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Tobacco Growing, Curing, & Manufacturing, By C. G. Warnford Lock

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Tobacco Growing, Curing, & Manufacturing, By C. G. Warnford Lock
  The Project Gutenberg EBook of Tobacco: Growing, Curing, & Manufacturing, by C. G. Warnford ockThi! eBook i! for the u!e of anyone anywhere in the nited #tate! and $o!tother %art! of the word at no co!t and with a$o!t no re!triction!what!oe'er. (ou $ay co%y it, gi'e it away or re)u!e it under the ter$! ofthe Project Gutenberg icen!e incuded with thi! eBook or onine *f you are not ocated in the nited #tate!, you+ ha'eto check the aw! of the country where you are ocated before u!ing thi! ebook.Tite: Tobacco: Growing, Curing, & Manufacturing  -andbook for Panter! in  Part! of the Worduthor: C. G. Warnford ockeea!e /ate: /ece$ber 0, 1234 5EBook 6703879anguage: Engi!hCharacter !et encoding: T);<<< #TT = T-*# P=>ECT G TE?BEG EB==@ T=BCC= <<<Produced by @/ Week!, Chri! Curnow and the =nine/i!tributed Proofreading Tea$ at Thi!fie wa! %roduced fro$ i$age! generou!y $ade a'aiabeby The *nternet rchi'e)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Tran!criber! ?ote: � Thi! 'er!ion of the teDt cannot re%re!ent certain ty%ogra%hica effect!.*taic! are dei$ited with the  character a! itaic. FBod fontF i! � � indicated with the F character. � � ootnote! are i$ited to a !inge uoted %a!!age, and ha'e beenreocated to foow that %a!!age.Minor error!, attributabe to the %rinter, ha'e been corrected. Pea!e!ee the tran!criber! note at the end of thi! teDt for detai! regarding � the handing of any teDtua i!!ue! encountered during it! %re%aration. T=BCC=: G=W*?G, C *?G, ?/ M? CT *?G.)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) T=BCC=:   G=W*?G, C *?G, & M? CT *?G.  -?/B==@ = P?TE# *?  PT# = T-E W=/. E/*TE/ B( C. G. W?=/ =C@, ..#.5*u!tration9 E. & . ?. #P=?, 317, #T?/, =?/=?. ?EW (=@: 87, M ( #TEET. 3;;0. PECE.Tobacco growing i! one of the $o!t %rofitabe branche! of tro%ica and!ub)tro%ica agricutureH theI3I1I8ha! e'en been %ro%o!ed a! a � � re$unerati'e cro% for the Briti!h far$er, and i! 'ery eDten!i'ey grownin continenta Euro%e. The attention recenty drawn to the !ubject ha!re!uted in $any inuirie! for infor$ation u!efu to the %anterde!irou! of !tarting a tobacco e!tate. But beyond !cattered artice! innew!%a%er! and the %roceeding! of agricutura !ocietie!, there ha! beenno %ractica iterature a'aiabe for the Engi!h reader. *t i! a ittere$arkabe that whie our neighbour! ha'e been writing eDten!i'ey abouttobacco growing, of ate year!, no Engi!h book de'oted eDcu!i'ey tothi! !ubject ha! been %ubi!hed for neary thirty year!.  gance at thebibiogra%hy gi'en at the end of thi! 'ou$e wi !how that the rench,Ger$an, #wi!!, *taian, /utch, #iciian, and e'en #candina'ian %anterha! a reiabe handbook to guide hi$ in thi! i$%ortant branch ofagricuture, whie Briti!h !etter! in our nu$erou! tobacco)growingcoonie! $u!t gean their infor$ation a! be!t they $ay fro$ %eriodicaiterature.To !u%%y the want thu! indicated, the %re!ent 'ou$e ha! been %re%ared.The in'auabe a!!i!tance of tobacco)%anter! in both the *ndie! and in$any other tro%ica countrie!, ha! rendered the %ortion reating tofied o%eration! e$inenty %ractica and co$%ete, whie the editor! � acuaintance with agricutura che$i!try and fa$iiarity with the be!ttobacco)growing region! of !iatic Turkey, ha'e enabed hi$ to eDerci!ea genera !u%er'i!ion o'er the !tate$ent! of the 'ariou! contributor!. C=?TE?T#. C-PTE *. PGE T-E P?T 3 C-PTE **.   