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ChemInform Abstract: Optically Active Diols Containing (R)-2Amino1-butanol Moieties. Synthesis and Characterization

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  2002 fused pyrrole derivatives fused pyrrole derivativesR 0160 23 - 128 Optically Active Diols Containing (R)-2-Amino-1-butanol Moieties.Synthesis and Characterization.  — The optimum conditions for thesynthesis are investigated and the effect of the imidization method on the specificrotation of intermediate products is studied. — (CIANGA, LUMINITA; Rev.Roum. Chim. 46 (2001) 2, 91-98; Petru Poni Inst. Macromol. Chem., RO-6600Iasi, Rom.; EN)1
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