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NLP: The wheel of life and your core values Exercise 1 On a piece of paper or a flip chart - write down 3 things you would like others to know about you. Think carefully - something which describes your personality for instance. Exercise 2 1. Draw a large circle and slice it into 8 segments. 2. Label each segment just outside the circle with 8 things that are important in your life. For instance, these could be:  Work  Health (this one is usually
  NLP: The wheel of life and your core values Exercise 1 On a piece of paper or a flip chart - write down 3 things you would like others toknow about you. Think carefully - something which describes your personality for instance. Exercise 2 1.Draw a large circle and slice it into 8 segments. 2.abel each segment !ust outside the circle with 8 things that are important inyour life. or instance# these could be$  %ork   &ealth 'this one is usually common for most people(  un# me time or friends  amily  )oney  *ersonal or +piritual de,elopment 'e.g. connecting with od# helpingthe world(  *hysical en,ironment  your house# comforts etc  /omance 3.0ow mark each segment to indicate how satisfied you are in your present state'using a -1 scale where  is completely dissatisfied# miserable and depressedabout it and 1 being complete satisfaction(.o through each segment again and ask yourself  ‘Am I comfortable with the score I have awarded myself?’ 'i.e. whether it is acceptable to you(  ‘Does it need to be a lot higher to make my life better?’. The wheel is not about achie,ing a score of 1 in e,erything but more about whether you are happy with the ,alue of the score you ha,e gi,en it. +ome people might ha,egi,en something like a  for work and for them# that is cool. 4sually a score less than means more focus needed in order to be happier and feel more fulfilled. An example of aWheel of Life  Dr. Ramesh Mehay, rogramme Director ! radford #$%&, '(() *+dated March '(  NLP: The wheel of life and your core values Purpose The whole point about the wheel of change is that it helps to highlight important areasin your life that you may be neglecting. The wheel acti,ates the reticular acti,atingsystem which then heightens your awareness about the issue. The Reticular Activating System &a,e you e,er noticed that when there5s something on your mind# snippets about itappear e,erywhere during the ne6t few days. or e6ample# you might be thinkingabout buying a red fiat punto and then you somehow notice loads of red fiat puntos onthe road when you dri,e to work the ne6t day7 This is because you ha,e acti,atedyour /eticular cti,ating +ystem '/+( which in turn heightens your senses 'seeing#hearing# feeling( to the central sub!ect9ob!ect. Core values :our core ,alues D/;<= you. :our set of ,alues are special and uni>ue to you. Theyare the moral principles that define the essence of you and your accepted standards.Often a lot of dissatisfaction in life and the difficulty surrounding important decisionmaking comes from$   0ot ha,ing identified your uni>ue ,alues and9or    0ot li,ing by them.To successfully achie,e what we want in life and be happy and moti,ated we need toidentify our highest  ,alues and commit to li,ing in congruence with these. +ome of the most respected and successful people in society are those who had a firm grasp ontheir highest ,alues and consistently li,e by them. ;t makes the difference betweendrifting along in your life and agonising o,er difficult decisions and becomingfocused about doing the right thing. :ou will feel more in control of your life andconfident and find decisions easier to make as you always keep your ,alues in mind.%hen you are congruent# you not only li,e your best life but also ha,e a powerfulinfluence on others  patient# colleagues and partners for instance Some people are unclear aout their core values   Achievement    Independence   Spirituality   Respect    Control – see note 1   Honesty   Challenge   Discipline   Courage  Creativity    Security –see note 2  Love   Adventure   Poer    Contri!ution see note #  Recognition – see note $   Loyalty    Connecting – see note %   Commitment   Examples of core values  0ote 1  ?ontrol is not a bad core ,alue to ha,e. or e6ample# it might be in relation to ha,ing controlin terms of where your life is heading. 0ote 2  +ecurity might be the core ,alue underlying some people5s desire to ha,e a family or find lo,e 0ote 3  ?ontribution is about making a different to people or the world 0ote   /ecognition is being well known in your field 0ote @  ?onnecting might be connecting with nature or with od# with other people# with family or e,en the self 'e.g. where there are issues about self-confidence(.  