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Philosophers' Ideas and their existence

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What, if anything, is the correlation between the specialized or technical ideas of the philosopher and the rest of his existence? His everyday life outside his philosophical role. In the specialized reality and reality constitution, when employing
  PHILOSOPHERS’IDEAS ANDEXISTENCE(Theory and XPhi)ULRICH DEBALBIAN 1  CONTENTSPREFACE 4ONE Le!" Fa#e $ora%iy and Ehi&" ' TO Phi%o"oher"! Too%" *4 THREE Rea%i+aion o, i"do$ **FOUR Di"&o-r"e. Dia%o/-e 0 Iner"-12e&i3iy * 2  3 PREFACEWhat, if anything, is the correlation between the specialized or technical ideas of the philosopher and the rest of his eistence! "is e#eryday life o$tside his philosophical role%&n the specialized reality and reality constit$tion, when e'ploying the disco$rse and discipline of philosophy, the philosopher s$bscribe to 'anythings in an eplicit 'anner and he e'ploys a n$'ber of i'plicit things and ass$'ptions that are not stated eplicitly%(hese things concern the different branches, areas and do'ains of the  philosophical disco$rse, for ea'ple 'etaphysics, episte'ology, ethics, ontology, cognition, conscio$sness, 'ind, perception, thin)ing, etc%&s there a relation between these technical *beliefs* of the philosopher and other, not philosophical areas of his eistence! +oes and can all of his nonphilosophical eistence reflect his philosophical beliefs, state'ents and epressions! &s it possible that the e#eryday eistence or life world of the philosopher can rese'ble, confir' and epress his philosophical ideas! &f this is not the case, what are the factors that are in#ol#ed in s$chdiscrepancies! 3  +o they i'ply a lac) of integrity, of wholeness of integration on behalf of the philosopher! What are the ca$ses of s$ch an illogical or s$rprising lac) of co'patibility or si'ilarity between these sets of two or 'ore facts! What are the things that we can loo) for in s$ch a lac) of co'patibility - things s$ch as the following!  inconsistency, difference, disparity, #ariance, #ariation, de#iation, di#ergence, disagree'ent, dissi'ilarity, dissi'ilit$de, 'is'atch, lac) of si'ilarity, contrariety, contradictoriness, disaccord, discordance, incongr$ity, lac) of congr$ence, inco'patibility, irreconcilability, conflict, opposition! & ill$strate the abo#e by 'eans of fo$r ea'ples%1 .et $s ass$'e that the e'bodied h$'an person consists of both #ol$ntary and in#ol$ntary processes and acti#ities% +o the philosophy of an indi#id$al reflect or epress these acti#ities or is it co'pletely or  partially $nrelated to the'! +o the #ol$ntary processes and acti#ities or the #ol$ntary aspects of perception, cognition, brain processes and other acti#ities rese'ble or epress the philosophy of a thin)er! 2 /o'e thin)ers are serio$sly concerned abo$t the i'portance of disco$rse and dialog$e and the e0$ality of all those in#ol#ed% We find their concern abo$t the ideal disco$rse and dialog$e described in their written wor) and tal)s, b$t to what an etend do their own disc$rsi#e and dialogical actions and beha#io$r reflect the ideal sit$ation they preach!3 Ethics and 'orality can be find in and are e'phasized in all sorts of disciplines, of co$rse they are 'aor s$bects in pro#iding ways to li#e off for philosophers and we e#en find instit$tions de#oted to their teaching and in#estigation% +o the li#es, the li#ed 'orality and ethics of those indi#id$als who preach the ideals of ethics or ethical ideals reflect the ideals they preach and that pro#ides the' with ways to earn a li#ing! r, is it the case that 'orality and ethics are 'erely fa)ed by those indi#id$als li#ing off their preaching of ethics! And, that they 'erely e'ploy the #al$es, nor's, c$sto's and attit$des of a c$lt$re, s$bc$lt$re, co''$nity, gro$p or another social gro$ping! &n other words are   the preachers of ethics really 'ore ethical than the rest of the co''$nity and society! When the philosopher epresses his ideas by 'eans of all sorts of  philosophical tools he is aware of the fact that he e'ploys the', or at least aware of so'e of the' being intentionally e'ployed by hi' while he is $naware of others that he e'ploys% +o the tools the philosopher e'ploys to theorize 4identify proble's, the nat$re of the 0$estions he as)s, the nat$re of his ways of 0$estioning, the ass$'ptions he 'a)es, thefor'ing and testing of hypotheses, the 'a)ing of generalizations, etc5 or  philosophize 4percei#e things, thin), thin) abo$t things, reason, arg$'entation etc5 rese'ble what he beliefs, asserts and says abo$t thin)ing, perception, cognition, $nderstanding, s$bects, obects, relationships between s$bects and obects and other feat$res and  processes of episte'ology!&n short - does the li#ed philosophy, ontology, episte'ology, ethics etc of the philosopher rese'ble, represent, confir', s$bstantiate, bac), endorse, s$pport, a$thenticate and corroborate the ideas, assertions and spec$lations that are epressed by the state'ents his philosophy or  philosophizing consist of! +oes he wal) the wal) of his tal)! Are they si'ilar and identical, the sa'e things and 'erely epressions of the sa'e things in different 'edi$'s! 6
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