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  W1-2-58-4- 1 STRUCTURE O F RESEARCH P ROP O SAL A) Title page to include: i.Title -A concise statement of the main topic and should identify the variables. - Should be a reflection of the contents of the document.-Fully explanatory when standing alone.-Should not contain redundancies such as ‘a study of…..or ‘an investigation of……-Abbreviations should not appear in the title.-Scientific names should be in italics.-Should contain ! to " words. ii.Author’s name an a!!iliation -Avoid use of words li#e ‘$y….. ‘from…..-%referred order of names- start with  st & middle followed by last name.-Full names should be used& initials should be avoided.-'itles li#e (r. should not appear in the names.Affiliation should be well illustrated i.e. ‘  A thesis/ research project submitted to the  Department of ………in the School of Human Resource Development in partial  fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of …….. of omo !en"atta #niversit" of Agriculture and $echnolog". )'he year should follow at the bottom of the caption. "ote# -For proposals *spiral bound+ the cover page should include the title& author and affiliation *all on one page+ and centered. $) %e&laration ' Should include both the candidate)s and the supervisor)s declaration and duly signed. $his proposal/thesis is m" srcinal wor% and has not been presented for a degree in an" other #niversit"………………….………………… Signature(ate $his proposal/thesis has been submitted for e&amination with m" approval as #niversit"Supervisor  ………………………………. Signature(ate "ote( Paginate using roman numers starting *ith the e&laration page.  C) Astra&t - 'his is a brief statement of the problem& ob,ectives of the study& target  population& sampling techniue and sample sie& instruments& data collection& data  processing and analysis& #ey findings and ma,or recommendations.-Should not exceed /// words. %) Tale o! &ontents ' 'he rubric should be in title case and single spaced.-'he chapter titles should be in caps and bold.-'he subheadings should follow each chapter title and should be in title case.-Subheading of rows should be 0 1hapters 2 %ages indicated once at the top of each column e.g.&13A%'45 %A64. 7ntroduction …………………………….! Statement of the problem………………! Re!eren&eAppeni&esE) List o! Tales F) List o! Figures +) A&ron,msH) (efinition of terms-(efine terms in the text that are not common.  CHAPTER "TRO%UCTO" Should include the following8. $ac#ground 0Should show the understanding and genesis of the problem.- 'al# about the global perspective followed by the local scenario.- 'al# about the target group in the study.- Should be approximately " pages *9- pages+.! Statement of the problem- ;ust indicate exactly what the problem is.- 7ndicate why and how it is a problem. 6ive information to support this e.g. by use of statistics or evidence. 'his should be derived from bac#ground information to illustrate connectivity.- <ength- ;aximum  page..= >b,ectives- >ne general ob,ective which should be in line with the title.- Specific ob,ectives- have to be in line with the variables the candidates hypothesie to influence the phenomenon being investigated.- Should be related to the general ob,ective.- Should not be uestions in the uestionnaire..9 5esearch ?uestions- 'hey should be in line with the specific ob,ectives and eual in number.- 3ave to be numbered *& !& =…..+ and should be uestions and not statements.." @ustification- Should illustrate why the researcher is conducting the research and whom it shall  benefit.. Scope-'his is a #ind of a disclaimer. Should cite the focus of the study either geographical area or target group population..B <imitation- Cot a must for a proposal.- 3as to be there in the final thesispro,ect report.- 7ndicate the challenges encountered in the study that may have limited the study. "ote# - %aragraphing should be consistent. 4ither leave space or indent between  paragraphs.- Spacing and indenting should not be used together.- >ne sentence paragraphs are unacceptable.- A paragraph should have a minimum of five sentences.'able of contents should be followed by:  - <ist of figures tables- Should be labeled as per the chapters in which they are found e.g. the first figure in chapter one should be labeled as Figure . CHAPTER /LTERATURE RE0E1 'his should include8!. 7ntroduction!.! 'heoretical review1onceptual Framewor# -5eview the empirical and theoretical literature relevant to the  problem being investigated.-7ndicate what has been done by other researchers including themethodologies used and identify gaps.-'he hypothesied variables should be subheadings of the literature review to form a framewor# that would help in analysis.-1onceptual framewor# should demonstrate an understanding of what variable influences what.-1ite =-" references per #ey section in the text.-Dse either A%A or 3arvard method of citation. 1onsistency is important in citation.-4ach #ey variable should be !-= pages long.!.= 1ritiue of the existing literature relevant to the study.!.9 Summary!." 5esearch gapsShould indicate8 CHAPTER 23ETHO%OLO+4 =. 5esearch design- 7ndicate type of research& ,ustify the choice of type of research by citing authority.=.! %opulation8 clearly identify the population and the target population.@ustify the target population.=.= Sampling frame8 @ustify the choice.=.9 Sample and sampling techniue- illustrate understanding of the techniue.=." 7nstruments.=. (ata collection procedure.=.B %ilot test-depends on the instrument being used.=.E (ata %rocessing and analysis.54F454C14SA%%4C(714S: 7nstruments *e.g. uestionnaire+& $udget& wor# plan  STRUCTURE O F P RO 5ECT REP O RT6 TH ESS ill include the three chapters plus8 CHAPTER 7RESEARCH F"%"+S A"% %SCUSSO" - Style of presentation 0 presentation of raw data followed by discussion- Should be guided by the methodology. Dnit of analysis should be based on the research uestions or ob,ectives and should capture the independent variables.- 'ables should have no vertical lines *use simple formatting+- 'able titles should be at the top of the tables.- 'ables copied from elsewhere should have source below them.- Any table generated by the researcher should not have the source uote.- Figure titles should be at the bottom of the figures.- Figures can have different shadings.- (iscussion should follow the results. CHAPTER 8SU33AR49 CO"CLUSO"S A"% RECO33E"%ATO"S ".7C'5>(D1'7>C-A brief on the chapter ".!SD;;A5G- 'his is an extended abstract".=1>C1<DS7>CS- ;ust be derived from the summary".9541>;;4C(A'7>CS- Should come from the conclusions54F454C14S A%%4C(714S- 7nstruments- 'ables- figures- <etters of introduction- $udget HH- or# planHHHH Cot reuired for thesis
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