A “Thesis Review Form” was prepared by the researchers who carried out this study to be used in the examination of the theses. The form includes  publication year, publication type, the name of the University the study was submitted, research methods, publishers of the textbooks, publication year of the textbooks, the topics of the theses analyzed, grade level of the textbooks, which criteria that occurs in preparation of the book in the Ministry of National Education Textbook Regulation (content, language, expression and style, technical layout and design, learning, teaching, assessment and evaluation) were considered, and the results of the study. Some findings from the research show that studies on English textbooks were mostly conducted in 2008 and 2010 and most of them were conducted in Istanbul University, content analysis was used as a research method at most and textbooks belonging to the publishing houses of the Ministry of National Education were examined most in the researches. It was found that the most analyzed English textbooks in the theses were published in 2009, the most studied topics were gender representation and it was followed by culture and visuals respectively. It was observed that the 6th grade textbooks were mostly examined and the 5th grade textbooks followed them, the textbooks were examined in content at first and the second in visual dimension. According to some results of the studies about the English textbooks, it was concluded that; there was a balance between the man and woman representations, the print quality was very low, there were some discrepancies in terms of visual design, love, politeness, aesthetic, and helpfulness were the most mentioned values. Key Words: textbooks, English textbooks
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