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Hamzas Essay NCAA
  The debate of whether or not student athletes should get paid in the NCAA, National Collegiate Athletic Association, is an on-going and endless discussion for college professionals, students, and sports fans all over the United States and Canada. Student athletes are considered to be individuals that pursue an education at the post-secondary level, while also playing for a sports team at that school. Though many people are against paying students to play a sport at the amateur level,  am in fact for it. !eing the central core of this enormous operation, student athletes deserve some sort of compensation additional to the scholarships or financial aid they may receive. Through e"ample and illustration and comparison and contrast, the essay will show the amount of revenue generated by student athletes for the NCAA, how college sports benefit many people outside the athletes themselves and the re#uired commitment towards their  preferred sport.$irst and foremost, the athletes you bring in from high schools play a huge role in the revenue your university is going to ma%e. &hen colleges send out scouters to recruit the best athletes they can find for their desired sports, they not only want these individuals to win, but to also generate revenue. 'anding a top recruit could easily boost revenue for a university. $or e"ample, Te"as A() landed football phenomenon, *ohnny )an+iel, who has helped increase revenues from bowl appearances, tic%et sales, and merchandise. Not only has this one player affected that, but alumni of Te"as A() have donated  million dollars since he has arrived. That is  percent higher than ever before. /0yce1 At the end of the day, revenue is a huge part in the NCAA, which is why universities will ma%e the big step to bring a substantial student athlete to their school. n general, the NCAA generates a tremendous amount of revenue through  publicity from student athletes, merchandise, tic%ets sold, television contracts, and championship  games or series. The revenue NCAA generates from college licensed merchandise is incredible. The college licensed merchandise industry hit an estimated .2 billion dollars in revenue. The merchandise available could be anything from clothing apparel and phone cases to, 3other items ranging from video games to housewares to novelty items4 /5ogers1 n 67, the NCAA signed a contract worth 7.8 billion dollars over 7 years with C!S and Turner Sports for the television rights of the )arch )adness tournament, which divides up into nearly 7 million dollars a year from television contracts for one sport in the NCAA. /9:Toole1 9ne cannot forget about the tic%et sales at events. f you plan to watch a top 7 ran%ed team in 0ivision  play football in their home stadium, the average tic%et price ranges from ;727-;6<. Now multiply that by a minimum of 2, people in each stadium, you get a total of ;<,22, to ;7,2, generated =ust through tic%et sales, for one game. 9ne of the biggest events in college sports is the NCAA men>s bas%etball>s infamous tournament, )arch )adness. )arch )adness is a win or go home tournament consisting of 28 teams. The revenue generated by this event is absurd. )arch )adness brings in 7 million dollars in television revenue and over a billion dollars from television ads,  million dollars to the economy of where the event is located, need not mention the tic%et sales and merchandised purchased. /Clar%e1 After loo%ing at all of these e"amples, you can conclude that with all the revenue earned, student athletes should get some sort of compensation for their part in this huge business.5elating the revenues from the previous paragraph, you can see how many people benefit off of these student athletes. The revenue brought in from )arch )adness alone, helps the economy of the city in which the event is held. The city benefits in many ways? hotels are fully vacant as over 7, people usually show up. /Clar%e1 0on>t overloo% the other ways the  economy benefits from this, for e"ample, the money restaurants ma%e, along with tourist sites and retail stores, etc. 0uring )arch )adness, millions of dollars are generated from these student athletes who actually play, yet all the profits 3goes mostly to the advertising hustlers, television suits, arena operators, concession haw%ers, athletic gear manufacturers and retailers, university administrators, coaches and sports media noisema%ers.4 /!andow1 This is =ust at one of the many ma=or events, but every other wee% or so thousands of fans are coming to your own university, and generating revenues for hotels, restaurants, tourist sites and so on. @veryone  benefits in some way, especially coaches. The highest paid college football coach ma%es ;. million a year, and 3The