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A collection of quiz bowl questions.
  AMT2 (All Movies Tourney Episode Two) Round 1 (001-040)40 tossups by Ray Luo and Eok !o001) #irst na$es o% t&ese %il$ '&ara'ters are t&e sa$e T&e sister o% Anne rown in Tru%%auts Two English Girls  w&o notes t&at *one 'ant '&oose betweenvi'e and virtue knowin! only virtue * T&e +loria ,eaven '&ara'ter in a $usi'al adaptation o% Ah! Wilderness The Girl from the Sky  T&e titular i$a!inary %ian'ee o% ernard in an Alain Resnais %il$ subtitled *t&e ti$e o% t&e return * T&e Rosie .ere/ '&ara'ter in It Could Happen to You T&e !irl w&o tells o% li%e a''ordin! to her   in .ata!onia T&e uirky lover o% Ma'on Leary a +eena ,avis '&ara'ter in The Aidental Tourist #T. w&ose weddin! was arran!ed in a 14 Toni 3ollette %il$ in w&i'& s&e '&an!es &er na$e to Mariel Answer Muriel002) A%ter Ta$ino sin!s *.a$ina is alive5* in a private per%or$an'e o% Mo/arts The agi lute  t&e &ero rises to 'on%ess to t&e audien'e a 'o$pulsion in t&e %a'e o% t&e world w&o 'ares not %or useless art and !ets pri'ked on t&e %a'e by aron von Merkenss roses T&e 'li$a6 at t&e $or!ue &as 7o&an tryin! to $ake love to a wo$an &e t&inks is dead but !ets lau!&ed at yellin! t&e !reat line *T&e li$it at last &as been rea'&ed and 8 t&ank you T&e !lass is s&attered but w&at do t&e splinters re%le't9* T&e title o%t&is %il$ is *w&en $ost people die $ost '&ildren are born and w&en ni!&t$ares 'o$e to us * T&e story o% a painter w&o vanis&ed on t&e island o% altru$ &unted by a pa'k o% &ounds #T. na$e t&is &orror %il$ by 8n!$ar er!$an Answer #argtimmen : or Hour of the Wolf  00;) <Eok= T&e on 7ovi son! Raise >our ands is played as &e is introdu'edsleepin! at t&e 'ontrols o% t&e Ea!le ? &is %lyin! @inneba!o sin! t&e rin!!iven to &i$ by >o!urt &e swit'&es Me!a-MaidBs va'uu$ %ro$ su'k to blow A%ter openin! a %ortune 'ookie t&is Cero %or ireD is in%or$ed t&at &e is a!enuine prin'e and %ree to $arry .rin'ess espa A''o$panied by &is 'o$panionar% a &al%-$an &al%-do! #T. w&at is t&is Spae$alls  '&ara'ter played byill .ull$an w&o s&ares &is na$e wit& a lar!e  F states ni'kna$e9Answer .rin'e Lone Ftar004) Like its $ost %a$ous son! t&is %il$ &as no kisses t&e 'losest bein! be&ind t&e door w&ere an i$personator o% ill Robinson !ets lipsti'k on &is lips be%ore puttin! bla'k $akeup on %or s&adow-dan'in! in *oGan!les o% arle$ * @inner o% t&e best son! Hs'ar %or 1;I is sun! w&ile .enny was&es &er &air *T&e way you look toni!&t * T&e I $inute-lon! stair seuen'e *ever!onna dan'e* took 4J takes and t&e bleedin! %eet o% +in!er Ro!ers to 'o$plete T&e Goke is on t&e 'u%%s o% Lu'ky +arnetts trousers but t&e son! we re$e$beris sun! in re!ard to *A %ine ro$an'e wit& no kisses * #T. +in!er Ro!ers and #red Astaire dan'e w&at titular walt/ in sprin!9Answer Swing Time 00?) #ounded in part by Lo ,u'a its 2002 top ten list in'ludes Kiarosta$is Ten  w&ile its 1?1 and 1?? top ten lists in'lude Renoirs The %i&er   and it'&'o'ks %ear Window  Run by a Maoist 'olle'tive in t&e 10s ,aney and Rivette &ave served as editors %or t&is publi'ation t&at evolved %ro$ a %il$ 'lub in t&e Latin uarter