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Rotten by Clive Makong'o

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Comedy Pilot script
  ROTTEN Pilot Written byClive Makong'   TEASEREXT. ROAD - NIGHTA car drives down an empty, winding road. It’s dark.LAUREN (O.S.)You know what they do to those animals? To make that “food”?INT. CAR - NIGHTSEAN (25) sits at the wheel, a fast food cup in hand. LAUREN (23) sits beside him, full of muted outrage. MICHAEL (24) sits in the back, checking his hair in the mirror. Sean gestures for him to move. He ignores it. LUCAS (25) sits beside him with a mouthful of burger.The loud noise of a car on it’s last legs.LUCASSeems worth it to me.LAURENYou are evil.LUCASAre lions evil? Tigers? Hell I saw a deer eat an injured rabbit once.SEANWhat? LUCASYou know what a lion would give to have a burger? SEANLucas, deer don’t eat meat.LUCASLook it up.LAURENThat’s not the point. It’s cruelty. If you saw how those animals lived...LUCASReally? The world doesn’t have enough problems? We have to worry about how chickens live? I need to eat.  LAURENOh my god. How can you be so selfish?BOOM. The car hits something. Sean slams the brakes. MICHAELOh shit.SEAN(panicked)I don’t know. I didn’t see anything. The group turns to look behind them. LUCASHoly shit.EXT. ROAD - NIGHTA BIKER lays in the road, unmoving. His bicycle lays a few feet away, mangled. INT. CARTentative looks all around, trying to gauge the mood.LUCASHoly shit. What do we do? MICHAELShould we... call an ambulance?SEAN(sweating bullets)I mean... The idea isn’t that popular.LAURENWait. Look.EXT. ROADThe Biker slowly starts to move. Still on the floor, he shakes his head, dazed. He manages to sit up. He doesn’t look too bad.The group sits frozen, watching him. 2.  INT. CARThe four of them look around at each other.LUCAS... We should help him, right?SEANOK. Before we go crazy, you should know, my insurance is not that great.MICHAELWhat do you mean?SEANIt’s not this good. Jesus, we  weren’t even going that fast.MICHAELGuys. EXT. ROADThe Biker slowly starts getting to his feet.INT. CARLUCASErm...Beat.LAURENDrive.The group looks at her, bewildered.SEANWhat?LAURENGo! Drive! Get me out of here!She lifts her foot and slams it on the accelerator.EXT. ROAD The tires squeal, kicking up smoke as the car guns it down the road, leaving the Biker sitting there, watching.END OF TEASER3.
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