average annual salary for head coaches at ma=or colleges /not including four schools that moved up to the $ootball !owl Subdivision this season1 is ;7.2 million.4 /!rady, !er%owit+ and Upton1 Assistant coaches at ma=or colleges earn an average of ;6,. /!er%owit+ and Upton1Athletic trainers at the college level get paid anywhere from ;6, to over ;, depending on e"perience, schools, and sports. /5eynolds1 These e"amples show that almost everyone else benefits off of these student athletes. f the NCAA or the selected educational institute can figure out a way to pay that amount of money to coaches, trainers, scouts, etc., they can find a way to compensate the players. Not to mention the NCAA is a non- profit organi+ation, but it seems to be that they have definitely become a for-profit business,  benefiting off of student athletes.'astly, student athletes should get compensated in some way because the time commitment these young individuals all around the United States put in is simply incredible. The B ma=or sports in the NCAA are baseball, bas%etball, and football. 0ivision  student athletes spend an average of 7. hours a wee% towards their sport, while division  average B8 hours  and division  athletes average B6.< hours a wee%. /9:Shaughnessy1 As you can see through the comparison of the B different divisions, the better you are, the more time you devote to it. t is mind boggling how much time and commitment is needed to be a student athlete. ou have to be a full time student to play sports, so they have a minimum of 76 hours of classes, plus the e"tra time outside of class to do readings and assignments, while also devoting around B to  hours a wee% for something you might not be able to pursue in the future. n fact, in the NCAA, only 7.BD of bas%etball players, 7.2D of football players, <.D of baseball players, 7.6D of hoc%ey  players and .D of soccer players go on to play at the professional level. /National Collegiate Athletic Association1 After loo%ing at those statistics, does it really ma%e sense for a young individual to spend so much time wor%ing out, training, watching films, practicing, preparing for games, travelling around the country and missing classes when the main purpose for these institutions is to obtain greater educationE f they are devoting full time wor% hours towards athletics for the benefit of the university and NCAA, they should be compensated. Also, you cannot forget the ris% that is involved in all these sports. A bro%en leg could resist you from going to class in the winter time andFor it could result in many months of rehab. An even bigger concern is concussions. 5ecently in the N$', National $ootball 'eague, many retired players have been %nown to have ma=or in=uries to the head after they have finished their careers, 3they suffer from dementia at rates anywhere from five to 7< times worse than the general population.4 /0oyel1 $ootball is a rough contact sport, regardless of what level it is played at, too many head to head collisions will affect your body in the future, perhaps even restricting you from many  =obs. College athletes commit so much time and effort into their sports, while also ta%ing the ris% of potential in=uries to not get compensated for everything they do.   Now that we %now a great deal about how much revenue is being generated for the  NCAA and universities, who benefits off of the money, and the commitment and ris% involved in  being a student athlete, we can come to the conclusion that the student-athletes are the heart of the body, the main source for this multi-billion dollar organi+ation to even e"ist. They should be rewarded in some way, a few possibilities could be an e#ual distribution of revenue from merchandise and tic%et sales to all athletes of the school, or they could do it at a higher scale and distribute a percentage of the revenue to all athletes in the NCAA. Another possibility could be to have an allowance that everyone gets e#ually. es, many student athletes get scholarships and financial aid, but even that is not enough to go buy a slice of pi++a, go to the movies, or ta%e a girl out on a date. )ost of the times, when students violate NCAA regulations, it is for simple reasons li%e that, =ust to have cash on them so they can spend money on what they want. All the scholarship money goes straight towards tuition fees, rent, te"tboo%s, and maybe a meal plan. They deserve a compensation that will allow them to have some money for miscellaneous e"penses.  truly believe through the substantial amount of money they generate, the benefits they provide to others, and the hard wor% and commitment they put into athletics, they must receive a piece of this multi-billion dollar pie, even if it is =ust crumbs.
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