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Lab 3 – Linked List Problem 1

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Lab 3 – Linked List Problem 1
   Bach Khoa University Data structure & Algorithm Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering Fall 2017 Lab 3 – Linked List    Linked list Problem   1   Write the following utility functions: a)   Create a list of length N with random data: node*   CreateListRandom(int   n)   b)   Insert a node at the end of the linked list: void   InsertTail(node*&   head,   int   newData)  c)   Insert a node before the head of the linked list: void   InsertHead(node*&   head,   int   newData)  d)   Delete a node having delData: void   DeleteData(node*&   pHead,   int   delData)   Problem   2   Given a linked list, write a function to: a)   Sum every element of a linked list.  b)   Evaluate the polynomial defined by the linked list, with x inputted by user: node*   head1   =   CreateListRandom(4);   //   1   (head)  ‐ >   7  ‐ >   14  ‐ >   0  ‐ >   NULL   float   x;   cin   >>   x;   float   result   =   PolyEval(head1,   x);   //   Return   1x^3   +   7x^2   +   14x   +   0   Problem   3*   Write a recursive function to reverse a linked list: PrintLinkedList(head);   //   1   (head)  ‐ >   5  ‐ >   7  ‐ >   9  ‐ >   2   node*   newHead   =   ReverseList(head);   PrintLinkedList(newHead);   //   2   (head)  ‐ >   9  ‐ >   7  ‐ >   5  ‐ >   1   You must  use the prototype: node*   ReverseList(node*   root,   int&   n),   n is a variable containing the length of the linked list. Problem   4   Propose a linked list called StudentNode that stores:    His/her Math and English scores.    His/her name.   Bach Khoa University Data structure & Algorithm Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering Fall 2017    His/her student ID. Create a linked list using the newly made StudentNode struct. The linked list created should have at least 3 nodes. Print the linked list. Problem   5*   Write a function to insert a new node into the linked list after the first N nodes of the linked list. For example, given the linked list: Calling insertList(pHead,   4,   3)   would add a new node with data = 3 after the 4 th  node of the linked list:  Note:    If N   0 then insert the new node as head of the linked list.    If N is greater than the number of nodes in the linked list, insert the new node at the end of it.
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