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Cellular Immunology and Immune Regulation

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Cellular Immunology and Immune Regulation
  3505  In This IssueBrief Reviews 3507 Nucleotide-Binding Oligomerization Domain-Like Receptors: Intracellular Pattern RecognitionMolecules for Pathogen Detection and Host Defense Luigi Franchi, Christine McDonald, Thirumala-Devi Kanneganti, Amal Amer, and Gabriel Nu´n˜ez  Cutting Edge 3515 Cutting Edge: TLR9 and TLR2 Signaling Together Account for MyD88-Dependent Control of Parasitemia in  Trypanosoma cruzi   Infection  Andre Bafica, Helton Costa Santiago, Romina Goldszmid, Catherine Ropert, Ricardo T. Gazzinelli, and Alan Sher  3520 Cutting Edge: TREM-2 Attenuates Macrophage Activation Isaiah R. Turnbull, Susan Gilfillan, Marina Cella, Taiki Aoshi, Mark Miller, Laura Piccio, Maristela Hernandez,and Marco Colonna  Cellular Immunology and Immune Regulation 3525  Leishmania   Antigens Are Presented to CD8  T Cells by a Transporter Associated with AntigenProcessing-Independent Pathway In Vitro and In Vivo Sylvie Bertholet, Romina Goldszmid, Alexandre Morrot, Alain Debrabant, Farhat Afrin, Carmen Collazo-Custodio, Mathieu Houde, Michel Desjardins, Alan Sher, and David Sacks  3534 Thrombospondin/CD47 Interaction: A Pathway to Generate Regulatory T Cells from HumanCD4  CD25  T Cells in Response to Inflammation Philippe Grimbert, Salim Bouguermouh, Nobuyasu Baba, Toshiharu Nakajima, Zoulfia Allakhverdi, Deborah Braun,Hirohisa Saito, Manuel Rubio, Guy Delespesse, and Marika Sarfati  3542 IFN-   Inhibits T Cell Activation Capacity of Central Nervous System APCs Ingrid Teige, Yawei Liu, and Shohreh Issazadeh-Navikas  3554 IFN-    and T-bet Expression in Human Dendritic Cells from Normal Donors and Cancer Patients IsControlled through Mechanisms Involving ERK-1/2-Dependent and IL-12-Independent Pathways Huifen Li, Wojciech Wojciechowski, Chiara Dell’Agnola, Natalia E. Lopez, and Igor Espinoza-Delgado VOL. 177    NO. 6    September 15, 2006    Pages 3505–4232 THEOF      J      O     U     R     N     A     L TABLE OF CONTENTS IMMUNOLOGY  On the cover: Rapid CD4 immunohistochemical stain of experimental type 2 lung granuloma elicited with  Schistosoma mansoni   egg antigen-coated agarose bead. Individual CD4  cells from sites of synchronized granuloma formation are thenharvested by laser capture microdissection for gene expression analysis. Freeman, C. M., V. R. Stolberg, B.-C. Chiu, N. W.Lukacs, S. L. Kunkel, and S. W. Chensue. 2006. CCR4 participation in Th type 1 (mycobacterial) and Th type 2(schistosomal) anamnestic pulmonary granulomatous responses.  J. Immunol.  177: 4149–4158. The Journal of Immunology   (ISSN 0022-1767) is published twice each month by The American Association of Immunologists,Inc., 9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20814-3994. Subscription term: New subscriptions and renewals begin January 1and expire one year later (see for prices and details). A special rate is available tomembers of The American Association of Immunologists, Inc. (see Periodicals postage paidat Bethesda, MD 20814-3998, and at additional mailing offices. Country of srcin U.S.A. Printed on acid-free recyclablepaper. Postmaster: Send address changes to  The Journal of Immunology,  Subscription Department, Room L-2407A, 9650Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20814-3998. Copyright © 2006 by The American Association of Immunologists, Inc.  3564 Induction of Efficient Antitumor Immunity Using Dendritic Cells Activated by Recombinant SendaiVirus and Its Modulation by Exogenous  IFN-   Gene Satoko Shibata, Shinji Okano, Yoshikazu Yonemitsu, Mitsuho Onimaru, Shihoko Sata, Hiroko Nagata-Takeshita, Makoto Inoue, Tsugumine Zhu, Mamoru Hasegawa, Yoichi Moroi, Masutaka Furue, and Katsuo Sueishi  3577 Dendritic Cell Modulation by Mast Cells Controls the Th1/Th2 Balance in Responding T Cells  Alessandra Mazzoni, Reuben P. Siraganian, Cynthia A. Leifer, and David M. Segal  3582 Dendritic Cell Surface Calreticulin Is a Receptor for NY-ESO-1: Direct Interactions between Tumor- Associated Antigen and the Innate Immune System Gang Zeng, Michael E. Aldridge, Xiaoli Tian, Daniel Seiler, Xiaolong Zhang, Yusheng Jin, Jianyu Rao, Weidong Li,Dequan Chen, Marlyn P. Langford, Chris Duggan, Arie S. Belldegrun, and Steven M. Dubinett  3590 CD94/NKG2A Inhibits NK Cell Activation by Disrupting the Actin Network at theImmunological Synapse  Madhan Masilamani, Connie Nguyen, Juraj Kabat, Francisco Borrego, and John E. Coligan 3597 The Extracellular Membrane-Proximal Domain of Human Membrane IgE Controls Apoptotic Signaling of the B Cell Receptor in the Mature B Cell Line A20  Monica Poggianella, Marco Bestagno, and Oscar R. Burrone  3606 B7H1-Ig Fusion Protein Activates the CD4  IFN-    Receptor  Type 1 T Regulatory Subset throughIFN-   -Secreting Th1 Cells Qing Ding, Liming Lu, Baolong Wang, Yun Zhou, Yang Jiang, Xiaorong Zhou, Lijun Xin, Zhijun Jiao,and Kuang-Yen Chou 3615 Liver Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells That Endocytose Allogeneic Cells Suppress T Cells withIndirect Allospecificity  Daisuke Tokita, Masayuki Shishida, Hideki Ohdan, Takashi Onoe, Hidetaka Hara, Yuka Tanaka, Kohei Ishiyama,Hiroshi Mitsuta, Kentaro Ide, Koji Arihiro, and Toshimasa Asahara  3625 T Cell-Dependent Activation of Dendritic Cells Requires IL-12 and IFN-    Signaling in T Cells Francesc Miro, Cinzia Nobile, Nicolas Blanchard, Marianne Lind, Orchide ´e Filipe-Santos, Claire Fieschi, Ariane Chapgier, Guillaume Vogt, Ludovic de Beaucoudrey, Dinakantha S. Kumararatne, Franc ¸oise Le Deist, Jean-Laurent Casanova, Sebastian Amigorena, and Claire Hivroz  3635 Hydrodynamic-Based Delivery of an Interleukin-22-Ig Fusion Gene Ameliorates Experimental Autoimmune Myocarditis in Rats He Chang, Haruo Hanawa, Hui Liu, Tsuyoshi Yoshida, Manabu Hayashi, Ritsuo Watanabe, Satoru Abe, Ken Toba,Kaori Yoshida, Raafat Elnaggar, Shiro Minagawa, Yuji Okura, Kiminori Kato, Makoto Kodama, Hiroki Maruyama, Junichi Miyazaki, and Yoshifusa Aizawa  3644 Different Neurotropic Pathogens Elicit Neurotoxic CCR9- or Neurosupportive CXCR3-Expressing Microglia  He Li, Zhou Gang, He Yuling, Xie Luokun, Xiong Jie, Lei Hao, Wei Li, Hu Chunsong, Liu Junyan, Jiang Mingshen, Jin Youxin, Gong Feili, Jin Boquan, and Tan Jinquan 3657 Mechanisms Regulating the Proliferative Potential of Human CD8  T LymphocytesOverexpressing Telomerase Olivier Menzel, Marco Migliaccio, Darlene R. Goldstein, Sophie Dahoun, Mauro Delorenzi, and Nathalie Rufer  3669 CD4 Expression on Activated NK Cells: Ligation of CD4 Induces Cytokine Expression and CellMigration Helene B. Bernstein, Mary C. Plasterer, Sherrie E. Schiff, Christina M. R. Kitchen, Scott Kitchen, and Jerome A. Zack  3677 The Major Glycoprotein Allergen