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  where credentials matter CANADIAN SECURITIES INSTITUTE  Welcome to the We’re glad you chose CSI to be your partner as you pursue your professional goals in the financial services industry. Before you begin your course work, we encourage you to read through this Orientation Guide . We’ve designed it to help you get the most out of your CSI experience. Your Course Enrollment CSI offers a variety of enrollment options. You chose an option with a hard copy textbook and access to online course materials. The online materials include a PDF version of the same course textbook. The textbook is your primary resource for learning the course material and preparing for the exam; whether to use the hard copy or the online PDF version is up to you. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the online components as well. These tools and resources are provided to help contribute to your overall success. To access the online components, go to and look for the My CSI  link on the home page. Log in to your online profile using your student ID (or your email address) and the password you created. Once you are logged in, locate the Access Online Courses  menu to find the materials available for your course. Important Links on CSI’s Website While you’re on our website, take a few minutes to watch our video, Orientation for New Students . You can find it by selecting Getting Started  under the About CSI  tab or by visiting If you have any questions about your course experience, this video will answer most of them. You can also find information by using the website’s search bar. We recommend that you use it to research the following important topics related to your enrollment:ã Policies for CSI Studentsã Course Completion Requirements ã Booking Your Exam ã Exam Results ã Fees ã Student Code of Conduct Stay in Touch If you have an administrative question, please email our customer care centre at You can also call us toll free (Canada and USA) at 1-866-866-2601 (Outside Canada and USA, call 1-416-364-9130). Our support staff can answer any questions you may have about your enrollment, exam, transcript, certificate or designation. We offer customer support in English and French and are available from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Eastern time) Monday to Friday, excluding designated holidays. You’ll find additional information on CSI’s website under Contact Us .To guarantee that you receive important information about the course, CSI designations and about other CSI related topics, make sure to keep your CSI profile up to date with your most current contact information. Note: Make sure that your first and last name in your CSI profile match what is currently stated on your government-issued photo identification. If the information is not an identical match, you will not be permitted to write your exams.  from Getting the Most Navigate your career with confidence We understand that mastering the learning materials and passing your course is your current goal. But we also want to help you create a longer-term blueprint for your career path. Collaborating early with CSI is a great way for you to chart a successful future in the financial services industry in Canada and abroad. Our practical training courses are structured to follow career streams that lead you to the best  jobs in banking, investment management, financial planning, insurance and more. To learn more about the different careers for which CSI courses are required or highly recommended, visit our Financial Services Career Map at Course Information Pages If you want to learn more about the course you’re taking, go to the full course information page on CSI’s website. Just type the name of your course in the search bar to find it. Here you can see an overview of your course and learn about the format and structure of the exam you’ll be taking, the enrollment period, the approximate number of study hours, the availability of CE credits and other useful information to help you succeed. Course Updates Before booking your final exam, please log in to your online course to see if your course has been updated. CSI’s exam questions are based on the textbook (hardcopy or PDF) and online content you received with your enrollment. Please keep in mind that CSI courses are updated regularly to ensure that you learn the most current and relevant information. If your course is updated during your enrolment period, your final exam may also change to reflect the updated content. Accordingly, we strongly recommend  that you log in to your online course regularly to monitor its status and to check for updates. If we have launched a recent course update, you will see a Course Update notification after you log in. The notification will appear on your Welcome Page and also in your online course. It will tell you when your exam will change to reflect the updated content and give instructions on how to access the new information you will need to prepare for the revised exam.  CANADIAN SECURITIES INSTITUTE Self-study Courses CSI courses are designed to be self-study courses. Our expectation is that you will attempt your course work before contacting Learning Support for help. This requires you to: ã Complete the required readings. ã Work through the related exercises. ã Make an initial attempt to resolve any questions or problems you might have on your own. ã If your course has a discussion board component, review previous discussion postings for answers. ã If your course includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), review them for answers.We recognize that, from time to time in a self-study course, even after following these steps, you will need to raise  your hand  to ask questions. If this is the case, you have two options: ã  Post your question on the discussion board  If you are enrolled in a course that has an online discussion board, you should access your online course and post your question to the board. CSI’s discussion boards currently identify students by first and last name and are designed to replicate the classroom experience. You can post and respond to questions submitted by your peers, while one of CSI’s academic specialists oversees the discussion. ã  Send us an email  Our Learning Support team will reply to your posts. If you feel uncomfortable providing your first and last name on an online discussion board, or if you’re enrolled in a course that does not have a discussion board, we ask that you send your question (or your feedback to a discussion post) by email to Learning Support Responses Our Learning Support team will reply to your posts or emails within two business days. Priority is given to questions related to the course material you received when you enrolled in a CSI course. Discussion board postings or emails that extend beyond the scope of the examinable course material may take longer to answer. For practical reasons, you may be directed to external sources to answer your question.  Thank you for choosing CANADIAN SECURITIES INSTITUTE where credentials matter Save Your Course Material! Under current CSI policy, access to your online course materials is available for two weeks after you complete your course or to the course expiry date (whichever comes first). It’s a good idea, therefore, to download or otherwise save a copy of any material you may need for future reference. We especially recommend that you save your course material if you plan to take a certification exam in the future. The questions in this type of exam are based on all previous CSI learning related to the certificate. Your Student Performance Record CSI makes available a Student Performance Record (SPR) for each exam attempt in your course. To view your SPR simply log in to your student profile and look for the link to ‘Download transcript / Student Performance Record’ under  your ‘My CSI menu’.The SPR provides you with a percentage breakdown of how  you did on each course topic or category. The SPR will help  you focus your efforts should you not pass an exam attempt. Wall Certificates, Transcripts and Notices of Course Completion Upon your successful completion of all course requirements, CSI will award you with one or all of the following:ã A Notice of Course Completion ã Your course transcript ã A wall certificate for framingYour Notice of Course Completion and course transcripts are available online; simply log in to your profile to receive them. Not all CSI courses offer a wall certificate. To see if your course qualifies, check out your course information page by typing the name of the course in the search bar of CSI’s website. Wall certificates are mailed out four-to-six weeks after you successfully complete a course.An ‘Honors’ certificate is issued to students who obtain a final course mark of 85% or higher. Thanks! Our focus here at CSI is on making sure you have an enjoyable, supportive and productive learning experience. We also recognize the important contribution students like you make in providing us with invaluable feedback. In fact, we incorporate your feedback directly into our courses and website. For example, thanks to feedback from our students, we now have more career-related information available on our website; we offer audio versions of a few courses; and our first smart phone app—available through iTunes—was launched in 2014. If you have anything you’d like to tell us or any ideas to share, don’t hesitate to let us know. We encourage you not only to think of  your course as an important stepping stone in your career, but also to see yourself as part of a large and dynamic CSI community within which you play an important role.To contact us with your ideas and suggestions, please email us at Thank you once again for choosing CSI to be your partner in your journey as a financial services professional. We wish you success in your studies!
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