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Colossians 2: 16-17 “Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in RESPECT of a Set-Apart Day, or of the New Moon, or of the Shabbawth Days: which are a shadow of things to come…” was written by the apostle Shaul[Paul] in Colossians 2: 16-17 (KJV). This passage is often misinterpreted. What does it really say? Shaul[Paul] was combating a local heresy. False teachers had introduced their own religious philosophy, which was a blend of Yehudaish[Jewish] and gentile concepts. Their dist
  Colossians 2: 16-17 “Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in RESPECT of a Set-Apart Day,or of the New Moon, or of the Shabbawth Days: which are a shadow of things tocome…” was written by the apostle Shaul[Paul] in Colossians 2: 16-17 (KJV). Thispassage is often misinterpreted. What does it really say?Shaul[Paul] was combating a local heresy. False teachers had introduced their ownreligious philosophy, which was a blend of Yehudaish[Jewish] and gentile concepts.Their distorted ideas were founded on human “tradition” and “principles of the world,”not on the Word of YHWH. Shaul[Paul] warned the Colossians to “ beware lest anyonecheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men,according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to The Anointed One”(earlier in verse 8).These false teachers introduced their own rules and regulations for their idea of properconduct (addressed in verses 20-22). The content of Shaul’s[Paul’s] warning to theColossian Assembly strongly indicates that these heretics were the forerunners of a majorheresy that developed into Gnosticism, which is a belief system that holds that secretknowledge [gnosis is Greek for “knowledge,” hence the term Gnosticism] can enhanceone’s religion. Gnostics claimed to be so spiritual that they disdained virtually everythingphysical, regarding it as beneath them.The false teachers in Colosse rejected the physical - the perishable things that could betouched, tasted or handled (see verses 21-22) – particularly when it related to worship.Their philosophy encouraged neglect of the physical needs of the body to attainheightened spirituality. In reality, however, their self-imposed religion did nothing of thesort and accomplished nothing in combating human nature. As Shaul[Paul] wrote, it wasof “no value against the indulgence of the flesh” (verse 23).The heretics condemned the Colossian Congregation for the manner in which theColossians observed the Set-Apart Days. Notice that they didn’t challenge the Daysthemselves. It was the physical enjoyment of them- rejoicing and feasting- that provokedthe objections of these false teachers.The srcinal Greek in verse 16 for “meat, or in drink”- enbroosei and en posei-means “ineating and in drinking.”Notice Shaul’s[Paul’s] words again: “So let no one judge you in food or in drink, orREGARDING [ Greek meros, meaning ‘PART,’ or ‘REGARDING ANY PORTION OF’ ] aFestival or a New Moon or Shabbawth” (Colossians 2:16 [KJV]). Many English versionshave miss-translated this word on purpose, to be misleading, in order to help support theirfalse theology that these Feast have been done away with. Please consult a Greek Lexicon for confirmation of the true definition to this Greek word meros.  Shaul[Paul] was actually telling the Colossians to ignore these heretic’s judgments andcriticisms about their enjoyment of the eating and drinking aspects of YHWH’s Festivals.There is no mention of the abolition of YHWH’s Torah (Set of Instructions for righteousliving within the Kingdom of YHWH) or His Set-Apart Days. Nothing is done away within these verses. In fact, it is just the opposite. The very criticism the Colossians werereceiving about their observance of these Days confirms they were keeping them. Howcould they be criticized “with regard to” days they were not keeping?Rather than showing disregard for the DaysYHWHestablished as Set-Apart, Shaul’s[Paul’s] comments in this passage confirm that the Colossian Assembly - who wereprimarily gentiles ( Colossians 2:13)- were observing the weekly Shabbawths and Set-Apart Days of YHWHmore than 30 years afterYehoshuahThe Anointed One’s death and resurrection.The once-pagan Colossians never kept these Set-Apart Days of YHWHbefore! Theywere heathen prior to conversion. Now that they had learned the Gospel, they werekeeping Set-Apart Days thatYahuwahSanctified. And Shaul[Paul] is warning them notto be ridiculed into mixing their old pagan ways withYHWH’s Set-Apart Days - theways of those who hated “YHWH’s Instructions for Set-Apart Living within HisKingdom[Torah]” and His Festivals in the first place.