from  Arachis hypogaea  , Ara h 1, Is a Ligand of Dendritic Cell-SpecificICAM-Grabbing Nonintegrin and Acts as a Th2 Adjuvant In Vitro Wayne G. Shreffler, Russell R. Castro, Z. Yesim Kucuk, Zachary Charlop-Powers, Galina Grishina, Steven Yoo, A. Wesley Burks, and Hugh A. Sampson  3686 Invariant NKT Cells Rapidly Activated via Immunization with Diverse Contact Antigens Collaborate InVitro with B-1 Cells to Initiate Contact Sensitivity  Regis A. Campos, Marian Szczepanik, Mariette Lisbonne, Atsuko Itakura, Maria Leite-de-Moraes, and Philip W. Askenase  3695 Protection from Type 1 Diabetes by Invariant NK T Cells Requires the Activity of CD4  CD25  Regulatory T Cells Dalam Ly, Qing-Sheng Mi, Shabbir Hussain, and Terry L. Delovitch 3705 Modelling Two Possible Mechanisms for the Regulation of the Germinal Center Dynamics  Joana S. Moreira and Jose Faro 3711 Notch1 and IL-7 Receptor Interplay Maintains Proliferation of Human Thymic Progenitors whileSuppressing Non-T Cell Fates  Marina Garcı´a-Peydro´, Virginia G. de Ye ´benes, and Marı´a L. Toribio 3721 IL-21 Inhibits IFN-    Production in Developing Th1 Cells through the Repression of EomesoderminExpression  Akira Suto, Andrea L. Wurster, Steven L. Reiner, and Michael J. Grusby  3728 A New Memory CD27  IgG  B Cell Population in Peripheral Blood Expressing V  H  Genes with Low Frequency of Somatic Mutation  Jessie F. Fecteau, Genevie `ve Coˆte ´, and Sonia Ne ´ron 3737 Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor     Promotes Lymphocyte Survival through Its Actions onCellular Metabolic Activities Seung-Hee Jo, Chunyan Yang, Qi Miao, Michal Marzec, Mariusz A. Wasik, Pin Lu, and Y. Lynn Wang  3746 A Role for Intercellular Antigen Transfer in the Recognition of EBV-Transformed B Cell Lines by EBV Nuclear Antigen-Specific CD4  T Cells Graham S. Taylor, Heather M. Long, Tracey A. Haigh, Martin Larsen, Jill Brooks, and Alan B. Rickinson 3757 Exosomes from Bone Marrow Dendritic Cells Pulsed with Diphtheria Toxoid Preferentially InduceType 1 Antigen-Specific IgG Responses in Naive Recipients in the Absence of Free Antigen  Jesus Colino and Clifford M. Snapper  3763 IL-12 Instructs Skin Homing of Human Th2 Cells Tilo Biedermann, Gu¨nther Lametschwandtner, Kirsten Tangemann, Julia Kund, Sonja Hinteregger,Nicole Carballido-Perrig, Antal Rot, Christoph Schwa¨rzler, and Jose ´ M. Carballido 3771 Monocyte 15-Lipoxygenase Expression Is Regulated by a Novel Cytosolic Signaling Complex with ProteinKinase C    and Tyrosine-Phosphorylated Stat3  Ashish Bhattacharjee, Bo Xu, David A. Frank, Gerald M. Feldman, and Martha K. Cathcart  3782 Reduced Susceptibility of Recombinant Polyclonal Antibodies to Inhibitory Anti-Variable Domain Antibody Responses  Josephine L. Klitgaard, Vincent W. Coljee, Peter S. Andersen, Lone K. Rasmussen, Lars S. Nielsen, John S. Haurum,and Søren Bregenholt  3791 Evidence That Marginal Zone B Cells Possess an Enhanced Secretory Apparatus and Exhibit SuperiorSecretory Activity  Kathryn E. Gunn and Joseph W. Brewer  3799 Receptor Activator of NF-  B Ligand and Osteoprotegerin Regulate Proinflammatory CytokineProduction in Mice Kenta Maruyama, Yasunari Takada, Neelanjan Ray, Yukiko Kishimoto, Josef M. Penninger, Hisataka Yasuda,and Koichi Matsuo 3806 Immature Dendritic Cells Suppress Collagen-Induced Arthritis by In Vivo Expansion of CD49b  Regulatory T Cells Louis-Marie Charbonnier, Leonie M. van Duivenvoorde, Florence