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Present Simple Affirmative

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  Read the true statements about Michael and Sam. Circle the correct form of the verb in each statement. 1. Michael and Sam are friends. They (work/works) at the same comuter comany. !. Michael (love/loves) his ob. #. Sam (feel/feels) stressed at work. $. They (share/shares) an office. %. They (work/works) hard. &. Michael (eat/eats) three healthy meals every day. '. e (drink/drinks) a lot of water. . Sam (ski/skis) breakfast. *. e (order/orders) take+out food from nearby restaurants. 1,. Michael and Sam both (like/likes) sorts. 11. Michael (-et/-ets) a -ood ni-hts slee. 1!. Sam has trouble sleein- at ni-ht. e (take/takes) sleein- ills to hel him slee. 1#. Michael and Sam (watch/watches) football on T to-ether on weekends. 1$. Sam (smoke/smokes) half a ack of ci-arettes a day. 1%. Michael and Sam (-o/-oes) out for dinner to-ether on 0riday ni-hts. 1&. Michael (eercise/eercises) three times a week. 1'. Sam (send/sends) his free time in front of the T. 1. Michael and Sam (buy/buys) season tickets to baseball -ames.  1. 2octor Moffett love / loves his ob. !. e study / studies ants. #. 3 saleserson sell / sells roducts for a comany. $. 4ou and 3nita work / works on weekends. %. 5urses hel / hels eole. &. 6e write / writes science books. '. 7ur office close / closes at '8,, .m. . She take / takes classes at the business school. *. 4ou walk / walks to work every day. 1,. 9 start / starts work at 8,, a.m. every mornin-.Comlete each sentence with the correct form of the verb in arentheses. 1. 3 :ookeeer ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (feed) animals.!. Comuter ro-rammers ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (write) software. #. <hoto-rahers;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (take)  hotos. $. 3 chef ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (cook) food. %. 3 firefi-hter ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (fi-ht) fires. &. Musicians;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (lay) instruments. '. 3 farmer ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (work) on a farm. . 3 dancer ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (dance).
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