“Let no man therefore judge you…” (verse 16) in these matters, said Shaul[Paul], “but[rather] the body… of The Anointed One” (Colossians 2:17, last part).This verse has troubled many. Yet it should not. Notice that the word “ is ” in the KingJames[Yahmez] Version is in italics. It does not appear in the srcinal. The srcinalGreek says only, “… but, the body of The Anointed One.” What is the body of TheAnointed One? How does Shaul[Paul] use this expression in Colossian?Turn to chapter 1. In verse 18 we find that The Anointed One “is the head of the body,THE CONGREGATION.” See also Colossians 2:19.The true Congregation of YHWHis the Body of The Anointed One. Just as the Spirit of YHWHonce dwelled in the earthly body of YehoshuahThe Anointed One so now the Set-Apart Spirit dwells in each member of the Congregation and together the membersconstitute One Body, doing the very work The Anointed One did. The Congregation istherefore The Anointed One’s Body today! And The Anointed One is the Head as thehusband is the head of the wife (Ephesians 5:23).Shaul[Paul] is declaring in Colossians that no gentile [pagan] person is to sit in judgmentof a true Believer’s conduct. The pagan society is not to determine how we are to live.But it is the responsibility of the Assembly -The Body of The Anointed One- todetermine these matters! The Congregation is to teach how to observe the Festivals- toexplain the meaning of self-control in eating and drinking, etc.  So these little-understood verses ought to be translated clearly: “Let no man therefore judge you… but [rather let] the body of The Anointed One [determine it].” Let TheAnointed One’s Body judge these Congregational matters. Greek scholars recognize thelast clause “but [rather] the body of The Anointed One” demands that a verb be added,but have often not seen that the missing verb should be supplied from the most logicaland grammatically parallel clause so as to read properly “Let the body of The AnointedOne judge [these matters]”!Had they not been observing these Days, the heretics would have had no basis for theirobjections to the eating and drinking aspects- the feasting portion- of the Shabbawths,New Moons, and the Set-Apart Days. Colossians 2:16 was written as a warning to theGentile Believers at Colosse to protect them from false teachers-teachers who were subtlyperverting the message Shaul[Paul] taught. Notice what Shaul[Paul] wrote: “Let no mantherefore judge you in meat, or in drink [margin- for eating or drinking], or in respect of aSet-Apart Day, or of the New Moon, or of the Shabbawth Days, - “which are a shadow of things to come  ” (Colossians 2:16).Yehoshuahsaid “How often I would have gathered you under my wings but you wouldnot”. The Set-Apart Days are a shadow of things to come,Yehoshuahis the One to come,and He would have often protected us under the Shadow of His Wings (the Set-ApartDays of YHWH) but we would not. Keeping the Shabbawths and Festivals of YHWHare the Wings of our Savior that He,Yehoshuah, would have us to gather under.Shaul[Paul] was not talking to people being harassed by other true believers, or theYehudeem[Jews], for not wanting to observedYHWH's Set-Apart Days, he wasencouraging them not to fall for a/the False Gospel taught by Gnostics.Walking in the Spirit of YHWHfulfilling the LawYHWHis not the same as walking in the flesh trying to keep or not trying to keep the Law of YHWH. For if one crucifies theirflesh to allowYehoshuahThe Anointed One to live in them through the Set-Apart Spirit,this Set-Apart Spirit will live out the Law of YHWHthrough them. Anything we do of the flesh is as filthy rags in the site of YHWH(and considered to be adulteress), and onlythe deeds done by His Set-Apart Spirit [which we are to receive after we acceptYehoshuahas our Savior and Adon] through us are to be counted as Righteous. So no wedo not gain Salvation by our works of the flesh but if we are truly salvaged the Set-ApartSpirit will walk out the Law of YHWHthrough us, if we crucify the flesh and quench notthe Set-Apart Spirit. This would include leading us to observe the Shabbawth and theFeast Days. Again not done to gain salvation, but allowed to be done through us for thesake of the will of the One Whom sent the One Whom salvaged us (because They askedit of us - not as payment for services rendered, but as a duty to our Adon's will, that is if we really accepted Him as our Adon and Savior.  I'll be quite frank here - no Adon no Savior - no deeds of the Spirit no faith, no salvation.YHWHseeks those whom will worship Him in Spirit and Truth: FOR THERE SHALLBE A TIME WHEN THEY SHALL NOT BEAR SOUND TEACHING, BUTACCORDING TO THEIR OWN DESIRES, THEY SHALL HEAP UP FORTHEMSELVES TEACHERS TICKLING THE EAR[1], [Footnote: [1] Isa. 30:10, Jer.5:31, Rom. 16:18.] AND THEY SHALL INDEED TURN THEIR EARS AWAY FROMTHE TRUTH, AND BE TURNED ASIDE TO MYTHS).So no part of the Torah/Law/Instructions for Set-Apart living within the Kingdom of YHWHEloheem was ever done away with. The sacrifices are taken care off once and forall (not done away with), everything else still goes as well including the Priestly dutiesbeing carried out byYehoshuahHaMashiach[The Anointed One] in the HeavenlyTemple of YHWH, even as we speak. So they (the priestly duties) are no longer neededto be attended to by the tribe of Laywee[Levi] any more upon the face of this earth either,same way the sacrifices no longer are need to be performed. These are the only parts of the Torah/Law/Instructions for Set-Apart living within the Kingdom of YHWHEloheemthatYehoshuahfulfilled or is fulfilling - everything else is still a go.
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