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Printing and Publishing Law 12-3-2013 English

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Unofficial translation of Burma's draft Printing and Publishing Enterprises Draft Law (2013)
  Printing and Publishing Enterprises Draft Law (2013, the Assembly of the Union (Pyi Htaung Su Hluttaw) Law No. )The , 1374.( , , 2013) Introduction   This law is enacted by The Assembly of the Republic the Union of Myanmar (Pyi Htaung SuHluttaw) to produce publications and establish printing and publishing enterprises in the Union of Myanmar with the relevant law, rules and regulations. Chapter 1Title and Definition 1. This law shall be called Printing and Publishing Enterprises Law . 2. The following expressions contained in the law shall have the meaning given hereunder:   a. Printing Press refers to engines for printing, printing equipments used electronictechnique or laser technique, utensils and all parts of machinery for the purpose of  printing.  b. Publication refers to a building or a place in which printing press or other relevantmachines, machineries, equipment and parts of machinery are used to print documentsand press in large amount of either pictures or images. c. Publication shall include handwritten, printed matter and material created in anelectronic way as well as the visible material in form or in appearance or in similar wayor the material apparent in the words or the ideas and newspaper, bulletin, journal,magazine and books. d. Printer refers to an owner of printing-press and publishing house. The expressionalso includes an executive shareholder, a chairman, a managing director, a secretary or a responsible individual, as well as a partnership enterprise, a company or a family business. Unofficial Translation  2 e. Publisher refers to a publisher of printed published matter of economic benefit or not.The expression also includes not only a governing shareholder, a chairman, a managingdirector, a secretary or a responsible individual, but also a partnership business, acompany or a family business.f. News-Agency refers to an enterprise which supplies the collected news report to printing media, electronic media and other media with profit or without profit. g. Newspaper refers to daily Printed Published Matter for sale or for free of chargesdistribution in which includes news, general knowledge, comments on public news (or)respective remarks, opinions, and criticism or contents with the interest of people.h. Bulletin, Journal, Magazine refers to publications being published regularly or  periodically or as per serial number.  i. Book refers to any book published in any language or part of a book or essay or sheetsas well as other forms of symbols, maps and plans that are machine printed.   j. Website refers to a web page uploaded through the internet for facts and information. Obsence Language means the following deed that is shameless, fearless of sinning, andunacceptable by human society; (a) Describing the sexual behaviour directly or indirectly.(b) The illustrations, writings, photos and painting making sexual excitement andimmorality.(c) Stating the rude and abusive words and pictures.In the meaning of this word, the subject concerning with the medical education,traditional custom, and religious affairs must be excluded. k. Acknowledgement Certificate refers to a certificate issued by the Ministry prescribed by this law to Printer, Publisher, and News Agency mandate to run the respectiveenterprise.m. Registration Officer refers to a director of Copyright and Registration Division under Information and Public Relations Department.   Unofficial Translation  3 n. The Minister refers to The Minister of the Ministry of Information, the UnionGovernment.  o. The Ministry refers to The Ministry of Information, the Union Government. Chapter IIAcknowledgement of Printing and Publishing 3. Printer and Publisher or an organization or a company or an enterprise based in the region or abroad that want to run as News-Agency in Myanmar shall apply to the Registration Officer for the acknowledgement. 4. Registration officer shall issue the Acknowledgement Certificate for the designated period inaccordance with specifications that pursuant to Section 3 after receiving registration fees.5.If it is found out that a certificate holder tried to get it dishonestly or applied with the purpose of deception or opposed the provisions of this law, the Minister may repeal or terminate theRegistration Certificate to some extent. 6. A printer or publisher whose registration certificate is repealed or terminated to some extent shallmandate to appeal to the president of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Chapter IIIRules and Regulations to be followed for publishing and printing 7. Printers or Publishers shall not print or publish the relevant publications which -(a)reveals a subject that aggrieves, other similar national races or other different national racesand similar or other religion.   (b)instigates for violence or jeopardize the tranquility of community; and prevalence of law andorder    (c)portrays obscene language, pictures, photos and paintings.   (d)abets and instigates any criminal case, cruelty, violence, gambling, committing NarcoticsDrugs and Psychotropic Substances   crimes.   (e)publish and print the matter that opposes and breaks the provisions of the constitutional lawor other existing law. Unofficial Translation  4 Chapter IVAnnouncement as Invalid Publication (8) The Registration Officer may announce publication as invalid if it is an inclusive by virtue of Section 7. Chapter VImporting, Exporting and Distributing Publications (9) If exporting and importing publications wants to be carried out by land or by vessel or byaircraft, Export and Import Law and Procedures shall be followed. (10) If the Registration Officer investigated any imported or exported publications thatopposed to the provisions of this law, action shall be taken in accordance with Section 8.(11) Publication shall be-   (a)Importers shall send registration officer titles of the documents, types of documents anddefined number of sample documents so that he can register those documents.   (b)Printers who printed the Printed Matters in the region shall send Registration Officer defined number of sample documents with free of charges so that he may register anykind of publication in the lists.(12) Publication which infringes Section 7 shall not be imported by any individual although it isnot announced as invalid publication. (13) An acknowledgement certificate holder for distribution shall mandate to upload master copy of publication on the website through the internet.(14)An acknowledgement certificate holder for News-Agency shall mandate to uploadinformation and photos on the website through the internet. Unofficial Translation
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