and '$(etif )* Ad$irin! ollywood %il$s o% oward  awks and Al%red it'&'o'k it was %ounded in 1?1 by 7a'ues ,oniol-al'ro/e and Andre a/in #T. na$e t&is %il$ $a!a/ine initially edited by Eri' Ro&$er best asso'iated wit& t&e #ren'& ew @ave Answer +es Cahiers du Cinema : or ilm ,ote$ooks : a''ept euivalents00I) 8ts title is a re%eren'e to a 1; %il$ by #rit/ Lan! starrin! Fylvia Fidney and enry #onda ein! late %ro$ &is own %uneral our &ero attends a su$o wrestlin! $at'& wit& t&e password *8 love you * T&e Russian satellite +e$ini is eaten and taken to an island vol'ano and ond $ust $arry t&e beauti%ul Kiory in order to pass as a 7apanese villa!er leadin! an e6pedition to Fpe'tres &ideout #T. na$e t&is 00 %il$ w&ose title is lo%ields reply to onds re$ark *t&is is $y 2nd li%e *Answer You 'nly +i&e Twie 00) <Eok= ot only is Ro!er Ebert interviewed on t&e ,, %or t&is ani$e%il$ &e pro'lai$s C8t belon!s on any list o% t&e !reatest war %il$s ever$ade D A little %ruit drop %ro$ &er brot&er is o%ten all it takes %or Fetsukoto uiet down Taken in by t&eir 'ruel aunt a%ter t&eir &o$e is destroyed and$ot&er killed durin! @orld @ar 88 bo$bin!s Feita stru!!les to !et enou!& %ood%or &i$sel% and &is sister by stealin! or sellin! w&at &e 'an ,ire'ted by8sao Taka&ata #T. w&at titular pla'e is 'reated by Fetsuko w&en t&eillu$inatin! bu!s die Answer Gra&e of the ireflies  or Hotaru no haka 00J) Alt&ou!& F&eldrake su!!ests t&e etty utton ve&i'le It Happened in the-ullpen. Story of a Woman  t&e prota!onist o% t&is %il$ insists t&at w&ile &is -ases +oaded   $i!&t not win an A'ade$y Award it would be t&e per%e't $ovie %orAlan Ladd Ms Kra$er etty F'&ae%er needs &elp writin! an untitled love story based on /ark Windows  but $ore %a$ous is a s&owin! o% 0ueen 1elly   w&ilet&e out-o%-%o'us a'tress plots not &er 'o$eba'k but &er return @&ere t&e body o% 7oe +illis is %ound in a pool #T. na$e t&is illy @ilder %il$ starrin! +loria Fwanson Answer Sunset -oule&ard  00) o$inated %or an Hs'ar it lost to *T&ree 3oins in a #ountain * sed 1?ti$es in t&e s'ore o% t&e $ovie in w&i'& it appears it was re'orded in two versions one in a low key sweet style and t&e ot&er in a loud brassy style wit& %our bars o% solo tro$bone and low &u$$in! si!nalin! its be!innin! Fun! in t&e ,ownbeat 3lub it su!!ests t&at t&e *drea$s you drea$ed &ave all !one astray * *T&e ni!&t is bitter t&e stars &ave lost t&eir !litter: t&e winds !row 'older suddenly youre older * *Ever sin'e t&is world be!an t&eres not&in! sadder t&an: a one $an wo$an lookin! %or* #T. t&e titular subGe't in a son! sun! by 7udy +arland in A Star Is -orn Answer *T&e Man T&at +ot Away*010) ariants o% t&e p&rase translated as *on'e a!ain 8 advan'ed alone alon! t&e sa$e 'orridors to $eet you* appeared I ti$es in t&is %il$ in w&i'& Al%redit'&'o'k appears be&ind stairs a$idst %ro/en people A senseless solution is!iven *take an even nu$ber t&e s$allest odd nu$ber it is a lo!arit&$i' series -?