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Nokia AirScale Base Station Changes the way to build networks An integral element of Nokia AirScale Radio Access, the AirScale Base Station offers a smooth and flexible journey towards 5G and Cloud connectivity. And when you need to evolve to different radio access technologies or network architectures to meet future demands, it’s ready too. Flexible, capable, lean, efficient – it sounds like a mobile operator’s wish list for a base station. And that is exactly what the Nokia AirScale Bas
  Nokia AirScale Base Station An integral element of Nokia AirScale Radio Access, the AirScale Base Station oers a smooth and exible journey towards 5G and Cloud connectivity. And when you need to evolve to dierent radio access technologies or network architectures to meet future demands, it’s ready too.Flexible, capable, lean, ecient – it sounds like a mobile operator’s wish list for a base station. And that is exactly what the Nokia AirScale Base Station delivers. Working with any radio access technology, the base station oers an easy route to 5G and cloud, while also providing all the capacity and connectivity you will need as your trac grows. Multiband, compact and easy to install at a wide choice of sites, AirScale Base Station ensures your network can serve customers without delay.Already using Nokia Flexi Base Station? AirScale Base Station is fully compatible, as well as being ready for the next evolution in your network. Nokia AirScale changes the rules for how to build networks. Changes the way to build networks  Page 2  Internal Flexible Need to use GSM, WCDMA, FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE, LTE-A Pro and 5G? AirScale Base Station can work with them all – it has an unmatched ability to run all technologies simultaneously in the same cell and also combines two to three bands in a single radio. All the technologies are dened by software, making it the ideal Single RAN base station.It supports LTE-A Pro features and is ideal for TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE convergence. As well as being compatible with existing Nokia Flexi Base Station solutions, protecting your investment, AirScale Base Station is ready to support you however you decide to evolve your network. The Nokia AirScale System Module is ready for any network architecture. It is crafted for interior installations, providing the best possible integration density for Centralized RAN applications. On the other hand, in outdoor distributed RAN applications,the ability to support four radio access technologies simultaneously and its 5G readiness are vital. AirScale Base Station meets all needs. Capable As trac continues to boom, this base station can keep pace. AirScale provides ten times more capacity than previous generation equipment with the industry’s best-in-class baseband capacity per module. And you can keep adding modules, with no limit to cell capacity and no site switches or routers needed.3D oating pools, CoMP (Coordinated Multi-Point) and LTE Carrier Aggregation oating pools, and enhancements from Cloud RAN, contribute to unlimited cell capacity and connectivity. What’s more, these cells can be of any size, from small RRHs to large macro units.In addition, integrated PIM cancellation and high data rate fronthaul connections with IQ compression mean lowest churn for operators because subscribers get the top quality connectivity they expect. Lean Ease of installation for base stations is another vital requirement and the AirScale’s small and lean size ts this criterion perfectly. AirScale base station is up to 60 percent smaller than earlier generation products making it the leanest multiband, multistandard and multimount product on the market.AirScale System Module oers ten times more capacity in the familiar 3U Nokia form factor making it the market leader. AirScale multiband radios make the radio system and antenna lines up to 60 percent smaller and simpler, while the radio units are delivered with integrated OneClip zero bolt installation kit to reduce radio unit installation time by up to 66 percent. Single radio platform supports all possible installation options like antenna integration (Triple/multiband RAS), book-, wall-, tower- and pole (horizontal and vertical) mounted installation. Ecient Why use energy when there is no trac to serve? The AirScale Base Station ensures you minimize energy consumption during zero trac conditions. Take the Power Prioritizer feature and the new baseband power management software which mutes unused processing sections.Envelope Tracking cuts radio unit energy use by ensuring the power ampliers work at optimum eciency in all trac conditions. Optional Eden-NET Energy management module ensures a greener tomorrow.The result is a base station up to 60 percent more ecient than conventional solutions, permitting broader use of renewable energy sources, like solar power.With single, common software, it takes site simplication to the next level. What’s more, it further enhances eciency with the in-build hexa resiliency that also enables highest possible network availability.  Page 3 Choose the best fi t for the site   Standalone or Antenna Integrated   Antenna Integrated   Flat Mount   Vertical Mount   Horizontal Mount   Cut costs, not corners Nokia AirScale Radio-Ultra lean and ecient sites With higher eciency, faster installation, more site options and the ability to serve an ever expanding number of subscribers, using the Nokia AirScale Base Station means total cost of ownership falls dramatically, by up to 50 percent. AirScale Base Station is built for the 5G, cloud and IoT era in which 50 billion connected devices will radically change the demands that networks must meet. Nokia AirScale is the only base station solution you’ll need for a long time because not only does it deliver high quality connectivity and coverage for unprecedented user experience, but it enables you to evolve our network as and when needed to meet changing requirements. Internal Single Radio Platform  Page 4 Nokia AirScale Base Station Specications**:   1. Nokia AirScale System Module Specication : Indoor system module general specifcation Capacity Multi-RAT capable platform for GSM, WCDMA, TDD-LTE,FDD-LTE,LTE-A Pro & 5G readyCloud enhanced  Minimum conguration1 Common PIU (transport and control), 1 Capacity PIU (capacity extension)Maximum conguration2 Common PIU, 6 Capacity PIUInstallation options19 inch standard rack, pole and wall (with mounting plinth)Interfaces per Common PIUSync IN, Sync OUT (1pps, GNSS, ToD)Alarm inputs, Control outputs ,LMP,2 X SRIO System extension interface (SEI) x 2Backhaul interfaces (3x 1G Ethernet electrical, 2x 1/10G Ethernet optical)Interfaces per Capacity PIU6 x RP3-01/CPRI up to 9.8Gbps RF interfaces3 of the 6 CPRI 9.8G interfaces support IQ compression Indoor system module mechanical specifcations DimensionsH 128   mm x W 4 47 mm x D 400 mm Installation Depth40 0 mm + cooling air space 50mm Weight Minimum (Common PIU + Capacity PIU): 10.1kgMaximum (2 Common PIU + 6 Capacity PIU): 23.5kgIngress protectionIP20Operational Temperature Range-5°C to 55°C Internal ** subject to change, please contact the BL before any customer commitments.
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