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'Lloyd-Jones and the Protestant past', in Andrew Atherstone and David Ceri Jones, eds, Engaging with Lloyd-Jones: The Life and Legacy of ‘the Doctor’ (Inter-Varsity Press, 2011), 293-325.

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'Lloyd-Jones and the Protestant past', in Andrew Atherstone and David Ceri Jones, eds, Engaging with Lloyd-Jones: The Life and Legacy of ‘the Doctor’ (Inter-Varsity Press, 2011), 293-325.
  LLOYD-JONES AND THE PROTESTANT PAST 1  John Cofey, Proessor o Early Modern History, University o LeicesterPublished in Andrew Atherstone and David Ceri Jones, eds, Engaging with Lloyd-Jones: The Life and Legacy of ‘the Doctor’ !nter"#arsity Press, $%&&',$()")$*+Collective identities are owerully shaed by stories+ -he histories we tell shae who we are+ -his is true o nations, olitical arties, ethnic .rous and reli.ious /ove/ents+ Modern Evan.elicals are no e0cetion+ Evan.elical identity has been consolidated throu.h tales o the 1eor/ation or 2-he 3reat 1evivals4+ Evan.elicals na/e institutions ater a/ous 5.ures in the Protestant ast6 7yclife Hall, -yndale House, Lati/er -rust, 1utherord House, the 7esley"8wen boo9stores+ :tudent /inistries li9e the Ca/brid.e !nter"Colle.iate Christian Union C!CCU' and the Universities and Christian ;ellowshi UCC;' build a cohesive identity throu.h tellin. a articular 9ind o story what so/e / call an /yth' about the slit between the !nter"#arsity ;ellowshi and the :tudent Christian Move/ent+ $ <ecause the ast is so i/ortant or shain. identity, it is also a battle.round+ ;or so/e, Evan.elicalis/ ori.inates in the ei.hteenth"century Awa9enin.s, or others in the si0teenth"century 1eor/ation, and each o these versions o history carries i/lications or the resent+ )  <atists have ar.ued over whether their tradition ori.inates a/on. the & ! a/ /ost .rateul to Christoher Catherwood, Paul Hel/ and -ony Lane or critical co//ents on this aer+ -hey bear no resonsibility or its shortco/in.s or its interretation o Lloyd"Jones+$  :ee or e0a/le 8liver <arclay and 1obert Horn, From Cambridge to the World  Leicester6 !nter"#arsity Press, $%%$'+ ;or an alternative view, see Justin -hac9er and :usanna Clar9, 2A Historical and -heolo.ical e0loration o the &(&% disa=liation o the Ca/brid.e !nter"Colle.iate Christian Union ro/ the :tudent Christian Move/ent46 www+eau9+or.>+++> :CM ?$%C!CCU?$%Disa=liation?$%;inal?$%;inal?$%Paer+doc   Puritans or the Anabatists, whether it is at root Calvinist or Ar/inian+ @  Doctrinal debates about enal substitutionary atone/ent or oen theis/ inevitably have an i/ortant historical co/onent, as Christians assess the status o these ositions within their theolo.ical tradition+ And or /any years now, there has been a stru..le to .ain control o the narrativehistory o <ritish Evan.elicalis/ since &(@*, esecially the events o &(+ * Martyn Lloyd"Jones reco.nised that history /atters+ 7hoever controls the ast, shaes the resent+ And because he understood this, he devoted a .reat deal o ener.y and ti/e to an historical roBect+ -his roBect had two/aBor co/onents6 retrieval and interretation+ Lloyd"Jones and his wider circle to retrieve the or.otten resources o the Protestant ast in order to renew /odern Evan.elicalis/+ And in his ublic lectures, he crated an account o church history that was desi.ned to .overn the way Evan.elicals about the/selves+!n /any resects, this roBect was very successul, but it was not without its ironies+ -he return to history " and esecially Puritanis/ " was desi.nedto create a cohesive new 1eor/ed Protestantis/+ <ut Puritanis/ itsel desite the 2is/4' was never /onolithic, and as conservative Evan.elical Calvinists dived into the Puritan ast loo9in. or treasures on the seabed, they ca/e u with very diferent versions o Puritanis/+ !