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Manual for Renk Bearing maintenance. It describe about type of bearing, lubrication , cooling system and protection.
  Manual for the applicationof RENK Slide Bearings  2 1.Types of bearing 4 2.Basic principles 72.1Hydrodynamic lubrication72.2Slide bearing calculation82.3Hydrostatic jacking device82.4Minimum speeds10 3.Shafts and thrust collars 103.1Material and hardness103.2Manufacturing process113.3Tolerances of form and position, surface quality113.4Dimensions, bearing clearances143.5Determination of coldstate bearing clearancein case of heat transfer into the bearingthrough the shaft14 4.Whitemetals 15 5.Lubrication 165.1General165.2Definition of viscosity165.3Viscosity/temperature (V/T) reaction of lubricating oils165.4Selection of viscosity classes of lubricating oils16 6.Bearing temperatures 186.1Admissible bearing temperatures186.2Alarm and shutdown temperatures186.3Temperature measurements18 © RENK AG Werk HannoverCopying of the text in whole or part with permission of the publishers only. 7.Heat dissipation, cooling 197.1Radiation and convection (natural cooling)197.2Forcedair convection cooling197.3Water cooling207.4Finned housing surface207.5External oil supply207.6Installation of the oil supply system217.7Pipelines217.8Oil pumps227.9Coolers, oil filters237.10Fittings and monitoring gauges23 8.Protection against external influences 238.1Heat of radiation238.2Heat transfer through the shaft238.3Cold238.4Weather protection25 9.Shaft seals 259.1General259.2Negative pressures259.3Types25 10.Mounting of slide bearings on steel structures(frames, motor shields, brackets) 28 11.Assembly and initial starting 29 12.Corrosion and transport protectionof slide bearings 30 Content  RENK Slide Bearings are high quality machine parts manufactured on uptodate machine tools. The designsare in accordance with the latest technological knowledge applied in conjunction with many years of practicalexperience.The purpose of this publication is to inform project planners, designers and fitters of the contribution to assurethat the RENK Slide Bearings give efficient and reliable service from the very beginning.In addition to these guidelines, the „Instructions for Installation, Operation and Maintenance“, which we issuefor all our standard bearings, describe all those details which have to be observed on account of designdetails. 3 Figure 1Slide Bearing SCNLB  1. Types of Bearing The workshops of RENK Hannover are equipped for the seriesproduction of complete slide bearings with housings and readytoinstall bearing shells and thrust bearings. Also the productionof slide bearings to customers drawings, large bearings andspecial bearings for practically all engineering applications is anarea in which RENK has many years of experience.Some of the bestknown types of bearing for horizontal and vertical machines are briefly described below. According to thetype and size of the bearing, the bearing shells consist of castiron, cast steel or steel body with highgrade white metal lining. 1.1 Slide Bearing with Housings for Horizontal Shafts1.1.1 Type M Figure 2Slide bearing type MSlide bearing in accordance with DIN 118 with natural cooling,water cooling or circulating oil lubrication, tilting twocomponentbearing shell (cast iron body).For normal loads and uniform operation on transmissions, smallfans, etc.Diameter range: 50 to 180 mm. 1.1.2 Type I Figure 3Slide bearing type ISlide bearing with natural cooling, water cooling or circulatingoil lubrication, spherically seated twocomponent shell (cast ironor cast steel body). For high loads and intermittent operation,e.g. on crushers and tube mill drives.Diameter range: 100 to 520 mm. 1.1.1 Type E Slide bearings of most modern conception with many variationsto the unit composed system, with natural cooling, water cooling or cooling by circulated oil.Spherically seated twocomponent shell (steel body).Diameter range: 60 to 1250 mm.Housings EG and ER: footmounted, main dimensions to DIN31690 (fig. 4).Figure 4Slide bearing type ER (with loose oil ring)Housing EF: flangemounted (fig. 5). Dimensions to DIN 31 693.Figure 5Slide bearing type EF (with loose oil ring)Housing EM: centrally flangemounted (fig. 6).Dimensions to DIN 31 694.Figure 6Slide bearing type EM (with loose oil ring)4
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