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mcom accounts
  A Project Report onA STUDY OF NET BANKING SERVICES WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO UNION BANK CUSTOMERS A project submitted for the degree of master of commerce (Part-two)Submitted by GUNJAN D GAD!GA N#A$ U%der the guida%ce of Dr&D&'&'ha%agadePost graduate departme%t of commerceSatish pradha% dya%sadha%a coege of commerce tha%e westSubmitted to u%iersity of *umbai In Partial of fulfilment for award of degree of in Advanced Accountancy +or the year ,./-,.0 Satish Pradhan Dyanasadhana College, Thane (Arts, Science, and Commerce!ear ternirty Mall, astern #$ress highway Thane ( west %&&'&%  CERTIFICATET! ! to cert!#$ t%t& GUN'AN D GHADIGAONKAR t()ent o# M*co+,II-ACCOUNTANCY.& Dn$%n %)%n% Co//e0e o# T%ne % co+p/ete) teproject 1or2 %n) % (3+!tte) % report #or te %+e !n p%rt!%/ #(/#!/+ent o# te co(r e 3$ Un!4er !t$ o# M(+3%! #or te 3%tc 5678,79 !n te top!c : A S1UD2 + N31 'AN#!NG S3$4!53S 6!1 SP35!A7 $3+3$3N53 1 UN! N 'AN# 5US1 *3$S8 Te t()ent % 1or2 (n)er o(r 0(!)%nce %n) )!rect!on* Te %!) report ! 3% e) on 3on%#!)e !n#or+%t!on* !%ter%a 39ami%er39ter%a 39ami%er Pri%cipa  DECLARATION ! GUNJAN D GAD!GA N#A$ here by decare that the foowi%g project report :A S1UD2 + N31 'AN#!NG S3$4!53S 6!1 SP35!A7 $3+3$3N53 1 UN! N'AN# 5US1 *3$S8!s a resuts of my srci%a research wor;< this iew of mi%e a%d the project which is to be competed as per the rues of *umbai U%iersity for fu time *&com&! ho%esty e9press that the i%formatio% has bee% coected from ge%ui%e a%d authe%tic sources& 1he mai% objectie of coecti%g i%formatio% are of academic purpose a%d ! assure that coected i%formatio% sha be put to use o%y for the project report a%d %othi%g ese&1he i%formatio% submitted is true a%d srci%a to the best of my ;%owedge& DATE;,PLACE;,THANESIGNATURE OF STUDENT -GUN'AN GHADIGAONKAR.  AKNOWLEDGEMENT *y first a%d foremost heart-fet tha%;s goes to Amighty< who gae me stre%gth< courage a%d showered me his grace to materiai=e my o%g cherished desire i% form of this thesis& ! e9press my si%cere gratitude to my $esearch guide< ------------ Pri%cipa  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> & U%der his guida%ce ! was successfuy abe to oercome ma%y difficuties i% this research study a%d i% my ife  perso%a ife as we& ! coud ear% ma%y thi%gs from guider& is guida%ce a%d support proide me the %ecessary i%sight i% the e%tire research wor; a%d gae me the ery much %eeded correct a%d appropriate directio% to compete this research wor; withi% the stipuated time& ! am deepy i%debted a%d sha remai% gratefu to her foreer for his e9cee%t guida%ce< cari%g<  patie%ce< a%d proidi%g me with a% e9cee%t atmosphere for doi%g this research& ! am fortu%ate to hae such a guide i% my academic ife&! deepy ac;%owedge with tha%;s< Professor a%d ead< a%d a +acuty *ember a%d Staff member for co%ti%uousy supporti%g me throughout their auabe i%puts< directio% a%d motiatio%&! ta;e this opportu%ity to e9press my si%cerest gratitude a%d tha%; to  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  >>>>>>>> +or proidi%g me with ery esse%tia recomme%datio% etters to the seected ba%;s&
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