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Philco G4710 Predicta Tandem Sams 441 2

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Manual serviço PHILCO Predicta tandem
  PHOTO  FACT*  older s s o< I s -  r  I o o   }  N   So   8-  o o D w t ClRCUIIRACE* PHILCO  MODELS G471OL,  M,  G472OL,  M, UG471OL,  M,  UG472OL,  M  Ch.  9L38, A, AU, U MODEL  UG-47IOL  Ch.  9L38 C UTION ONE  SIDE OF AC  LINE  CONNECTED TO  CHASSIS TRADE  NAME Philco  MODELS CHASSIS MODELS CHASSIS G4710L,  G4710M  9L38 G4720L,  G4720M  9L38A Philco  Corp.,  Tloga  &  C Streets,  Philadelphia,  Pa. UG4710L, UG4710M  9L38U UG4720L,  UG4720M  9L38AU MANUFACTURERTYPE  SET  Television  Receiver With  Portable  Picture  Tube TUBES  VHF Ch.  9L38  -  Seventeen UHF-VHF  Ch.  9L38U  -  EighteenVHF  Ch.  9L38A  -  Twenty-one UHF-VHF  Ch.  9L38AU  -  Twenty-twoPOWER SUPPLY 110-120 Volts AC, 60 Cycle RATING 170  Watts,  1. 65 Amp.  @  117  Volts  AC TUNING  RANGE  Channels 2 thru 13 VHF, 14 thru 83 UHF, Video IF 45. 75MC, Sound IF  41.  25MC  (Intercarrler) SERVICl NG  IN  THE  Fl  ELD  LOCATED  ON  PAGE  3 DISASSEMBLY  INSTRUCTIONS CHASSIS REMOVAL MODEL UG-4710L1.  Remove 4 front and 4  side  push-on type knobs. 2.  Remove picture tube plug from the  rear. 3.  Remove  9  wood  screws  holding  rear  cover.  Remove  the rear  cover. 4.  Remove speaker  leads. 5.  Remove  3  metal  screws  holding  chassis  at the  rear. 6. Extend antenna outward. 7.  Remove  chassis, PICTURE  TUBE  HOUSING  DISASSEMBLY Yoke  and  Video Amplifier  chassis  are  accessible  by remov- ing  4 metal  screws  holding  rear  cover  to  housing. 1.  Remove  2  small  metal  screws  holding bottom  metal  trimstrip. 2.  Remove spring holding warp around  plastic  trim strip  at the  bottom. Remove  plastic trim strip. 3.  Remove  2 metal  screws  now  visible  holding  plastic shell strap  at the  bottom. Remove  strap. 4.  Remove front  mask. 5.  Remove snap-in  metal  trim  caps  on  side  support  arms. 6.  Remove  2  metal  screws  now  visible  holding support  arms to  rear shell.  Remove support  arms  by  turning  to line up bottom  slots. 7. Remove  2  small  metal screws  holding  rear  shell  to  bot- tom support  bracket. 8.  Remove  rear  shell. CHASSIS REMOVAL MODEL UG-4720 1.  Remove  4 amplifier  knobs. 2.  Remove  two top  retaining screws  at top  rear. 3.  Slide cabinet  top  back  (approximately 1 ) to  disconnect AC  interlock  and to  free  guides at  center  top  of  each  side. The  entire  TV and  audio  amplifier  chassis  are now ex-posed for  service. 4.  Remove  the 2  screws  from  top  edge  of  chassis. 5.  Disconnect  TV  a.c.,  phono  input  and speaker  leads. Pilot lamp removes  from front  clip. 6.  Unsolder  two  leads  that connect  to  remote  socket and TV audio  leads. 7.  The  bottom  lip  of  chassis  fits  into a groove of  cabinet bot-tom. Remove amplifier. 8.  Remove  TV  knobs. 9.  Remove  2  front  chassis  mounting  screws  from  cabinetbottom.10.  Remove  the 2  screws  from  top  rear  retaining  plate. 11. Remove left hand back  section  (3  screws).  Lift back up and  out. 12.  