-;-1 * A wo$an rese$blin! Rebe''a @est is ur!ed by a $an rese$blin! 7o&annes Ros$er to !o away wit& &i$ as &e su!!ested in Karlstadt aden-Falsa or was it #rederiksbad or t&e titular lo'ation9 #T. na$e t&is Alain Resnais %il$ written by Alain Robbe-+rillet   Answer +2annee derniere a arien$ad  : or +ast Year At arien$ad  011) <Eok= .er%or$ed by Robbie @illia$s CA Man %or All FeasonsD is t&e'at'&y t&e$e son! %or t&is $ovie 7o&n Malkovi'& plays .as'al Fauva!e t&e new#ren'& &eir to t&e ritis& 'rown w&o seeks to turn t&e island nation into t&eworldBs prison A Goke in t&e $ovie %eatures t&e all !irl uartet ondplayin! at a party atalie 8$bru!lia plays Lorna 3a$pbell w&o &elps t&e title'&ara'ter un'over t&e Fauva!eBs plot A%ter killin! all t&e ot&er ritis&a!ents a''identally #T. w&at %il$Bs bu$blin! !eneri'ally title '&ara'ter isplayed by Rowan Atkinson9Answer 3ohnny English 012) i'tor Feastro$s silent %il$ The /i&ine Woman  starrin! +arbo: Murnaus ) /e&ils  w&i'& &ad a syn'&roni/ed $usi'al s'ore but still didnt satis%y de$ands %or a talky: 11;s The -attle of Gettys$urg  : 11s Cleopatra : t&e version o% Anita Looss Gentlemen 4refer -londes  t&at starred Rut& Taylor andnever $aded to ,,: t&e seuel to -eau Geste starrin! +ary 3ooper: +ri%%it&s That %oyle Girl : Edisons version o% rankenstein  w&i'& was later %ound in a private 'olle'tion: t&e 2-'olor Te'&ni'olor The %ogue Song  : ;0 $inutes o% 3ukors A Star Is -orn : $u'& o% von Ftro&ei$s Greed  : and #T. w&at &appened topart o% Hrson @elless The agnifiient Am$ersons Answer lost or $issin! %il$s or %il$s t&at disappeared or euivalents01;) A novelist w&o wants t&e 'opyri!&t in'ludin! t&e F'andinavian notes t&at *so$e o% $y best %riends are wo$en* t&en *so$e o% $y best %riends are in'on'entration 'a$ps * F&e also takes o%% &er !old bra'elet to use as %is& bait a%ter swearin! never to take it o%% T&e +er$an 'aptain is killed by t&e!an! a%ter t&ey %ind out t&at &e &as been se'retly &idin! water and %ood on board ased on a 7o&n Fteinbe'k story #T. na$e t&is it'&'o'k %il$ takin! pla'e on a vessel a%ter a s&ip sank Answer +ife$oat 014) 3ine$ato!rap&er 3onrad all was&ed out t&e %inal i$a!e o% t&is %il$ to $ake it look like a still p&oto @ood'o'k !ets blasted by dyna$ite durin! t&e%irst &it on t&e %lyer but !ets reven!e durin! t&e se'ond &it w&en t&e Fuperpossy '&ases down t&e outlaws w&o es'ape by Gu$pin! into a rapid #ailin! to 'on'eal t&eir identities at #anny .orters t&ey $ove to Fout& A$eri'a and try to !et a Gob wit& .er'y +arris as payroll !uards #T. na$e t&is pair o% outlaws in a %il$ by +eor!e Roy ill Answer -uth Cassidy and the Sundane 1id  01?) <Eok= .ur'&ased by #o6 Fear'&li!&t %or N2 $illion at t&e 200; Fundan'e#il$ #estival t&e %il$ won its dire'tor 3at&erine ardwi'ke t&e est,ire'tor award y stealin! peopleBs purses and s&opli%tin! 'lot&es Tra'yte$porarily wins t&e approval o% Evie until Evie &as se6 wit& t&e boy s&elikes Ftarrin! t&e %il$Bs 'o-writer ikki Reed and Evan Ra'&el @ood #T.t&e nude s'ene was added at t&e reuest o% olly unter w&i'& $i!