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08. Interpretasi Lesi Spesifik

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kuliah pakar drg. erwin sp.RKG
  LESI SPESIFIK DENTOMAKSILOFASIAL ERWIN SETYAWAN,DRG., SP.RKG  Lesi memiliki gambaran radiograf yang mirip ã Anamnesa ã Pemeriksaan klinis ã Lesi dikategorikan : ã Struktur internal ã Radiolusen ã Mixed ã Radiopak ã Batas ã Jelas ã Tidak jelas ã Sifat pertumbuhan ã Benign/slow growing/non agressive ã Malignant/fast growing/agrressive  DESKRIPSI SISTEMATIS DARI SUATU LESI ã Site or anatomical position ã Size ã Shape ã Outline/edge or periphery ã Relative radiodensity and internal structure ã Effect on adjacent surrounding structures ã Time present, if knownAda juga yg mendeskripsikan dgn metode 4SBCA : (Site, Size, Shape, Simetry, Border, Content, Association)  SITE OR ANATOMICAL POSITION Localized to the mandible, affecting: ã the anterior region ã the body  — above or below the inferiordental canal, or related to the teeth ã the angle ã the ramus ã the condylar process ã the coronoid process ã both sides (bilateral) ã several sites
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