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repaso tiempos verbales
  Complete with the correct verb: present simple or connuo us1) I _____ (work) for the Government.2) The sun _____ (set) in the west.3) The milk _____ (boil) already. Can you turn o the stove! ) #eter is si$k% so he _____ (not work) tomorrow.&) I _____ to the radio in my way to work every mornin'.) I have a $hroni$ $ondion% so I _____(take) a *ill daily.+) ,ho is that 'irl! ,hy _____ she _____ (dan$e) alone!-) y mother _____ (say) she/s &&% but nobody _____ (believe) her.0) ,here _____ you _____(work)!1) isten They are _____(*lay) that son' you really like.11) I have $abin fever% I really _____(want) to 'o outside.12) y 'rand*arents _____(love) ea$h other so mu$h 4it/s very sweet13) I _____(stay) at this hostel durin' my ne5t tri*.1 ) #lease% stay 6uiet. I_____ (try) to work here1&) y $ousin _____(have) really lon' hair. 1) I o7en _____(sin') in the shower 4 I 8ust $an/t hel* it1+) It looks like Carlos _____($ome) to the *arty toni'ht.1-) 9i'ht now I _____(s*end) me with my sister.10) #edro _____(travel) to adrid for work a lot.2) :sshhh The baby _____(slee*). Complete with the correct verb: past simple or past connuous 1 The tea$her __________ (e5*lain) the lesson when the li'hts __________ ('o) out. 2 The kid__________ (*lay) with a bubble but the do' __________ (burst) it. 3 I __________ (not work) last summer% I__________ (be) unem*loyed.  (;e < do) __________ a 'ood 8ob while he __________ (work) in your o=$e! & y father __________ (send) me a te5t messa'e sayin' they __________ (en8oy) the tri*. /(They < dy) __________ their room when you arrived!/ />o% they __________ (start) to do ita7er we (arrive)./+ ,e__________ (sit) on the 'rass while we__________ (wat$h) a $riket.- The do$umentary __________ (be) very interesn'% we __________ ($an) learn how *eo*le  __________ (live) many $enturies a'o.0 ?ou__________ (not look) very ha**y last holidays% you__________ (not smile) as usual.1 /(:he < arrive) __________on me!/ /?es% the show __________ (start) at that moment./11 ,hen I __________ (do) the washin'4u*% I __________ (break) a *late. 12 ,hile Tom __________ (*lay) the *iano% his mother __________ (do) the washin'4u*. 13 ;e __________ (drink) some 8ui$e and then he __________ (eat) a few $hi*s. 1 I __________ (have) dinner when I suddenly __________ (hear) a loud ban'. 1& ,hen my father __________ (work) in the 'arden% an old friend __________ (*ass) by to see him. 1 :he __________ ('o) to s$hool% __________ (take) out her te5tbook and __________ (be'in) to learn. 1+ ,hen it __________ (start) to rain% our do' __________ (want)to $ome inside. 1- ,hen @ane __________ (do) a lan'ua'e $ourse in Ireland% she __________ (visit) Alarney Castle. 10 ,hen I __________ (be) on my way home% I __________ (see) an a$$ident. 2 I__________ (not < understand) what they __________ (talk) about. Complete with the correct verb: past simple or present perfect simple 1. ast ni'ht I __________________ (lose) my keys B I had to $all my atmate to let me in.2. I __________________ (lose) my keys B $an you hel* me look for them!3.I __________________ (visit) #aris three mes. .ast year I __________________ (visit) #aris.&.I __________________ (know) my 'reat 'randmother for a few years 4she died when I was ei'ht.  .I __________________ (know) @ulie for three years Bwe sll meet on$e a month.+.I __________________ (*lay) ho$key sin$e I was a $hild BIDm *reEy 'ood-. :he __________________ (*lay) ho$key at s$hool% but she __________________ (not < like) it.0.:orry% I __________________ (miss) the bus% so IDm 'oin' to be late.1.I __________________ (miss) the bus% and then I __________________ (miss) the aero*lane as well11. ast month I __________________ ('o) to :$otland.12. IDm sorry% @ohn isnDt here now. ;e __________________ ('o) to the sho*s.13. ,e __________________ (Fnish) this room last week.1 .I __________________ (Fnish) my e5ams Fnally BIDm so ha**y 1&. ?esterday% I __________________ (see) all my friends. It was 'reat.1.I __________________ (see) @ulie three mes this week1+.:he __________________ (live) in ondon sin$e 100 .1-.:he __________________ (live) in ondon when she was a $hild.10.I __________________ (drink) three $u*s of $oee this mornin'.2.I __________________ (drink) seven $u*s of $oee yesterday. Complete with: for or since 14 >obody has $ome to see us ___________ we bou'ht this small house. 24 :he has been a do$tor ___________ 100-. 34 >obody has seen her ___________ then. 4 They have all been ill ___________ last week. &4 #eter went to the library. ;e has studied there ___________ a lon' me. 4 It has been very fo''y ___________ early mornin'. +4 IDve worked with you ___________ nine years. -4 ;e has been in *rison ___________ two years. 04 :he has worked in that o=$e ___________ a month. 14 ;e hasnDt eaten anythin' ___________ twenty4four hours. 114 ;e hasnDt eaten anythin' ___________ yesterday. 124 They havenDt s*oken to us ___________ we were at s$hool. 134 I havenDt talked to her ___________ my birthday. 1 4 :heDs been ill ___________ years.  Complete with: a, an or theComplete with a quaners: LOTS OF ã ! # ã $C% ã F&' ã L(TTL& ã SO& ã ! # ã O ã !) * kay% Frst I need (1)HHH knife to start dinner. >ow let me see if I have 'ot everythin'. ,ell%there is a lot of milk% isnDt there! h% IDve only 'ot a (2) HHH a7er all. ;um% 8ust half a boEle.nd lemons! ;ow (3) HHHlemons are there! There are *lenty. Good There arenDt ( ) HHHtomatoes% are there! ,ell% thereDre only two le7. >o *roblem. ;ave I 'ot enou'h meat fordinner! ?es% there is (&) HHH meat. Aut is there () HHH oil! et me see. h% there is (+)HHH oil le7. ,ell% I will have to buy (-) HHH . ,hat about buEer! h no% there isnDt (0) HHHle7% is there! nd there are only a (1) HHH sausa'es% ri'ht! >o% a$tually there are lots of sausa'es. Good Aut I sll need (11) HHH oran'es. >ot many% 8ust two or three. h% I almostfor'ot. I will also need (12) HHH a**le. ?es% thatDs it.
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