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  ABUSE OF POWER SPEECH Alternative Resignation Speech of Richard Nixon- President of the United States August 8, 1974 My Fellow Americans, It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing my resignation from the office of the President of the United States of America. This has been a difficult time. As you have witnessed the turn of events in the last few months has put great strain in the office of the President, it has stressed and pushed the strong constitution and the core institutional fabric of this great nation. I am not a quitter but this inward focused unconstructive, partisan, destructive energy and loss of forward momentum of more important policy and legislative agenda can not be allowed to persist. It is my duty of the President of the United States to lead the nation. Lead the nation, I will even if this means I will need to leave this office. I admit there were a series of lapses in judgment from myself and this office that has led me to the conclusion that my resignation from the Presidency of United States is the best decision for the country, the constitution and for Americans. I hope that through my resignation we can start the process of healing and the process of reconciliation and prove that the American constitution that our founding fathers have left behind, the robust institutions of this country, and rule of law is stronger than any individual person or office or any crisis. I, Richard Nixon am not a crook. I tried to serve the country that we love to the best of my ability. I withdrew troops from Vietnam. I visited China. I believe I will be recorded in history as the President who has stopped the war in Vietnam. We put a man in the moon. I desegregated schools in the South. Our economy is robust and we are still the gold standard for democracy and liberty in the world. I am proud and honored to have been your elected President. The office of the president has many challenges. As President of the United States, I have the responsibilities of the state resting squarely on my shoulder. The United States is waging a hot war in Vietnam, we are standing toe to toe against the Communist threat in Europe and Asia and we are safeguarding the free world with our nuclear deterrent. Furthermore, the global economy is relying on the American growth engine to spread prosperity to the world. The leadership of this great nation and that of the free world is concentrated in the White House. There are uncountable pressures, there are many things that the public does not see which  requires swift and decisive attention and the executive decision making from the President. The President needs to make decisions some in public, some in private, not all popular, not all pretty. Some decisions the President needs to make frankly are not pretty. But that is the real world. The real world is not perfect and is not black and white. As President of the United States I have tried to make the best calls to the best of my abilities. However, as a human being I am fallible. I can make imperfect decisions. However, with power comes responsibility. I will not shy away from taking responsibility. The buck stops here. The break in the Democratic National Committee Office in Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. I can categorically state I did not order the break in nor the wire tapping. This is clearly a criminal act and has been prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law. The subsequent cover up of this affair. I did not order this. I did not obstruct justice. I did not order the CIA to stop FBI investigations. I did not commit perjury. I did not abuse power.  My lapse in judgment is that I did not hold myself and my aids to the highest standard expected of this office, in terms of speed, transparency of taking action and withholding information. I have let you down. I have let myself down. Hence I see no alternative but take full responsibility for my actions and inactions. I believe my resignation, by Richard Nixon falling on his sword will strengthen the constitution and this great country. My resignation will end the partisan campaign to undermine the Presidency and weaken the United States. I shall resign the presidency effective noon tomorrow. Vice President Gerald Ford will take over as President of the United States as of noon tomorrow. My fellow Americans, I thank you for your support and I believe historians will record this event as strengthening the union. Good night America and God bless America. In Italics- This is what Richard Nixon maintained. However, all evidence (from congressional special investigation) points to the fact that Richard Nixon abused Presidential power and was aware and involved in all the matters.
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