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Data and information for an integrated assessment of the marine environment in Europe: theory, legislation and practice

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"Keywords: sustainable development, integrated assessment, marine environment, marine monitoring Abstract Natural and anthropogenic pressures provide fundamental challenges for the sustainable development of the marine environment worldwide.
Transcript   Joint Research Centre (JRC)   Ostend, 8 September 2011  –  CoastGIS Conference ‹#›   Data and Information for an Integrated Assessment of the Marine Environment in Europe: Theory, Legislation and Practice Emanuele Bigagli Wageningen University, the Netherlands European Commission  –  Joint Research Centre  Wageningen, 2 May 2012  –  WUR PhD Day ‹#›   • Background and context of research • Research problem • Research question • Methodology and first outcomes • Preliminary conclusions  –  next steps Outline of the presentation  Wageningen, 2 May 2012  –  WUR PhD Day ‹#›   The Background: New Challenges • Climate change and human activities: increasing challenges for the marine environment • Need for integrated management strategies for the sustainable development of marine systems Photos Copyrights: Oil platform: Jeremy Hardies — Stone/Getty Images; Iceberg: John McConnico/Associated Press; Oil spill: Associated Press; Hurricane: NASA  Wageningen, 2 May 2012  –  WUR PhD Day ‹#›   The Situation in the European Union • The Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP): from sector    al management, towards an integrated management of EU seas and oceans • Such management strategies must be based on appropriate, integrated data collection and  monitoring  practices  Wageningen, 2 May 2012  –  WUR PhD Day ‹#›   The research problem • EU frameworks for data collection and monitoring of the marine environment may not be appropriate for tackling the new challenges:  Varying quantity of data;  Insufficient spatial-temporal coverage;  Different levels of data availability among Member States;  Single-purpose requirements. Photos Copyrights: Marine monitoring: 2009   AkvaMiljo Caspian Environmental Laboratory; Fish monitoring: Shelly Silbert / The Nature Conservancy
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