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Jesus is Alive_ Ron Kenoly Chords

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Jesus is Alive - Ron Kenoly - cifra
  JESUS IS ALIVE – RON KENOLY   Bm   For all the earth had trembled   F# The sun had hid it's face   Em And all the men that walked with Him   F# Had turned and run away   Em They crucified the Savior   Bm   And laid Him in a tomb   F# The life that once brought love and hope   F#7 Slipped away that afternoon   Bm Satan gleamed with pleasure   F# That day at Calvary   Em For he thought he had won   F# A mighty victory   Em And like him all of the demons   Bm Of hell began to cheer…   Ha, ha…   F# O but little did they know   F#7 Bm  (slowly building up)  That their end was growing near      Verse I   Em   'Cause early Sunday morning   Bm Just like Jesus said   F# He broke the curse of sin and death   Bm And He rose up from the dead   Em A Now we have a new beginning   Em A And a kingdom that has no ending   Em A Hallelujah, hallelujah   Chorus   I   D DM7 A/C# Hallelujah Jesus is alive   C Death has lost its victory   Bsus B7   And the grave has been denied   Em Jesus lives forever   Em F#m-G F#m-Em F#m-G A7 He's a- live, He's a- live   D DM7 He's the Alpha and Omega   A/C# The first and last is He   C   The curse of sin is broken   Bsus B7   And we have perfect liberty   Em The Lamb of God has risen   Em F#m-G F#m-Em F#m-G A7 He's a- live, He's a- live     Verse II   Em He's the author   Bm   And the finisher of our faith   F# The stone they threw away   Bm Is the cornerstone today   Em A Death has no more vict'ry   Em A And the grave has no more sting   Em A Hallelujah, hallelujah   Chorus II   D DM7   Wonderful, Counselor   A/C# A mighty God is He   C The Everlasting Father   Bsus B7 He's the precious Prince of Peace   Em He's the Word that lives forever   Em F#m-G F#m-Em F#m-G A7 He's a- live, He's a- live   (Repeat Chorus I )   G Em-A G A-G-D   Hallelujah, Je-sus is a-live  
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