C T*JT*=? 4 C-PTE ***. C *?G 04 C-PTE *J. P=/ CT*=? ?/ C=MMECE 384 C-PTE J. PEPT*=? ?/ #E 183 C-PTE J*. ?T E ?/ P=PET*E# 178 C-PTE J**. / TET*=?# ?/ # B#T*T TE# 104 C-PTE J***. *MP=T#, / T*E#, J E#, ?/ C=?# MPT*=? 143 C-PTE *K. B*B*=GP-( 140 *?/EK 1;3 *#T = * #TT*=?#. *G. PGE 3. C B? T=BCC= P?T L 1. M(?/ T=BCC= P?T 7 8. ME#=T T=BCC= P?T 0 L. #TW MT = C=JE*?G #EE/)BE/# L4 7. #-/E ME# #E/ *? C B L 0. N *?C ?K P?T*?G 71 4. T=BCC= W=M ?/ M=T- 70 ;. #-E/ = # ?)C *?G T=BCC= ;8 . -?G*?G B ?C-E# = EJE# 7 32. T=BCC= B? 7 33. *?TE*= = T=BCC= B? 0 31. -?/ = T=BCC= 32; 38. PC@*?G -=G#-E/ 388 3L to 34. T=BCC=)C TT*?G MC-*?E 18L 3;. MC-*?E = M@*?G P G T=BCC= 184 3 to 13. MC-*?E = M@*?G TW*#T = = T=BCC= 18; 11, 18. /*GM# = #EGME?T =E# = TW*#T MC-*?E 1L2 1L to 10. ?/EW# *MP=JEME?T# *? TW*#T MC-*?E 1L8L � �  14. MC-*?E = C TT*?G ?/ #*T*?G #CP T=BCC= 1L0   1;. MC-*?E = M@*?G C*GETTE# 1L4 1. E#WET*?G PPT # 1L 82. MC-*?E = WE*G-*?G = T #M PCE# = T=BCC= 172 83. T=BCC=)C TT*?G MC-*?E 171 T=BCC=: G=W*?G, C *?G, ?/ M? CT *?G. C-PTE *. T-E P?T.?eDt to the $o!t co$$on grain! and %u!e!, %robaby no %ant i! !owidey and generay cuti'ated a! tobacco. *n what country or at whatdate it! u!e srcinated ha! itte to do with u! fro$ a %ractica %ointof 'iew, though intere!ting enough a! a !ubject for the !tudent ofethnogra%hy and natura hi!tory. #uffice it to !ay that it ha! beengrown and !$oked !ince %re)hi!toric ti$e! in $any tro%ica and!ub)tro%ica countrie!, and ha! a!!u$ed an i$%ortance in $odern daiyife ony !ur%a!!ed by a few %ro$inent food %ant! and cotton.Thi! ong)continued and wide!%read cuti'ation ha! he%ed to %roduceoca 'arietie! or race! of the %ant which ha'e !o$eti$e! been $i!takenfor di!tinct !%ecie!, and cau!ed a $uti%ication of !cientific na$e!a$o!t bewidering. The foowing e%ito$e co$%rehend! the !%ecie! and'arietie! of ?icotiana %o!!e!!ing intere!t for the cuti'ator: � *. ?. Tabacu$ $acro%hya 5atifoia, atti!!i$a, gigantea9Maryand tobacco. =f thi!, there are two !ub)!%ecie!3 � � #take!! Maryand, of the foowing 'arietie!: a ?. $acro%hyao'ata!hort)ea'ed Maryand, %roducing a good !$oking)tobacco, b �  ?. $acro%hya ongifoiaong)ea'ed Maryand, yieding a good � !$oking)tobacco, and eDceent wra%%er! for cigar!, c ?.$acro%hya %anduratabroad)ea'ed, or $er!fort, $uch cuti'ated in � Ger$any and -oand, a hea'y cro%%er, and e!%eciay ada%ted for the$anufacture of good !nuffH 1 #taked Maryand, of the foowing'arietie!: a ?. $acro%hya aata, b ?. $acro%hyacordataheart)!ha%ed Maryand, %roducing a 'ery fine eaf, fro$ which � %robaby the fine!t Turki!h i! obtained. Cuban and Mania are nowattributed to thi! grou%.**. ?. Tabacu$ angu!tifoiaJirginian tobacco. =f thi!, there are two � !ub)!%ecie!3 #take!! Jirginian of the foowing 'arietie!: a �  ?. angu!tifoia acu$inata, grown in Ger$any for !nuff, !edo$ for!$oking, b ?. angu!tifoia anceoata, afford! !nuff, c ?.angu!tifoia %enduifoia, another !nuff tobacco, d ?.angu!tifoia atifoiabroad)ea'ed Jirginian, u!ed chiefy for !nuff, � e ?. angu!tifoia unduatawa'e)ike Jirginian, $ature! uicky, � f ?. angu!tifoia %andurata, furni!he! good ea'e! for !$oking,%roduce! hea'iy, and i! $uch grown in Ger$any, and !aid to be grown atthe Pruth a! te$%yki, and highy e!tee$ed thereH 1 #taked � � Jirginian, of the foowing 'arietie!: a ?. angu!tifoia aata,b ?. angu!tifoia anceoata 5?. fructio!a9, growing to a height
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