Remove  2  screws  from  rear chassis  mounting  strip  (1 screw  at  right  top and 1  screw  from left  rear). 13.  Remove  6AW8A  (Video  Amp.-NoiseInverter)tube  from its socket  just  to  rear  of speaker. 14. Lift  rear  of TV  chassis  up and out. HOWARD W  SAMS   CO, INC. Indianapolis  6, Indiana The  listing  of any  available replacement  part  herein does not  constitute  in any  case  a  recommendation, warranty  or guaranty by Howard W. Sams & Co. , Inc. , as to the quality and  suitability of such replacement part. The numbers ofthese  parts  have been compiled  from  information  furnished to  Howard  W.  Sams  &  Co.,  Inc.,  by the  manufacturers  of J94 the  particular  type  of  replacement  part listed.  Repro- duction  or  use, without  express  permission, of editorial orpictorial  content,  in any  manner,  is  prohibited.  No  patentliability  is  assumed  with  respect  to the use of the  informa-tion contained herein.  ©  1959 Howard  W.  Sams  &  Co.,  Inc., Indianapolis 6, Indiana.  Printed  in U.S. of America Is e o o r ã J o o ã ?ã ?e ««  > C D TE  5-59 SET  441  FOLDER  2  SOUND IF © AU 1  Ij UIZ  ffi\ mml_L 60001W  ^ 39000 TOR80. JUNCT  ©S3.3meg 1704 BO  5V JUMPER  ON SWITCHPICTURE TUBE CABLE CHASSIS  9L38A ONLYTERMINAL  GUIDEHV LEAD  17 SW ON VOLUME 3000CJ10W V C3 ADDITIONAL SCHEMATICS  PAGETO  TERMINALS  3  d OF TUNER POWER  SOCKET 4 TUNER  76-I1547-8IT-69K) VHF  with  UHF  provisions  5TUNER76-11450-7IT-68G)  VHF..  7TUNER76-10391-1IT-Z7FI  UHF..  16 ALT.  CIRCUITS CH. 9L38A.AU.18 DC COIL  RESISTANCE  VALUES UNDER ONE OHM NOT  SHOWN  ON  SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM TO  TERMI NAL  5 OF  TUf€R  POWERSOCKET   .   16VAC  I  22VAC  V  27VAC   ilOOOmm  CONTROL VIEWED FROM SHAFT  END WAVEFORMS TAKEN  WITH  CONTROLS SET  TO  PRODUCE  50 VOLTS PEAK-TO- PEAK  SIGNAL  AT  PICTURE TUBE  GRID   DC  voltage measurements taken with  vacuum  tube  3.  Meosuredvoltmeter;  AC  voltage  measured at  1000 ohms unless  oth per volt. 4.  Line Voltage bottom  of  socket  5  All  controls A  PHOTOFACT STANDARD  NOTATION  SCHEMATIC ®  Howard W.  Sams   Co.,  Inc.  1959 NUMBERS  ASSIGNED TO  COILS,  SWITCHES,  PLUGS,  SOCKETS, ANDTRANSFORMERS ARE TO  FACILITATE CIRCUIT TRACING  OR  COM- PONENT REPLACEMENT AND MAY NOT NECESSARILY  BE  FOUND  ON THE  UNIT. PAGE  2  U O  UTPUT S 5AQ5 TAKEN WITH  PIN 6 OF  VERT MULTTUBE  V10A)  SHORTE TO GROUND, AND  HEIGHT  CONTROL R3B) SET   CENTER  OF ROTATION. TO PICTURE TUBE MOUNTING  BANDREMOTE PICTURE  TUBE w  CONNECTOR  6 5 PHILCO  MODELS  G471OL,  M G472OL,  M, UG471OL,  M,  UG4720L,  M  Ch.  9L38,  A, AU,  U PAGE  9  TUBE  PLACEMENT CHART HORIZ HOLD  VERT  HOLD  BRIGHTUSS HOHIZ  RANGE HEIGHT VEST LIN / OFF-ONIPUSHI-VOL HO FTx CONTRAST  w .  