Apparailly, Ce ´line Cantos, Wanda G. H. Han,Danie `le Noe ¨l, Christophe Duperray, Tom W. J. Huizinga, Rene ´ E. M. Toes, Christian Jorgensen, and Pascale Louis-Plence   3814 Transgenic Expression of the Viral FLIP MC159 Causes  lpr  /  gld  -Like Lymphoproliferation and Autoimmunity   Melissa Woelfel, Jacqueline Bixby, Michael A. Brehm, and Francis Ka-Ming Chan 3821 Impaired Memory CD8 T Cell Development in the Absence of Methyl-CpG-Binding Domain Protein 2 Ellen N. Kersh 3827 The Cathepsin B Inhibitor, z-FA-FMK, Inhibits Human T Cell Proliferation In Vitro and ModulatesHost Response to Pneumococcal Infection In Vivo Clare P. Lawrence, Aras Kadioglu, Ai-Li Yang, William R. Coward, and Sek C. Chow  Molecular and Structural Immunology  3837 Constitutive Expression of Murine Decay-Accelerating Factor 1 Is Controlled by the TranscriptionFactor Sp1 David M. Cauvi, Gabrielle Cauvi, and K. Michael Pollard  3848 IgG Fc Receptor III Homologues in Nonhuman Primate Species: Genetic Characterization and LigandInteractions Kenneth A. Rogers, Franco Scinicariello, and Roberta Attanasio 3857 A Model for TCR Gene Segment Use  Aryeh Warmflash and Aaron R. Dinner  3865 Epigenetic Regulation during B Cell Differentiation Controls CIITA Promoter Accessibility   Myesha R. Green, Hyesuk Yoon, and Jeremy M. Boss  3874 Recombinant HLA-DP2 Binds Beryllium and Tolerizes Beryllium-Specific Pathogenic CD4  T Cells  Andrew P. Fontenot, Timothy S. Keizer, Mark McCleskey, Douglas G. Mack, Roberto Meza-Romero, Jianya Huan,David M. Edwards, Yuan K. Chou, Arthur A. Vandenbark, Brian Scott, and Gregory G. Burrows  3884 Crystallographic Structure of a Rheumatoid Arthritis MHC Susceptibility Allele,  HLA-DR1 ( DRB1*0101 ), Complexed with the Immunodominant Determinant of Human Type II Collagen Edward F. Rosloniec, Robert A. Ivey III, Karen B. Whittington, Andrew H. Kang, and Hee-Won Park  3893 Strong TCR Conservation and Altered T Cell Cross-Reactivity Characterize a B*57-Restricted ImmuneResponse in HIV-1 Infection Geraldine M. A. Gillespie, Guillaume Stewart-Jones, Jaya Rengasamy, Tara Beattie, Job. J. Bwayo,Francis A. Plummer, Rupert Kaul, Andrew J. McMichael, Philippa Easterbrook, Tao Dong, E. Yvonne Jones,and Sarah L. Rowland-Jones  3903 Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting and Cloning of Bona Fide CD8  CTL with ReversibleMHC-Peptide and Antibody Fab   Conjugates Philippe Guillaume, Petra Baumgaertner, Georgi S. Angelov, Daniel Speiser, and Immanuel F. Luescher  3913 Sites in the CH3 Domain of Human IgA1 That Influence Sensitivity to Bacterial IgA1 Proteases Bernard W. Senior and Jenny M. Woof   3920 Structural Basis of Inducible Costimulator Ligand Costimulatory Function: Determination of the CellSurface Oligomeric State and Functional Mapping of the Receptor Binding Site of the Protein Kausik Chattopadhyay, Sumeena Bhatia, Andras Fiser, Steven C. Almo, and Stanley G. Nathenson 3930 Mapping the Binding Site on CD8   for MHC Class I Reveals Mutants with Enhanced Binding  Lesley Devine, Deepshi Thakral, Shanta Nag, Jessica Dobbins, Michael E. Hodsdon, and Paula B. Kavathas  Immunogenetics 3939 Evolution of the CD4 Family: Teleost Fish Possess Two Divergent Forms of CD4 in Addition toLymphocyte Activation Gene-3 Kerry J. Laing, Jun J. Zou, Maureen K. Purcell, Ruth Phillips, Christopher J. Secombes, and John D. Hansen  3952 Backcross and Partial Advanced Intercross Analysis