Dr. Ramesh Mehay, rogramme Director ! radford #$%&, '(() *+dated March '(  NLP: The wheel of life and your core values +ome people are not clear about their core ,alues because they don5t interpretthemsel,es deeply enough. or e6ample# wanting to go to the third world to help people in need might be about a( spirituality b( contribution 'making a difference tothe world( or c( connecting 'with others(. Only the person can decide which of theseis most rele,ant.nd ha,ing looked at the list# you might say A; ,alue all of the core ,alues listed there5 but on deeper reflection you will find that you ,alue some higher than others. or one person creati,ity may be an important ,alue# for another it may be independence. ;t5simportant to clarify this hierarchy if you want to be true to sorting your own life. inally# it5s interesting to note that some people li,e by other people5s ,alues. Thismight be their parents or their peers. re you one of thoseB +o what is your uni>ueabout your lifeB Exercise ! This e6ercise is best done in pairs because the other person will help to retainob!ecti,ity. . ist three things :O4 %O4D ;C= $-    A#/   or :O4  D-    A#/  or instance# it might be  more spare time to chill 'like to ha,e(  a great lo,e in your life 'do ha,e(  more close friends 'like to ha,e( '. ist three things :O4 %0T TO   /  or e6ample$  To be at peace with od  e a well know DE artist  To be slimmer  0. ist three things :O4 %0T TO  D- or e6ample$  To swim with dolphins  To li,e in a slum in ?alcutta for 1 month  To do more for world po,erty 1.  0ow talk about each of these to your colleague. 2. ;nstructions for the listening colleague$ :ou need to tease out the core ,alue's( underlying these. :ou can only teasethat out by trying to understand the moti,ation behind the desire. sk positi,e>uestions like  ‘3hat wo*ld yo* be doing?’     ‘Imagine yo*rself being4doing that know. 3hat can yo* see 5 hear?’  ‘ow does it make yo* feel? 3hat’s so good abo*t it? 3hat wo*ld having or doing or being this give yo*? ?larify where necessary$  ‘Do yo* think the core val*e is c*riosity or is it challenge? 3hy?’  or e6ample  Dr. Ramesh Mehay, rogramme Director ! radford #$%&, '(() *+dated March '(  NLP: The wheel of life and your core values   I wanted to become a doctor beca*se I know I wo*ldn’t have to worryabo*t getting a 6ob’   'core ,alue F security G!ob securityH(  ‘I wanted to become a doctor beca*se I wanted to +rove to myself that  I co*ld do it.’   'core ,alue F achie,ement(  ‘I wanted to become a doctor beca*se of knowing that I am hel+ing  +eo+le in the world’   'core ,alue F contribution(  ‘-nce I make a decision, I make a decision. %omeone made me think abo*t being a doctor and then I decided that was it. Doctoring was going to be +art of my life’ 'core ,alue F control(nother few e6amples$   person who wants a large house  for some the core ,alue will beabout comfort# for others security and e,en achie,ement for others ' ‘At last, I’ve got my own ho*se’  (.  *eople often want money for different reasons e.g. comfort# securityand9or freedom 'if they say they want to to go out more# ha,e moreholidays# shop til they drop(.  +ome people want to become a * trainer to pro,e to themsel,es theyare good enough 'a sense of achie,ement(# pro,e their worth or showoff to others 'self-confidence F connecting with self(# belong to an elitegroup 'connecting with others(# to gi,e something back 'contribution(or to see young doctors de,elop 'contribution(.:ou5ll sometimes look at an item and think ‘-h, I know straight away what the core val*e is here’  but ; urge you to carry on through the process and talk about it. The first core ,alue that is spo en  of might not be what youanticipated. ). Tease out and write down the */;)/: ?O/= <4=s the person talks about the listed item# they may mention an actual wordfrom the core ,alue set abo,e. The very first  core ,alue word they come upwith is the PR#$AR%  core ,alue that relates to that item. ny others thatcome after that are simply secondary core ,alues 'and you can ignore them(. et the person talking to write down the primary  core ,alues  and to writethem ne6t to the item in their list.Don5t spend too much time mulling around in thought. :ou need to beruthless with time$ et the person to talk about his9her item fairly >uickly andas soon as the core ,alue is identified# stop them and tell them what to writedown and mo,e onto the ne6t item$ ‘Right, it so*nds like the core val*e is freedom. 3rite that down and let’s move on’.7. fter you ha,e talked about all the items# re,iew the primary core ,alue list.re there any recurring core ,alues  ones that keep coming up again andagainB roup recurring ones together  these are your T/4= ?O/= <4=+=T 'usually 3- items(. 8.  0ow score each core ,alue item 1-1 based on how much you are li,ing bythis ,alue at the moment '1 being the least score(. This will tell you if you  Dr. Ramesh Mehay, rogramme Director ! radford #$%&, '(() *+dated March '(
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