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  Page | 1 Chapter1   Introduction of whole project process This chapter will provide a brief understanding about background of the study, definition of the project problem statement, its objectives, scopes, project justification, risks, project deliverables and project budget and schedule 1 1BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY   A home is a dwelling-place used as a permanent or semi-permanent residence for an individual, family, household or several families in a tribe .You rent a room in your home that is always available for short-term occupancy by paying customers. This room is used solely as a hotel or similar establishment and is not a dwelling unit. Home is one of the basic needs for human being. From the four need of human being as its need people who have no home may live through paying rent for other people who have more houses. But here what we have to understand is that the relation between the person who rented house and the renter. There are different renters who have different behavior that show different characteristics on rented people. Some renters may have a positive relationship others may not. Here those renters who have bad behavior may show unpleasant or bad behavior on rented peoples. But here what we have thought is that how those rented people for renter that have bad behavior we live together. Renting of home may have advantage as well as disadvantage. Advantages of rented person from that particular house are renter may work other kind of work with the time of constructing that house, he/she may not repair if that house deprecates etc. on the other hand the rented may get difficulties or disadvantage from that particular house are payment of period calls may enter  Page | 2 into bankruptcy, the renter may ask him to leave his house with an expected time. He/she may not have full freedom to wonder in the compound of that particular house, even he/she may not have right to enter after passing of the entrances time. The rented person may consume match time to get with the renter; he /she pays commission for the intermediate. Protects human being from the harmful things. Home is a necessity, and for some people support is a necessity too .social homing is rented homing provided for people who cannot afford to buy, or to pay private rented sector rents. Our system considered this problem and solve in the available time. 1 2 Statement of the problem Wolkite city doesn’  t have online home rental management system for who wants to rent home get a lot of trouble to find home even the home is available.  There is no properly allocate home and the system is not easily arranges according to their user interest. And also the home rental management system almost is done through the manual system.  The administrative system doesn’t have the facility to make home rental management system through online and the most time the work done through illegal intermediate person without awareness of the administrative and this make more complex and more cost to find home for the customer. This leads to customer in to more trouble, cost, dishonest and time wastage.  The problem found in the current system:    Complexity of finding home is not easy and more tedious.    And also Extra money to find home.     The system needs more human power.     The user cannot get information about home when they need.     There is too match time consumption find home  Page | 3    Complexity of the system for payment.    An emergency repair is required when something in the rental unit has broken and the health or safety of the tenant is in danger or the building or property is at risk until repairs can be made.    Management has become difficult because of issues that include: i)   Data growth: Data increase day to day. Storing and maintaining all data manually is very difficult ii)   Lack of computerized system Currently most landlords/property managers use the manual system in recording and maintaining their property and customers data iii)   Data security is not assured In a manual way, data is recorded on books/papers which may easily get damaged leading to loss of data. iv)   There is no database to store information Potential of data loss or damage is very high because data is stored on tangible files. Lack of these crucial requirements makes management of the tenants and houses very difficult as some tenants may end up not paying rent. 1 3 Objective 1 3 1 General objective  The main objective of the system is to develop online home rental management system for wolkite city 1 3 2 Specific objectives   In order to attain the general objective, the following are the list of specific objectives:     To facilitate home record keeping for who wants home and for administrative management system.    prepare an online home rental system for the home finders  Page | 4    Allow for the admin to view home finders.     To provide a fully functional automated home Rental Management System that will be an online system.     To provide a complete organized and reliable system with least possibility of any errors.    Customer can easily register at any point of time sitting in their homes to rent the home.    A central database has been designed which will help in removing the problems associated with the existing manual system and also will keep the records safely.    It will ensure data accuracy using database.    Customers can also cancel home rent easily according the rule and terms of the country    Minimum time needed for the various activities in the Home Rental management system.    It will provide better Service for home rent finder.  1.4 Scope  and limitations of the project 1 4 1 Scope of the project    There are several motivations to develop the new web-based Home Rental Management system and one line home rental:     The proposed system is concerned searching a home rental, Payment and account controls in online way       The system will remove the tedious task of customers for searching home for rental.     The system will help to the home administrative staff i.e. the Home rental to keep the daily and the history record details of the customers need in proper Database.    Will generate proper available home for customers at the time.
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