//ersion in the ) :ee Michael Hay9in and enneth :tewart, eds, The Emergence of Eangelicalism: E!"loring Eangelical Contin#ities  Leicester6 !nter"#arsity Press, $%%'+@ :ee David 7+ <ebbin.ton, $a"tists thro#gh the Cent#ries: % &istory of a 'lobal (eo"le  7aco6 <aylor University Press, $%&%', chs+ $"@+* Co/are 8liver <arclay, Eangelicalism in $ritain) *+,-*++  Leicester6 !nter"#arsity Press, &(('F !ain H+ Murray, Eangelicalism Diided: % .ecord of Cr#cial Change in the /ears *+0 to 1000  Edinbur.h6 <anner o -ruth, $%%%'F Alister Mc3rath, To 2now and 3ere 'od: % $iogra"hy of James 45 (ac6er London6 Hodder, &(('F 1ob 7arner, .einenting English Eangelicalism) *+77-100*  Carlisle6 Paternoster, $%%'  Puritan ast actually contributed to two ainul slits within the Lloyd" Jones circle, leadin. to the ostracisin. o J+!+ Pac9er and 1+-+ endall+ !n what ollows, ! will by e0a/inin. the roBect o retrieval in which Lloyd"Jones was such a central 5.ure, beore turnin. to his interretation o church history+ I.RETRIEVAL Durin. the /id"nineteenth century, <ritish ublishers churned out nu/erous /ulti"volu/e sets o collected wor9s by Puritan divines6 1ichard:ibbes  vols', 1ichard <a0ter $) vols', John 8wen $@ vols', John <unyan @ vols', -ho/as Manton $$ vols', -ho/as 3oodwin &$ vols',  -ho/as <roo9s  vols', John Howe  vols', John ;lavel  vols', Edward 1eynolds  vols', 7illia/ <rid.e * vols', 3eor.e :winnoc9 @ vols', and David Clar9son ) vols'+ -he .reatest nonconor/ist reacher o the nineteenth century, the <atist C+ H+ :ur.eon, had a vast ersonal library5lled with Puritan and 1eor/ed wor9s+    Get these writin.s ell out o ashion with alar/in. raidity in the last our decades o the nineteenth century+ Liberal Protestants were avowedly /odernist, and tended to the view that older Puritan and 1eor/ed literature was not 5t or urose in the ost"Enli.hten/ent world o hi.hercriticis/ and scienti5c ro.ress+ At the sa/e ti/e, 2conservative4 Protestants were also swet u in enthusias/ or new /ove/ents, includin. disensationalis/, eswic9 and Holiness teachin.+ -he Puritans were thorou.hly eclised+ <y the early twentieth century, <ritish Protestants had or.otten or /islaid' the riches o their theolo.ical herita.e+ -hey were suferin. ro/ a severe case o collective a/nesia+ As a youn. /inister a/on. the 7elsh Calvinistic Methodists, Lloyd"Jones hi/sel was al/ost entirely i.norant o the Puritans+ He surely 9new o  ;or a brie survey o the recetion o Puritan te0ts see John Cofey, 2Puritan le.acies4, in Cofey and P+ Li/, eds, The Cambridge Com"anion to (#ritanism  Ca/brid.e6 Ca/brid.e University Press, $%%', + )))"@%+  <unyan and Cro/well, but he had no in9lin. o the /assive theolo.ical outut o the Puritan divines+ -he land o early /odern 1eor/ed divinity was terra incognita + Lloyd"Jones 5rst stu/bled uon the Puritans at second hand+ !n &($*, he saw a ublisher4s advertise/ent or a new abrid.e/ent o the  %#tobiogra"hy of .ichard $a!ter  , and this led hi/ to read a bio.rahy o the Puritan by ;+J+ Powic9e+ He was so ta9en by <a0terthat he delivered an address on 2Puritanis/4 to the Literary and