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Treads: 25 MM Gaming in WW2

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A gaming rule set for ww2 using 25mm minis. Written for the Eastern Front.
  INTRODUCTION:Ostfront: Treads, Boots and Bombs is a game set on the Eastern Front post 1942.One player takes the role of the German Wehrmacht and the other the Russian Red Army.They have at their disposal divisions of men, tanks and guns. The objective is the utterdestruction of their opponent.The rules favour the attack. It is much easier to attack than defend against an attack especially in an open area. Tanks are more resilant that other types of units but cannotsurvive a torrent of fire. The rules are an adaption of  High Command a free wargamesrule set, itself an adaption of  KISS Rommel both are available Game Concepts:Dice: The game uses a 10 sided dice or D10. When a roll is called for subtract or add anymodifiers to the number rolled for the result. The roll can never be lower than 1 or higherthan 10. A roll of a 1 always fails regardless of modifiers. Stands: These represent a battalion of infantry or roughly 300 soldiers, a battalion of tanks or roughly 20 vehicles, a battalion of artillery or roughly 12 guns. Each standincludes that units organic support of artillery, armour and infantry. It is assumed that atank battalion has a complement of infantry and the infantry battalion has a complementof anti-tank weapons. A stand is 6cm wide and 4cm long. Four figures represent aninfantry stand plus their their relevant vehicle. A recon stand consists of two figures eithermotorcycles or armoured cars. A cavalry stand consists of two figures. One tank is used torepresent a tank stand. One artillery piece plus their relevant vehicle represents a stand. A supply stand should have a tent, barrels or ammunition mounted on it. Prestige: These represent a specific stand's exceptional ability in combat, it does notmean they are better per se but are more lavishly equipped, possess a superiorcommander or field new or advanced equipment. These should be represented in someway on the stand for example Heavy Infantry on a tank stand should have a machinegun figure mounted on it or Improved Signals in an artillery stand should have a radioman figure Substitutions:  A stand may be substituted with another stand during the setup phase.This allows divisions to take on unique equipment not included in the TO&E. Saving Throw: This represents a stand's survivability under fire. If successfully hit thenroll a D10 with appropriate modifiers. If the number is greater than the saving throwneeded for that unit then it survives if not it is dispersed. If a Recon or Tank  stand is hitby a Heavy Anti-Tank or Heavy Tank stand it recieves no saving throw . Headquarters: Every HQ purchased as part of a Divsion or Corps or Brigade is a preciousresource. They allow stands that are dispersed to be replaced and returned to play.Protect the HQ stands from your opponent, in addition because HQ stands concentrate thedivisional anti-aircraft guns they are not subject to the same air support rules as otherstands.  SETUP: Both players receive 5 Build Points to create their force to achieve the objectives.During setup the following rules apply: The German player may purchase 1 Panzer Grenadier Division at the reducedcost of 2 build points.The Russian player may purchase 1 Tank Corps at the reduced cost of 2 buildpoints. The Russian player also receives 1 free Tank Brigrade.Both players recieve 1 free Infantry Divsion.  After players have selected their force they may then assign a Prestige Point for eachHQ in their force. These may be spent to add 1 Prestige Ability from the following list toa stand. Each stand may only have 1 ability. You can designate 1 Division or Corps as a Waffen SS Division for the German player or Guards Division/Corps for the Russianplayer. These stands may have 1 stand add 2 abilities, to designate a stand in the waycosts 1 Prestige Point in addition to the point costs for these Prestige Abilities . Prestige Abilities:Pioneer: May ignore and destroy Defences when firing on a stand once per game.May always add +2 to roll to clear Mines . Heavy Infantry: May subtract -1 to the Saving Throw of a target stand during an attack once per game.   May always add +1 To Hit when firing. Forward Observer: May add +2 to a  Air Support roll once per game.May always add 5cm to the Spotting Range of the stand. Improved Signals: May count as Dispersed instead of  Destroyed if out of HQ range once per game.May always add 5cm to range to determine if a stand is in HQ contact. Logistic Support: May re-roll a failed To Hit   roll once per game.May always add +1 To Hit when firing.  TABLES OF ORGANISATION AND EQUIPMENT:German:Panzer Division:Cost 3 Build Points HQPanzer Battalion [2] Armoured Recon BattalionMotorised Artillery Battalion [2]Self-Propelled Artillery BattalionHeavy Anti-Tank Gun Battalion Panzer Grenadier Division:Cost 3 Build Points HQPanzer Battalion Armoured Recon BattalionMechanised Infantry Battalion [5]Motorised Infantry Battalion [5]Motorised Artillery Battalion [2]Self-Propelled Artillery BattalionHeavy Anti-Tank Gun Battalion Motorised Infantry Division:Cost 2 Build Points HQMotorised Recon BattallionMotorised Infantry Battalion [9]Motorised Artillery Battalion [3]Heavy Anti-Tank Gun Battalion Infantry Divsion:Cost 2 Build Points HQMotorised Recon BattallionInfantry Battalion [9] Artillery Battalion [2]   Panzer IV  Number Built: 8,800 Primary armament: 7.5 cm KwK 40 gunSecondary armament: 2-3 × 7.92-mmMaschinengewehr 34 Machine Guns Found on all theatres throughout the war.It's main gun was upgraded continuallyto remain lethal to all but the heaviesttank. 6153 we lost on the Eastern Front. Tiger I Number Built: 1,300 Primary armament: 8.8 cm KwK 36 gunSecondary armament: 2 × 7.92-mmMaschinengewehr 34 Machine Guns Introduced to fight Soviet heavy tanks in1942. Able to destroy all Allied tanks.Increasing Allied airpower and anti tank weapons diluted its combat power. Sd.Kfz. 251 Half Track Number Built: 15,200 Primary armament: 7.92-mmMaschinengewehr 34 Machine GunAble to carry 12 soldiers  An armoured halftrack, used to transportmechanised troops in all fronts. Modifiedto carry mortars, flamethrowers, anti tank guns and anti aircraft weapons.  Russian:Tank Corps:Cost 4 Build Points HQ Armoured Recon BattalionTank Battalion [9]Motorised Infantry Battalion [3]Self-Propelled Artillery BattalionHeavy Anti-Tank Gun Battalion Mechanised Corps:Cost 4 Build Points HQ Armoured Recon BattalionTank Battalion [3]Motorised Infantry Battalion [9]Self-Propelled Artillery BattalionHeavy Anti-Tank Gun Battalion Tank Brigade:Cost 2 Build Points HQTank Battalion [3] Mechanised Brigade:Cost 2 Build Points HQMotorised Infantry Battalion [3] Infantry Divsion:Cost 1 Build Points HQInfantry Battalion [9] Artillery Battalion [2] T-34 Number Built: 57,000 Primary armament: 76.2 cm F-34 gunSecondary armament: 2 × 7.62 mm(0.308 in) DT Machine Guns Widely produced, exported and a symbolof Russian resistance. The T-34 was fast,well protected, numerous and mounted apowerful gun. Mosin–Nagant Rifle Number Built: 17,600,000 Action: Bolt-actionRange: 500 meters Produced in the millions the Mosin–Nagant found its way into every Sovietunit. A powerful symbol of the Red Armysniper Ivan Sidorenko killed nearly 500Germans with his scoped rifle during thewar. ISU-152 Assault Gun Number Built: 3,700 Primary armament: 15.2cm GunHowitzer Secondary Armament: 12.7 x 108 mmDShK anti-aircraft Machine Gun  An unsubtle weapon, able to smash apartbuilding, bunkers or tanks it was knownas the Zveroboy  ( beast killer ) in the Red Army.
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