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Section 01 - Part 15 - Temporary Controls

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  QCS 2010 Section 1 Part 15 Temporary Controls Page 1 QCS 2010   iIMPERIALTRADING &CONTRACTING CO.W.L.L(ITCC)   15. TEMPORARY CONTROLS ........................................................................... 2 15.1 GENERAL ...................................................................................................... 2 15.1.1 Scope 2 15.2 TEMPORARY CONTROLS ........................................................................... 2 15.2.1 Construction Cleaning 2 15.2.2 Dust Control 2 15.2.3 Noise 2 15.2.4 Nuisance and Trespass 2 15.2.5 Pollution Control 3 15.2.6 Surface Water and Groundwater Control 3 15.2.7 Environmental protection 3  QCS 2010 Section 1 Part 15 Temporary Controls Page 2 QCS 2010   iIMPERIALTRADING &CONTRACTING CO.W.L.L(ITCC)   15. TEMPORARY CONTROLS   15.1 GENERAL   15.1.1 Scope  1 This Part specifies the Contractor’s responsibilities with respect to temporary controls needed to protect the Works and the environment. 2 Related Sections and Parts are as follows: This Section Part 5 Interference 15.2 TEMPORARY CONTROLS   15.2.1 Construction Cleaning  1 The Contractor shall be responsible for the proper upkeep and maintenance of the Site and Works and shall remove from the Site all rubbish and other waste as it accumulates. Materials and equipment shall be positioned, stored and stacked in an orderly manner. 2 Properly constructed rubbish chutes shall be used for clearing the debris from upper floors. Debris shall be accumulated in suitable pre-determined areas and removed from the Site as often as is practical. 3 On completion of the Works, any protective tape and other temporary coverings shall be removed and the internal and external surface of the structure shall be thoroughly cleaned to completely remove all dust, dirt, stains, handmarks, paint spots, plaster, mortar droppings and other blemishes. 15.2.2 Dust Control  1 The Contractor shall conduct his operations and activities in such a manner that no operation shall be included which will emit into the atmosphere any flying dust or dirt which might constitute a nuisance. 15.2.3 Noise  1 The Contractor shall restrict the use of plant, machinery, equipment and work practises likely to produce unacceptable noise levels to normal working hours. 15.2.4 Nuisance and Trespass  1 All reasonable means shall be used to avoid inconveniencing owners and occupiers of adjacent properties. All plant, machinery or equipment shall be placed and used on the Site so as to avoid any nuisance or trespass on adjoining property. 2 Should it be necessary for any plant, machinery or equipment to project or operate over adjoining property, the Contractor shall obtain the permission of the adjoining owner or occupier. Details of approvals shall be submitted to the Engineer in writing. 3 No workmen employed on the Works shall be allowed to trespass upon adjoining properties. 4 If in the execution of the Works it is necessary for the Contractor to enter adjacent properties, he shall firstly obtain the permission of the owners of the property. The Contractor shall ensure that any instructions made by the owners of the properties are strictly adhered to.  QCS 2010 Section 1 Part 15 Temporary Controls Page 3 QCS 2010   iIMPERIALTRADING &CONTRACTING CO.W.L.L(ITCC)   5 The Contractor shall be held responsible for and shall indemnify the Employer against all claims, which may arise out of his failure to comply with provisions of items 1. 2. 3 and 4 of Clause 15.2.5 Pollution Control  1 The Contractor shall ensure that none of his operations or work practises result in the polluting of the air, underground strata or any existing watercourse, canal, lake, reservoir borehole and aquifer. 2 The Contractor shall rectify any problem resulting from pollution caused by the Contractor to the satisfaction of the Engineer. 15.2.6 Surface Water and Groundwater Control  1 The Contractor shall keep the Work well drained until the Engineer certifies that the whole of the Works is substantially complete and shall ensure that so far as is practicable all work is carried out in the dry. Excavated areas shall be kept well drained and free from standing water. 2 The Contractor shall construct, operate and maintain all temporary dams, water courses and other works of all kinds including pumping and well-point dewatering that may be necessary to exclude water from the Works while construction is in progress. Such temporary works shall not be removed without the approval of the Engineer. 3 Notwithstanding any approval by the Engineer of the Cont ractor’s  arrangements for the exclusion of water, the Contractor shall be responsible for the sufficiency thereof and for keeping the Works safe at all times, particularly during periods of rainfall that may result in flooding. Any damage to the Works arising through the Contractor’s  failure to provide sufficient protection against water, including flooding, shall be made good at his own expense. 4 It is the Contractor’s  responsibility to dispose of all extracted groundwater and collected surface water. The Contractor shall submit details of his proposed disposal methods to the Engineer for approval. Discharge of groundwater and/or surface water to existing drainage facilities shall only be permitted if written approval is given by Public Works Authority and/or concerned other authorities; copies of such approvals shall be submitted to the Engineer. 5 The Contractor is to take all necessary precautions to avoid floatation of any structure. 6 The Contractor shall ensure that his groundwater control activities do not adversely affect any existing structure or service. 15.2.7 Environmental protection  1 The Contractor shall comply with all conditions of the environmental clearance issued for the project by the Supreme Council for the Environment and Natural Reserves. 2 The Contractor shall comply with all rules and regulations regarding environmental protection and pollution control issued by the Supreme Council for the Environment and Natural Reserves. END OF PART
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