Debatin. :ociety at Charin. Cross in March &($+ At this sta.e, his seventeenth"century readin. was li/ited to the (ilgrim’s (rogress  and lives o <a0ter and 3eor.e ;o0, and he showed no awareness that this trio /ade very odd bedellows+ His ocus was on 2the sirit which ani/ated the old Puritans4, and li9e /any onconor/ists in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, he ound that sa/e sirit in disarate seventeenth 5.ures who disa.reed rooundly on /atters o doctrine and ecclesiolo.y+  8ver the ne0t decade, Lloyd"Jones4s understandin. o 1eor/ed theolo.y 5r/ed u considerably+ He urchased other Puritan wor9s ro/ London4s second"hand boo9stores, and received second"hand editions wor9s o <a0ter and John 8wen as weddin. resents+ !n &($(, while waitin. or a train, he visited a boo9sho in Cardif, and ell uon a two"volu/e edition o Jonathan Edwards Wor6s  which he or 5ve shillin.s+ 2! devoured these volu/es4, he later recalled, 2and literally Bust read and read the/4+ 8n a visit to Canada in &()$, he oured over the writin.s o the Princeton theolo.ian <+<+ 7ar5eld, who had rearticulated early /odern 1eor/ed orthodo0y or a /odern audience+   !n January &()( Lloyd"Jones was introduced to 3eofrey 7illia/s4 <eddin.ton ;ree 3race Library, a collection o around $%,%%% Puritan and 1eor/ed boo9s, and recorded that he elt li9e the Iueen o :heba visitin. in. :olo/on+ (  He also borrowed iles o old boo9s ro/ :ion Colle.e Library and the Doctor  !+ H+ Murray, D5 8artyn Lloyd-Jones: The First Forty /ears Edinbur.h6 <anner o  -ruth, &($', + ("&%%+ Murray, D5 8artyn Lloyd-Jones: The First Forty /ears)  + &**"*, $*)"*@, $*, $"(+  7illia/s4s Library+ &%  He was busy e0cavatin. the 1eor/ed theolo.ical tradition+<y the later &(@%s, the youn. J+!+ Pac9er was e/bar9ed on the sa/e e0ercise, ater he ca/e across the wor9s o John 8wen, uncut and unread, in the library o the 80ord !nter"Colle.iate Christian Union+ &&  ;or both /en, this encounter with the Puritans struc9 the/ with the orce o a revelation+ !n articular, they were i/ressed by the theolo.ical and siritual deth o these old boo9s+ Li9e the children who steed throu.h the wardrobe into arnia, they were introduced to a new world+ &$  Ar/ed with these old te0ts, they set about transor/in. the Evan.elical subculture+ Lloyd"Jones4 son"in"law, :ir ;red Catherwood, e0lained his i/act6He showed our .eneration clearly that the strand o ietistic evan.elicalis/, the /uscular Christianity o the varsity and ublic school ca/s, the devotional iety o the <rethren, the e/otional dedication at the .reat conventions, the revivalis/ o the bi. interdeno/inational /issions, was not enou.hHe led the evan.elical win. o the church bac9 into the centre o theolo.ical ar.u/ent, not by concedin. a thin., but by .oin. bac9 to its oundation in the 1eor/ation+ He, al/ost alone to with, wove in a.ain the stron. central strand o reor/ed theolo.y to evan.elical teachin. " a strand which had al/ost snaed of in the ( :ee !+H+ Murray, D5 8artyn Lloyd-Jones: The Fight of Faith) *+,+-*+9*  Edinbur.h6 <anner o -ruth, &((%', + &")+&% Personal co//unication ro/ Christoher Catherwood, January $%&&+&& Mc3rath, To 2now and 3ere 'od , + $@"$+&$ -he analo.y would aeal /ore to Pac9er, a 5r/ ad/irer o Lewis, than to Lloyd"Jones who re/ained a Lewis"scetic+ :ee J+ <rencher, 8artyn Lloyd-Jones *9++-*+9*; and Twentieth-Cent#ry Eangelicalism  Carlisle6 Paternoster, $%%$', + &+
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