&t &ave'ontributed to &er re'ent Hs'ar no$ination %or best supportin! a'tress in w&at%il$ about i$pressionable teena!e !irls9 Answer Thirteen 01I) #ran'ois Tru%%aut pays respe't to t&is %il$ in /ay or ,ight  by drea$in!o% stealin! its publi'ity stills as a yout& 8ts 'reator w&o believes t&at  li%e is 2O $ovie-$akin! and JO &ustlin! be!an tossin! around t&e idea a%ter 'onsiderin! %il$in! Heart of /arkness  wit& t&e narrator repla'ed by t&e 'a$era RKH be!an advertisin! s&ow$ans&ip instead o% !enius a%ter t&e releaseo% t&is *A$eri'an* %il$ Louella .arsons 'a$e up wit& w&at s&e 'alls t&e $ostbeauti%ul lawsuit in &istory a%ter #T. er$an Mankiewi'/ !ave a 'opy o% t&iss'ript to t&e nep&ew o% Marion ,avies Answer Citi5en 1ane 01) T&e end o% t&is %il$ 'o$pares 7esus wit& t&e sadisti' ,uke o% lan!is otin! t&at *t&e tail is %or$ed by a series o% %ive pris$ati' Goints* it is t&e story o% ,on Ps a%%air wit& a wo$an w&o e6'lai$s *w&at Goy to &ave $urdered our '&ildren5* F&e also asks t&e 'ow on &er bed to $ove w&ile &e du$ps a burnin! tree a wooden !ira%%e and a bis&op out t&e window e!innin! wit& a s'ienti%i' des'ription o% s'orpions #T. na$e t&is surreal Luis unuel %il$ o% $odern ti$es Answer +2age d2or  : or Age of Gold  01J) 8ts w&ere t&e *bi! parade !oes on %or years a r&apsody o% lau!&ter and%ears * 3o$in! a%ter t&e *F&u%%le o%% to u%%alo* its *w&ere t&e underworld'an $eet t&e elite * A wo$an !ets stabbed two $er'&ants !o o%% wit& !ol% 'lubs and an 8ndian statue dan'es &ere *t&e part o% little old > t&at runs into ti$e suare * T&e $ain tap-dan'e routine !oes to little-known .e!!y Fawyer a%ter t&e star breaks &er ankle %or'in! $usi'al-'o$edy dire'tor 7ulianMars& to desparate $easures *3o$e and $eet t&ose dan'in! %eet on t&e avenue8$ takin! you to * #T. usby erkeley '&oreo!rap&ed w&i'& *nau!&ty !awdy bowdy Qand sporty* street nu$ber9Answer *42nd Ftreet*01) <Eok= T&is leader o% t&e ,esiliGi' 'ri$e %a$ily in&erited $u'& %ro$ &is%at&er Sorba and a$assed an e$pire in t&e Huter Ri$ Territories issadisti' a'ts &ave in'luded %eedin! a TwiBlek QT@EE-le'k na$ed Hola to aran'or $onster kept below &is pala'e At t&e +reat .it o% 3arkoon t&ee6e'ution o% Luke Fkywalker and an Folo went wron! and ended wit& &is deat&aboard &is sail bar!e T&e &eavy-set e$ployer o% oba #ett and +reedo #T.w&o is t&is 'ri$e lord %ound on Tatooine w&o was nearly '&oked to deat& by abikini-'lad Leia Answer 7aba t&e utt (a''ept 7aba ,esiliGi' Tiure)020) , @ +ri%%it& said t&at &e owed everyt&in! to t&is $an e was t&e %irst to li!&t %il$s %ro$ t&e side t&anks to t&e !lass walls o% &is studio atMontreuil Eternally a sta!e 'reator &e told t&e &istory o% art %ro$ paintin! to dra$a to 'o$edy and 'ine$a in The agi +antern is 1J The Con(uror   depi'ted &i$ and &is assistant vanis&in! into t&in air and trans%or$in! into ea'& ot&er #T. na$e t&is $ovie$aker w&o $ade %un o% 'ra/y pro%essors in &is 102 A Trip to the oon Answer +eor!e Melies021) ettin! on Ea!er eaver at t&e ra'e tra'ks t&e &eroine %or$erly known as Leslie Ft 7a$es and a $e$ber o% t&e F'reen E6tras +uild now &as t&e ri!&ts to t&e na$e *7udy 3u$ * Snath Happy   !ot Linda As& in t&e door but s&e never appeared in Enhanted Salad   and w&en &er boy %riend %inds out s&esin t&e adult industry s&e $oves away to &ave Lenny @einribs '&ild #T. na$et&is @oody Allen %il$ t&at earned Mira Forvino a best supportin! a'tress
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