H —   NDCATIS BLANK f— C  PNOH LOCAT  NGKEYv   CHANf€L  v-p, SELECTOR  UaZ) L FINE  1st VI  DEO  1  «   I  vaY JflcaJ Rf  AMP M1XER-OSC LHFOSCUHF TUNING  ^ \E INB2A  I W03  \— n*,MxEf  \w«y c:: LOCAL-DISTANCE  — PICTURETUBE  ^ VtRT  CENTERINGYOKE  VIS  C IZ LN  J1EAPJ/ MOUNTED  ON  PICTURE  TUflt   ^o 1 ' /, WRr * G   W  JCB6   VIDEOOUTPUT ,^r\ F  » sr ^ ^-^flS s™», f ,»  (2J 2nd VIDEO  IF VIDtO  DO  ~-  ^ -^(^vT^  N ^ rt§b I04GT  j  \^_^^ VERT  MULT DAW  {^-  S S 5.60FUSIBII  RESISTOR IPLUG-INJ / ^\ '^v /f  Q^>  (>J // AUDIO OUTPUT SYNC  SEP // HORIZ  FREO  HORIZAfC ^(S HORZ MULT HVRECT >5u^   1G3GV  \ ' GT  y  /v A \ 12D06A ] L  nmJ   PICTURE TL8E  4 YOKE  RECPT  V — ã  ^ HORIZ OUIPU1 j- ããã TUBE  FAILURE CHECK CHART PLC UGO M >  > The  following  chart  lists  tubes  whose  failures  are  most  likely  to  produce  indicated  symptoms. Refer  to  tube placement  chart  for location and  type  of  tube.  ^ Q POWER  SUPPLY FAILURE No  raster,  no  sound  - Fusible  Resistor  5.  6ft),  Rectifiers  (B+) SWEEP  FAILURE No  raster,  has  sound  - V9,  VU,  V12, V13,  V14, V15,  Rectifiers  (B+) No  vertical  deflection  - V10 Poor vert, linearity or  foldover  -  V10 Poor  horlz.  linearity  or  foldover  - VU,  V12,  V13 Narrow  picture - VU,  V12,  V13, Rectifiers  (B+) Vert, off  freq.  -  V10 Horlz.  off  freq.-  VULOSS OF  PICTURE  OR  SOUND No  pic,  no  sound,  has  raster  -  VI,  V2, V3 No  pic, no sound, has snow - V201, V202,  VI,  (UHF  V203),  Diode  (UHF  Mixer) No  pic,  has  sound,  has  raster  - V4, V5, V15 Has pic, no  sound-  V6, V7, V8 Overloaded picture SYNC  FAILURE No  vert,  sync  - V9 No  horlz.  sync  - V9 No  vert, or  horiz.  sync  - V9 This  receiver  employs  tubes  used in a  series  fUament  network,  an  open  filament in any  tube  will  cause  the set to be  inoperative. (See  circuit  below.) 4000  COLD  l? n  80 lln  HOT 4A3  4A3  4A3  4 A 3  4A3 5A4 4A3  4 A 5  9A4-5  5A4 K o  o r-  *> k * 2 O   s^ o SERVICING  IN THE  FIELD TUNER  OSCILLATOR  ADJUSTMENTS Touch-up  adjustment of the  VHF  Oscillator  is  possible  by removing the  Channel  Selector  and  Fine Tuning knobs. SAFETY  GLASS  CLEANING NOTE:  Use only mild soap and water to  clean. AGC The AGC may be varied by a  Local-Distance  switch.  Forlocation, see  tube placement chart.) The  focus  may be  varied  in  steps  by the  position  of a  plug  inthe  Focus  Adjustment  terminals. The  width may be  varied  by  Width  control.  (For  location,see  tube placement  chart.) HIDDEN  ADJUSTMENTS The  Vertical  Linearity,  Height and Horizontal Range  are  the inner  shafts beneath  the  Brightness, Vertical   Horizontalknobs. HORIZONTAL  OSCILLATOR FIELD ADJUSTMENTSSet  Horizontal  Hold  to the  center  of its  range.  Remove knob and  adjust  Horizontal  Range inner shaft until picture syn- chronizes horizontally. SOUND  IF  DETECTOR  BUZZ  ADJUSTMENTTo  eliminate intercarrier  buzz, adjust the Buzz control for MINIMUM  buzz and maximum sound. (For  location,  see tube  placement chart.) FUSE  DEVICE A  5.  6Si  fusible  resistor  (R78) is used for low voltage powersupply  protection.  (For location,  see  tube  placement  chart.) CENTERINGCentering  is  accomplished mechanically  by  adjusting  Verti- cal and Horizontal  Centering  magnets located on  yoke  hous- ing. PINCUSHION  CORRECTION One  magnet  is  provided  to  correct  for Horizontal  Linearity. O 5 3 K> SET  441  FOL ER  2 PAGE  
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