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  PRODUCT DATA SHEET SikaTop®-121 THIXOTROPIC, POLYMER MODIFIED PATCHING AND ADHESIVEMORTAR DESCRIPTION SikaTop®-121 is a two-component cement based, poly-mer modified, trowelable adhesive and filling com-pound for the protection and repair of concrete andMetal surfaces. USES Sika Top® -121 is a versatile material that can be em-ployed to carry out the following functions:Protective Coating for bridge parapets retainingwalls, etc., against deicing salts.▪Filling Compound to level off irregularities and fillblowholes and fine honeycombs.▪Adhesive for floor and wall tiles.▪Rending for reservoirs.▪Bonding Mortar between new and old concrete.▪ CHARACTERISTICS / ADVANTAGES Sika Top® -121 is an economical and easy to use ma-terial offering the following properties:Easy to mix and apply.▪Good mechanical strength.▪Excellent adhesion.▪High resistance to de- icing salts.▪Non Toxic when fully cured.▪Resistant to city sewage medium.▪ APPROVALS / STANDARDS Sika Top®-121 has been tested as per SCAQMD Rule1168.Result: VOC Content < 5 g/L PRODUCT INFORMATION Packaging 25 kg set (A+B) Appearance / Colour Grey Shelf life 12 months from date of production if stored properly in srcinal unopenedpacking Storage conditions Comp. (A) must be protected from frost and sunlight.1.Comp. (B) must be protected from moisture and sunlight, off the ground.2. Density Comp. (A): 1.02 kg/IComp. (B): 1.25 kg/IComp. (A+B): 2.00 kg/l (mixed) TECHNICAL INFORMATION Compressive Strength ~ 40 N/mm2 after 28 days ;20 o  C Tensile Strength in Flexure ~10–14 N/mm 2  after 28 days ;20 o  C Product Data Sheet SikaTop®-121January 2017, Version 01.01020302040050000001 1 / 3  Tensile Adhesion Strength Bond strength to concrete ~ 3 N/mm2 (concrete failure). Bond strength to ceramic. ~ 3 N/mm2 SYSTEM INFORMATION System Structure Coverage2 kg/m2 per mm thickness.Surface preparationConcrete, stone and masonry sur-faces should be clean, free from oil,grease and all loosely adheringparticles. Metal surfaces (iron andsteel) should be free from scale,rust, oil and grease. Absorbent sur-faces should be saturated thor-oughly. APPLICATION INFORMATION Mixing ratio Parts by weights comp (A: B) = 1:4 or 1: 5 (depending on required consist-ency) Layer Thickness maximum 5 mm Per Layer APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS MIXING Both components are pre measured for use as an ad-hesive. Place the full contents of Comp. (A) in a suit-able mixing container.▪Add Comp. (B) and mix for 3 minutes until a smooth,even consistency is achieved.▪When using as a filling compound use only 80 or 90%of Comp. (A) depending on the required consistency.▪ APPLICATION When used as tile adhesive or bonding agent, applyto the desired thickness, with a notched trowel. Fortiling, press the tiles firmly into place while the ad-hesive is still wet.▪When using as a bonding agent to be rendered later,allow to harden first. When using as a filler applywith a spatula or trowel to desired profile and finish.▪ CURING TREATMENT Use approved curing methods, like Antisol® -E curingcompound, etc. CLEANING OF TOOLS Clean all tools and equipment with clean water imme-diately after use. Hardened material can only be re-moved mechanically. Product Data Sheet SikaTop®-121January 2017, Version 01.01020302040050000001 2 / 3  BASIS OF PRODUCT DATA All technical data stated in this Product Data Sheet arebased on laboratory tests. Actual measured data mayvary due to circumstances beyond our control. LOCAL RESTRICTIONS Please note that as a result of specific local regula-tions the performance of this product may vary fromcountry to country. Please consult the local ProductData Sheet for the exact description of the applicationfields. ECOLOGY, HEALTH AND SAFETY Safety InstructionsEcology In liquid state product will contaminate water.Do not dispose of into water or soil, but according tolocal regulations ▪ Transport Non-hazardous. ▪ Safety Precautions Wear protective clothing (gloves, goggles) if materialcomes into contact with eyes or mucous membrane,rinse with warm water, seek medical attention. ▪ Toxicity Non-Toxic under relevant health and safety codes.▪ LEGAL NOTES The information, and, in particular, the recommenda-tions relating to the application and end-use of Sikaproducts, are given in good faith based on Sika’s cur-rent knowledge and experience of the products whenproperly stored, handled and applied under normalconditions in accordance with Sika’s recommenda-tions. In practice, the differences in materials, sub-strates and actual site conditions are such that no war-ranty in respect of merchantability or of fitness for aparticular purpose, nor any liability arising out of anylegal relationship whatsoever, can be inferred eitherfrom this information, or from any written recom-mendations, or from any other advice offered. Theuser of the product must test the product’s suitabilityfor the intended application and purpose. Sika re-serves the right to change the properties of itsproducts. The proprietary rights of third parties mustbe observed. All orders are accepted subject to ourcurrent terms of sale and delivery. Users must alwaysrefer to the most recent issue of the local Product DataSheet for the product concerned, copies of which willbe supplied on request. It may be necessary to adaptthe above disclaimer to specific local laws and regula-tions. Any changes to this disclaimer may only be im-plemented with permission of Sika® Corporate Legal inBaar. SikaTop-121_en_EG_(01-2017)_1_1.pdf  Sika Egypt1st Industrial Zone (A) Section #10, Block 13035El Obour City, EgyptTEL: +202 44810580FAX: +202 Product Data Sheet SikaTop®-121January 2017, Version 01.01020302040050000001 3 / 3
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