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Hoffman, E. T. a. - The Life and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr

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  PENGUIN CLASSICS THE LIFE AND OPINIONS OF THE TOMCAT MURR e. t. A. Hoffmann was born in oni!sber! on # $an%ar& '(() an* ba+ti,e* Ernst T-eo*or i/-e/m Hoffmann0 -e /ater s%bstit%te* Ama*e%s for i/-e/m o%t of a*miration for Mo,art. Ha1in! st%*ie* /aw2 -e entere* t-e Pr%ssian 3i1i/ ser1i3e an* -e/*a n%mber of /e!a/ +osts in t-e eastern Pr%ssian +ro1in3es. His ear/iest ambition was to be a 3om+oser or a !ra+-i3 artist an* +ainter2 an* it was not %nti/ -e was in -is t-irties t-at -e t%rne* to fi3tion2 be3omin! one of t-e best45nown an* most inf/%entia/a%t-ors of -is time.  Fantasiestiicke, -is ear/iest 3o//e3tion of ta/es2 a++eare* in '6'#. T-is was fo//owe* t-ree &ears /ater b&  Nachtstiicke an* t-en in '6'744 ' b& t-e Serapions-Bruder. Amon! -is /on!er wor5s is -is se3on* an* fina/ no1e/2  Lebensansichten des Katers Murr 8'6 944 2 The Life and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr), w-i3- re+resents t-e -i!-4+oint of -is art. Hee:+/oite* t-e !rotes;%e an* t-e bi,arre in a manner %nmat3-e* b& an& ot-er Romanti3 writer. Hoffmann *ie* in <er/in on =$%ne '6 .ant-ea be// was born in S%ffo/5 an* e*%3ate* at Somer1i//e Co//e!e2 O:for*. S-e -as wor5e* as a trans/ator for man& &ears2 +rimari/& from German an* Fren3-. Her trans/ations in3/%*e wor5s of nonfi3tion 8bio!ra+-&2 +o/iti3s2 so3ia/ -istor& an*m%si3o/o!&>2 /iterar& an* +o+%/ar fi3tion2 an* n%mero%s 3-i/*ren?s boo5s2 in3/%*in! 3/assi3 German wor5s b& t-e Grimm brot-ers2 C/emens <rentano2 i/-e/m Ha%ffan* C-ristian Mor!enstern. S-e -as re3ei1e* man& +ri,es an* awar*s2 in3/%*in! t-eMi/*re* L. <at3-e/*er Awar* in '7(72 '779 an* '77=0 t-e '76( S3-/e!e/4Tie35 Pri,e for Hans <emmann?s The Stone and the Fute! an* in '77) t-e first Mars- Awar* for C-i/*ren?s Literat%re in Trans/ation for C-ristine Nost/in!er?s   #o$%s Life. Ant-ea<e// -as a/so ser1e* on t-e 3ommittee of t-e Trans/ators Asso3iation an* t-e @%r& +ane/ of t-e S3-/e!e/4Tie35 German trans/ation +ri,e in t-e U. S-e /i1es in Cambri*!e an* -as two a*%/t sons. @erem& a*/er is Professor of German at in!?s Co//e!e Lon*on. He st%*ie* German at %een Mar& Co//e!e 8Uni1ersit& of Lon*on> an* was a Le3t%rer in German at estfie/* Co//e!e before bein! awar*e* a  Persona/ C-air. He is a sometime fe//ow of t-e Instit%te of A*1an3e* St%*&2 <er/in2 an* a sometime s3-o/ar of t-e Her,o! A%!%st<ib/iot-e52 o/fenbiitte/. He -as written a boo5 on Goet-e?s no1e/ The &ecti'e ffinities 8'76(>2 +ro*%3e* 8wit- U/ri3- Ernst> a3ata/o!%e of 1is%a/ +oetr&2 Te(t as Fi$ur 8Br* e*n2 '779>2 an* e*ite* Ho/*er/in?s Seected oems and Fra$ments for Pen!%inC/assi3s. He -as +%b/is-e* se1era/ 1o/%mes of +oetr&2 in3/%*in! The *eddin$ and other Marria$es 8'769>2 The &ectric phabet  8'76)0 n* e*n2 '77)2 internet e*n2 '77(> an*   t the &d$e of the *ord 8'77=>. $erem& A*/er is marrie* an* /i1es in Lon*on.  THE LIFE AND OPINIONS OF THE TOMCAT MURR  to$ether +ith a fra$mentar Bio$raph of  Kapemeister ohannes Kreiser on andom Sheets of *aste aper  EDITED < E. T. A. HOFFMANN Transated and annotated b & ant-ea be// +ith an /ntroduction b & @erem& a*/er  PENGUIN <OOS  PENGUIN <OOSP%b/is-e* b& t-e Pen!%in Gro%+Pen!%in <oo5s Lt*2 ( ri!-ts Lane2 Lon*on w6 0i1, En!/an* Pen!%in P%tnam In3.2 B(= H%*son Street2 New or52 New or5 '99'#2 USAPen!%in <oo5s A%stra/ia Lt*2 Rin!woo*2 i3toria2 A%stra/iaPen!%in <oo5s Cana*a Lt*2 '9 A/3orn A1en%e2 Toronto2 Ontario2 Cana*a M#. B< Pen!%in <oo5s 8N> Lt*2 Pri1ate <a! '9 79 2 NSMC2 A%35/an*2 New ea/an*Pen!%in <oo5s Lt*2 Re!istere* Offi3es Harmon*swort-2 Mi**/ese:2 En!/an*First +%b/is-e* '6 944 P%b/is-e* in Pen!%in C/assi3s '777=Trans/ation an* notes 3o+&ri!-t  Ant-ea <e//2 '777 Intro*%3tion 3o+&ri!-t $erem& A*/er2 '777A// ri!-ts reser1e* T-e mora/ ri!-t of t-e trans/ator an* t-e a%t-or of t-e intro*%3tion -as been asserte*Set in 7.= '' 4(=+t Monot&+e <emboT&+eset b& Row/an* P-otot&+esettin! Lt*2 <%r& St E*m%n*s2 S%ffo/5 Printe* an* bo%n* in Great <ritain b& Anton& Rowe Lt*.2 C-i++en-am2 i/ts-ireE:3e+t in t-e Unite* States of Ameri3a2 t-is boo5 is so/* s%b@e3tto t-e 3on*ition t-at it s-a// not2 b& wa& of tra*e or ot-erwise2 be /ent2re4so/*2 -ire* o%t2 or ot-erwise 3ir3%/ate* wit-o%t t-e +%b/is-er?s  +rior 3onsent in an& form of bin*in! or 3o1er ot-er t-an t-at inw-i3- it is +%b/is-e* an* wit-o%t a simi/ar 3on*ition in3/%*in! t-is3on*ition bein! im+ose* on t-e s%bse;%ent +%r3-aser 
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