of Nonobese Diabetic Gene-Mediated Effects onCollagen-Induced Arthritis Reveals an Interactive Effect by Two Major Loci  Anna-Karin B. Lindqvist, Martina Johannesson, Åsa C. M. Johansson, Kutty S. Nandakumar, Anna M. Blom,and Rikard Holmdahl  Host Defense 3960 Human Cytomegalovirus Alters Localization of MHC Class II and Dendrite Morphology in MatureLangerhans Cells  Andrew W. Lee, Laura Hertel, Ryan K. Louie, Timo Burster, Vashti Lacaille, Achal Pashine, Davide A. Abate,Edward S. Mocarski, and Elizabeth D. Mellins  3972 TNF Is Important for Pathogen Control and Limits Brain Damage in Murine Cerebral Listeriosis Simona Virna, Martina Deckert, Sonja Lu¨tjen, Sabine Soltek, Kathryn E. Foulds, Hao Shen, Heinrich Ko¨rner, Jonathon D. Sedgwick, and Dirk Schlu¨ter  3983  Salmonella typhimurium  Coordinately Regulates FliC Location and Reduces Dendritic Cell Activation and Antigen Presentation to CD4  T cells Robert C. Alaniz, Lisa A. Cummings, Molly A. Bergman, Sara L. Rassoulian-Barrett, and Brad T. Cookson 3994  Aspergillus fumigatus   Induces Innate Immune Responses in Alveolar Macrophages through the MAPK Pathway Independently of TLR2 and TLR4  Marc Dubourdeau, Rafika Athman, Viviane Balloy, Michel Huerre, Michel Chignard, Dana J. Philpott, Jean-Paul Latge ´,and Oumaı¨ma Ibrahim-Granet  4002 Role of   N  -Acetylglucosamine within Core Lipopolysaccharide of Several Species of Gram-NegativeBacteria in Targeting the DC-SIGN (CD209) Pei Zhang, Scott Snyder, Peter Feng, Parastoo Azadi, Shusheng Zhang, Silvia Bulgheresi, Kenneth E. Sanderson, Johnny He, John Klena, and Tie Chen 4012 Listeriolysin O-Deficient  Listeria monocytogenes   as a Vaccine Delivery Vehicle: Antigen-Specific CD8T Cell Priming and Protective Immunity  Sara E. Hamilton, Vladimir P. Badovinac, Aaruni Khanolkar, and John T. Harty  4021  Chlamydia trachomatis   Infection Alters the Development of Memory CD8  T Cells Wendy P. Loomis and Michael N. Starnbach 4028 Evaluation of Passively Transferred, Nonneutralizing Antibody-Dependent CellularCytotoxicity-Mediating IgG in Protection of Neonatal Rhesus Macaques against OralSIV  mac251  Challenge Ruth H. Florese, Koen K. A. Van Rompay, Kris Aldrich, Donald N. Forthal, Gary Landucci, Madhumita Mahalanabis, Nancy Haigwood, David Venzon, Vaniambadi S. Kalyanaraman, Marta L. Marthas, and Marjorie Robert-Guroff   Inflammation 4037 Neutrophil Signaling Pathways Activated by Bacterial DNA Stimulation  Marı´a E. Alvarez, Juan I. Fuxman Bass, Jorge R. Geffner, Paula X. Ferna´ndez Calotti, Mo´nica Costas, Omar A. Coso,Romina Gamberale, Mo´nica E. Vermeulen, Gabriela Salamone, Diego Martinez, Tamara Tanos, and Analı´a S. Trevani  4047 Requirements for Apoptotic Cell Contact in Regulation of Macrophage Responses  Mark Lucas, Lynda M. Stuart, Ailiang Zhang, Kairbaan Hodivala-Dilke, Maria Febbraio, Roy Silverstein, John Savill,and Adam Lacy-Hulbert  4055 Distinct In Vivo Roles of Colony-Stimulating Factor-1 Isoforms in Renal Inflammation  Mei-Huei Jang, Deborah M. Herber, Xinnong Jiang, Sayan Nandi, Xu-Ming Dai, Geraldine Zeller, E. Richard Stanley,and Vicki R. Kelley  4064 IL-17A Induces Eotaxin-1/CC Chemokine Ligand 11 Expression in Human Airway Smooth MuscleCells: Role of MAPK (Erk1/2, JNK, and p38) Pathways  Muhammad Shahidur Rahman, Akira Yamasaki, Jie Yang, Lianyu Shan, Andrew J. Halayko,and Abdelilah Soussi Gounni 
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