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Impact of Facebook in Academic and Social Life

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Impact of Facebook in Academic and Social Life
  University of Nebraska - Lincoln DigitalCommons@University of Nebraska - Lincoln L&ba P%&% a+! Pa& (-'+a)L&ba& a U+&& # Nbaa-L&++4-6-2017 Inuence of social networking sites on students’academic and social lives: Te GhanaianPerspective. Nasir Koranteng Asiedu University for Development Studies, Ghana  , +a*2005@a%.* F %& a+! a!!&&+a  a:%8://!&$&a**+.+.!/&b%&aPa # %L&ba a+! I+#*a&+ S&+ C**+  A&!, Na& Ka++$, I++ # &a +&+$ & + !+ aa!*& a+! &a &:  G%a+a&a+ P&. (2017).  Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal) . 1535.%8://!&$&a**+.+.!/&b%&a/1535  1 Influence of social networking sites on students’ academic and social lives : The Ghanaian Perspective. ABSTRACT This study investigates and analyses the positive and negative effects of social media on students’ academic and socia l lives. With the adoption of survey methodology, 204 students from University of Ghana and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology were randomly selected to participate in this study. The results of this study indicate that the positive effects of social media outweigh its negative counterpart hence, students should not be entirely discouraged from visiting social media sites. Among the following are some of the positive and negative effects of social media revealed in the study; the ability to seek the views of course mates on a certain topic at the comfort of their rooms , the opportunity to make more friends than in real life and the ability to be able to  participate in group discussions were found to be the positive effects of social media on students in both institutions while reduction in the level of concentration in class, wasting of valuable time that could have been used to study, reduction in physical interaction (face-to-face interaction) and the promotion of shorthand writing which has the ability to affect the writing of good grammar were also found to be the negative effects of social media usage on students in  both institutions. Keywords  Academic, Social lives, Social networking sites, University of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology  2 Introduction Social media as a concept has been variously defined. One of such definitions describes it as a multi-purpose platform and a web-based technology which has the ability to allow the sharing of videos, text, sound and images in a more collaborative and interactive manner (Kaplan and Haelein, 2010). Indeed, the introduction of social media in this digital era has really enhanced interactions and communication globally. The dependence and reliance on social media sites by people across the globe in their day-to-day activities make it necessary for researchers to always find out more about the effects of these sites on users. Although people across all ages depend or rely on social media sites, it is well understood and captured in literature that students over rely on this tool in their social engagements. For instance, literature indicates that students spend several hours on social media sites everyday as part of their daily activities (Refuel, 2013 & Yazdanfar & Aghili, 2012) Unarguably, it is also known that the advent of handheld devices especially smartphones have contributed immensely towards the frequent and rapid usage of these social media sites by students. This, however could be attributed to the convenience nature the devices have presented to users especially students in their visit to social media sites (Campus Quad, 2014). It is believed that the emergence of social networking sites like Facebook has received a lot of attention and patronage by all ages across the world but significantly people around college or university going age are mostly found on this social network. Valenzuela, Park & Kee’s study (2008) attest to this claim as it was found that students between the ages of 18-29 years have accounts on facebook and use the online network daily.  3 On the hand, the emergence of instant messaging sites like WhatsApp, snapchat, twitter, Instagram and the rest have all contributed and still play a key role either positively or negatively on students’ academic and social lives ( Campus Quad, 2014) As much as these sites have effects on students, they also pose some challenges. However,  preliminary investigations conducted by the researcher in both Universities disclosed that notwithstanding the effects that social media poses on the students social and academic lives, they still can’ t desist from visiting these social media platforms. This revealing information makes it necessary to probe further and find out more the kind of effects these social networking sites have on students. Literature review   A study conducted in the United States on college women’s engagement in socia l media revealed that high usage of social media among college women negatively affects their grades (Davis 2013). The study also revealed that in a day, students spend 12 hours on social media sites. Charlene Li et. al., (2007) also indicated that students visit social networking sites every day or even more. A study conducted in India which adopted the survey approach on the usage of social networking sites among college students came out that majority of students spend between one to ten hours on social networking sites weekly (Manjunatha, 2013). Social media has enhanced social networking activities among students. This has made it  possible for people to communicate with one another notwithstanding the age barrier. With the emergence of social media sites, people would rather text or even email than to meet in person or face-to-face with one another (Keller, 2013).
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