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Who or what do we fear most?

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Does what we fear most prove our belief or disbelief? Can fearing things other than God be classified as a sin? If God is the most Powerful, whom should we fear most asks Yousuf Mahbubul Islam, PhD
   Article appeared Friday, December 1st, 2017 in The News Today, Bangladesh The Reelation ! 02#yo$s$% mahb$b$l &slam, 'hD (e o%ten disc$ss actiities o% others) *$ch conersations sometimes t$rn to the topic o% sin , e.g.,  what sins others are committing) +oweer, hae we eer ased o$r sel% the de%inition o% sinor what exactly constitutes a sin?  -an sin be de%ined. (hat is sin. To answer this /$estion, it may help to as %$rther /$estions that may lead to possible answers) (ho is a sin against. Do we sin against others, o$r sel% or od. (ho decides the p$nishment %or a sin  is it others, o$r sel% or od. (ho is liely to be p$nished %or a sin, i.e.,  the perpetrator or others. &% the $dgment o% a sin is in the hands o% od who, then, is best to de%ine what sin is. (o$ld it be h$man beings or od +imsel%.&% the decision rests with od +imsel%, what is +e liely to decide sin as. -o$ld it be doing things that may displease +im. Now, what is liely to displease +im. -an we %ind answers to this /$estion in the +oly *cript$res. Browsing the Al34$r5an, we %ind the %ollowing 6erse) “ &t yo$ disbeliee, tr$ly Allah is %ree %rom need o% yo$ b$t +e dislies ingratit$de %rom +is serants8 i% yo$ are grate%$l +e is pleased with yo$) No bearer o% b$rdens can bear the b$rden o% another) &n the end to yo$r 9ord is yo$r ret$rn when +e will tell yo$ the tr$th o% all that yo$ did !in this li%e#) For +e nows well all that is in !men:s# hearts) ”  ;<=)7>-an we disc$ss and analy?e the meaning o% the 6erse ;<=)7> in relation to the /$estion, what would displease God?  (o$ld the characteristics o% disbelie% and ingratit$de displease the -reator. &% so why  why wo$ld +e be displeased  by not %$l%illing the p$rpose %or which +e has created $s. “ Do they not re%lect in their own minds. Not b$t %or $st ends and %or a term appointed did Allah create the heaens and the earth and all between them8 yet are there tr$ly many among men who deny the meeting with their 9ord !at the Res$rrection#@ ”  ;<0)>&% we compare and re%lect on the two 6erses, <0) and <=)7 what concl$sion can we come to. (e are here %or  just ends, to demonstrate $st or righteo$s behaior,  i.e.,  to witness and establish the tr$th abo$t od  that +e is the erci%$l -reator  by belieing in +im and demonstrating o$r gratit$de %or haing been created and gien the gi%t o% li%e. “ C people@ Adore yo$r $ardian39ord who created yo$ and those who came be%ore yo$ that yo$ may become righteo$s) ”  ;2)21>+aing disc$ssed the p$rpose o% being created, how can $nrighteo$s behaior or sin be de%ined. &s it carrying o$t actiities or demonstrating behaior that ignores or denies the eistence o% od and +is p$rpose in creating $s. Thro$gho$t the ages, od, who is ost erci%$l has arranged incidents or sit$ations %rom which we can learn and be con%irmed abo$t +is Eistence and +is 4$ality o% ercy) Cne s$ch incident is the competition where the magicians o% 'haraoh competed with the miracles sent by od thro$gh oses) oses5 rod or stic t$rned to a real snae which deo$red the ill$sions and props o% the magicians) Being pro%essional magicians they immediately reali?ed that the *ign oses had bo$ght was not a tric, it was real  there%ore they declared their new %o$nd belie% in od) Their coniction was so solid that they no longer %eared 'haraoh who had terrori?ed the land with his oppression) “ For $s we hae belieed in o$r 9ord8 may +e %orgie $s o$r sins and the magic to which yo$ !'haraoh# compelled $s to do8 %or od is Best and ost End$ring) ”  ;20)7<>  (hat abo$t those, who witnessed the miracles o% oses, yet contin$ed to disbeliee. &n each person5s li%e, od arranges eents and sit$ations that help $s reali?e the reality o% od and +is ercy) Reali?ation can also come thro$gh reading and re%lecting on the eents reported in the +oly *cript$res) (hat wo$ld happen i% we contin$e to ass$me that obects other than od hae more power than +im oer o$r li%e. 20.74 “Verily he who comes to his Lord as a sinner (at judgment) for him is ell! therein shall he neither die nor li e.” &% we do not re%lect and establish belie% in od5s oerriding 'ower oer +is entire creation, then  $st as +e is erci%$l, +is p$nishment is most terrible) “ Gthen %ear the %ire whose %$el is en and *tones which is prepared %or those who reect Faith) ”  ;2)2H>Cn the other hand, i% we re%lect and establish belie%, i.e.,  %ear +im more than obects, things and eents on earth, and do deeds that demonstrate heart%elt adoration towards od, then 20.7# “$ut such as comes to im as $elie ers who ha e wor%ed righteous deeds  & for them are ran%s e'alted” “ The Day (e shall gather the righteo$s to !Allah# ost racio$s lie a band presented be%ore a ing %or honors) ”  ;1=) > 20.7 “ardens of *ternity +eneath which flow ri ers! they will dwell therein fore er! such is the reward of those who ,urify themsel es (from e il).” od protects and saes those who establish belie%  in the most power%$l ways  ways that are beyond o$r comprehension) 'haraoh had intended to p$nish oses and his %ollowers by illing them) 'haraoh and his %$lly armed army p$rs$ed oses and his %ollowers to carry o$t their plan)+oweer, what did od do. 20.77 “-e sent an ins,iration to oses! /ra el +y night with my ser ants and stri%e a dry ,ath for them through the sea without fear of +eing o erta%en (+y 1haraoh) and without (any other) fear./” +ow power%$l is the most power%$l army or weapon compared to the 'ower o% od. &% we establish belie%, all other %ears sho$ld leae $s) 20.7 “hen 1haraoh ,ursued them with his forces +ut the waters com,letely o erwhelmed them and co ered them u,.” From a r$ler, a blessed position granted by od, what wo$ld +e epect. As a h$man, to establish belie%, become righteo$s and also g$ide his s$bects towards similarly establishing belie%. +oweer, 20.73 “1haraoh led his ,eo,le astray instead of leading them aright.” 'haraoh declared that he was god and p$nished those who did not accept him to be s$ch)(e sho$ld eep on striing and re%lecting on eents in history and in o$r own li%e to establish belie% in o$r hearts) Regardless o% the sins committed in the past, we sho$ld neer despair o% od5s ercy) “ B$t witho$t do$bt & am !also# +e that %orgies again and again to those who repent, beliee, and do right who $pon re%lection are ready to receie tr$e g$idance) ” ;20)2>
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