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  EJERCICIO 27/06/17 Proponer tres opciones ´para un numero… Hallar seno, coseno, tangent de un numero.   % --- Executes when selected object is changed in uipanel1.   function uipanel1_SelectionChangeFcn(hObject, eventdata, handles)   % hObject handle to the selected object in uipanel1 % eventdata structure with the following fields (see UIBUTTONGROUP)   % EventName: string 'SelectionChanged' (read only)   % OldValue: handle of the previously selected object or empty if none was selected   % NewValue: handle of the currently selected object   % handles structure with handles and user data (see GUIDATA)   if hObject==handles.s   n=str2double(get(handles.num,'string'));   r=sin(n)   set(handles.resul,'string',r);   elseif hObject==handles.c   n=str2double(get(handles.num,'string'));   r=cos(n)   set(handles.resul,'string',r);   elseif hObject==handles.t   n=str2double(get(handles.num,'string'));   r=tan(n)   set(handles.resul,'string',r);   end    Ejercicio Hallar la conversión en grados farentheith
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