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Obama Birth Certificate to be Examined by Wymoo®

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Wymoo International receives request to investigate Obama background and published birth certificate.
  Page 1 of  12 © Copyright 2011. Wymoo International, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Source: Wymoo International, LLC Wymoo® SelectedtoResearchBarack Obama Birth Certificate & Bio JACKSONVILLE, FL (April 30, 2011)-Wymoo International, a U.S.-based background check andinternational private investigation firm, reported today that the company has been requestedby anorganizationto investigate the authenticity of the recently published birth certificate for BarackHusseinObama II, and to conduct a comprehensive background investigation, with a primary focus on thecontroversial subject matter pertaining tothe President’s birth record, citizenship and eligibility to bePresident. No agreement to conduct the investigation has been reached, and the identity of the potentialclient will be held in strict confidence should Wymoo accept the offer to investigate the case.Wymoo was selected from a pool of potential private investigators because of the Company’s globalnetwork of professional field investigators. In particular, this case would involve field investigators in theUnited States, Kenya and Indonesia, the nations where Obama has a history. If an agreement is madeand the firm accepts the potential client’s offer, the investigation report, as in all cases, will be private andconfidentialand under no circumstances be released to the public, without permission. Management isunaware of the motive for the client’s investigation request. It is also unknownwhether or not the casewould be to clear the name of Barack Hussein Obama and rumors, or to obtain supporting evidence of the doubtsthat surround the identity and eligibility of the 44 th President of the United States.“Economic conditions in the United States have been difficult under the Obama Administration, and voterscontinue to question the birth record and true religion of Barack Hussein Obama,” said StephenGarcia,VPofInvestigations. “With an approval rating ofonly 49% according to the most recent RasmussenReports tracking poll, it’s unclear if the investigation request is politically motivated.” As a discreet andprofessional private investigation firm, Wymoo International ensures client privacy and confidentiality, andglobal clients trust the firm to deliver quality results, and to keep client data private and protected.If an agreement is reached and the investigation initiated, some of the possible points of research arelisted below. Wymoo holds no biason any case, rather the below questions are public concerns of manyvoters and the maintopics of controversy regarding the President. “We conduct independent andobjective background checks, so we don’t supportany political partyas a company. However, acomprehensive background investigation could provide additional evidence about the authenticity of Barack Obama’s birth certificate and the claims that heis a Muslim,” said David Wilkerson, Vice Presidentand COO. With professional field investigators in over 100 countries, including Kenya and Indonesia,Wymoo was selected as a firm well-equipped to conduct the international background check.  Page 2 of  12 © Copyright 2011. Wymoo International, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Possible points of investigation: 1.Gather evidenceregarding the background, connections and family members of Barack HusseinObama II (a.k.a. Barry Soetoro), and determine an exact timeline of relevant events. (See Exhibit 1 –18) 2.Investigate the claim that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim and his religious background. (See Exhibit 4,8,9,10,17) 3.Verify the authenticity of the recently released birth certificate, and obtain clear evidence ofany legal fees and efforts by Obama or the Obama Administration to conceal his birth record. (See Exhibit 18) 4.Investigate the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to be President, and whether or not there isany conclusive evidence that President Obama is not a natural born U.S. citizen. (See Exhibit 18) 5.Obtainadditionalevidence regarding Barack Hussein Obama’s history of drug use, specifically the extent of marijuana, nicotineand cocaine usage, and if there is a history of other drugs. (See Exhibit 12,13,14) Attached: Exhibits 1 -18  Page 3 of  12 © Copyright 2011. Wymoo International, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Exhibit 1. Barack Hussein Obama's grandmother, Sarah Hussein Onyango Obama Exhibit 2. Barack Hussein Obama's uncle and grandmother in Kenya  Page 4 of  12 © Copyright 2011. Wymoo International, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Exhibit 3. Barack Hussein Obama’s older brother, Malik Obama, holdingan undated picture. Exhibit 4. BarackHussein Obama Sr. (1936 − 24 November 1982) A Muslimwho married three times and died in Kenya. Obama Sr. suffered from alcoholism and poverty,and had a history of alcohol related auto accidents, and died in a third alcohol related car accident.
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