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These are goals with concise recommendations for change directions.
  V. GOALS AND RECOMMENDATIONS [***MORE BELOW!] Goal 1: Provi a # a$$ %o $lar& a$$'ra%& a( $o) iv %ra( r i(or+a%io(. R$o++(a%io( : A.Create a statewide transfer website as part of the Massachusetts College and Career Readiness web portal targeted for various audiences including students and faculty (Technology Department). .Adopt a statewide electronic transcript delivery system with the eventual addition of online degree audits able to interface with various student information systems and !re #$% systems (College Dean). C.Develop and carry out an on#going public relations campaign to highlight the state&s commitment to higher education access and success through transfer (Mar'eting Department). Quantitative Measures (to avoid late deliveries)  A measurement device is required to evaluate the extent of the achievement and quality at Acme (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2009, p. 9!. he follo#in$ tar$ets elucidate these undertakin$s% o reduce ad decisions, these effects are cut ten percent a year, y the end of 'ecemer , 202 ('epartment )eads!. *or example, #hen sendin$ out deliveries at Acme, the circumstancesmust e analy+ed carefully. o decrease unethical demands, prolems drop y ten percent a year, as of the last of 'ecemer , 20 (*acility ana$er!. *or example, avoid the perils of erroneous lo$ic, efore deliverin$ the frei$ht. o produce ethical leaders, disapproval falls y ten percent, y 'ecemer , 20- (/!. *or example, Acme $uides and $ives feedack, to #arrant timely deliveries (allor et al., 200,  p. 9!. 1uality is met as of reducin$ one hundred quarterly latedelivery complaints to ninety asof every three months. Qualitative  3predicts only the direction in #hich an economic variale, such as price or quantity, #ill move. *or example, this occurs #hen mana$ement predicts if price or sales #ill increase or decrease. Quantitative  3predicts oth the direction and ma$nitude of the chan$e in an economic variale. *or example, sufficient data to predict that price #ill rise y 4.0 and sales #ill fall y 5,000 units ( homas & aurice, 20, p. 67!. NOTE:  ana$ement may not al#ays have sufficient information to make quantitative forecasts8  GOALS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Goal ,: I+-l+(% %) MassTransfer -oli$# $%iv A$a+i$ ar ,//01/. R$o++(a%io( : A) Develop MassTransfer   implementation guidelines under the leadership of the Commonwealth Transfer Advisory roup.) Devote a full#time position at the Department of igher *ducation to coordinate and oversee statewide transfer policy initiatives.C) Convene transfer officers from Massachusetts public institutions of higher education to identify and solve transfer#related issues.D) Develop internal communications (e.g. professional development for campus personnel) and e+ternal communications (e.g. identifying academic programs ,ualifying for MassTransfer  ) to promote and e+plain MassTransfer   to all relevant parties.*) Confer the same tuition discount identified in MassTransfer   to associate degree programs that do not ,ualify for MassTransfer   but have articulation agreements with programs at state colleges and -niversity of Massachusetts campuses that guarantee admission and full transfer and applicability of credits to the baccalaureate degree.) After implementation of MassTransfer   for three years and in consideration of the Commonwealth&s fiscal capacity/ e+amine the feasibility of increasing the tuition discount from 001 to $221 and including students enrolled in evening/ wee'end/ accelerated/ and online programs. Goal 2: E( 'r ' %ai( $%iv( a( a$$o'(%a3ili%# o %ra( r -oli$i a( -ra$%i$ . R$o++(a%io( : A) 3upport the community college student success measure which includes transfer currently under development by the oard of igher *ducation.) Develop common statewide definitions of a transfer student/ transfer rate/ transfer retention rate/ and transfer graduation rate.C) 3ubmit an annual transfer report developed by the Commonwealth Transfer Advisory roup to the 4oint Committee on igher *ducation.D) 3upport the recommendation in the oard of igher *ducation&s 5226 inal Report from the Tas' orce on raduation Rates at the 3tate Colleges7 8ncrease degree completion rates of transfer students by 6 percentage points/ resulting in 691 of transfer students graduating within four years of arrival at the institution to which they transfer.*) Review transfer policies and practices at each Massachusetts public higher education institution and retract those that impose barriers to transfer.) *stablish clear structures which include faculty/ administrators/ and students at each Massachusetts public higher education institution to address transfer issues.) *stablish and publish a transfer student appeals process at each Massachusetts public higher education institution.) Designate a transfer ombudsperson at each Massachusetts public higher education institution who ensures institutional compliance with transfer policies and procedures. Goal 4: E5-a( ali6(+(% o %a%7i -ro6ra+8%o8-ro6ra+ a( $o'r 8%o8$o'r  %ra( r. R$o++(a%io( :  A) Develop statewide transfer guides by ma:or similar to the recently#enacted statewide *arly Childhood *ducation and *lementary *ducation Transfer Compacts which guarantee admission and full transfer and applicability of creditto the baccalaureate degree. 3tatewide transfer guides by ma:or should be developed by faculty based upon comparable course content and common student learning outcomes.) uild a directory of statewide course#to#course e,uivalencies among all community colleges/ state colleges/ and -niversity of Massachusetts campuses based on comparable course content and common student learning outcomes.C) Convene statewide meetings for faculty to develop statewide ma:or guides and course#to#course e,uivalencies. Regional and discipline#specific brea'out groups;similar to C<==*CT in southeastern Massachusetts and to Central >in's in central Massachusetts;should also collaborate on opportunities/ trends/ and grants.D) 8mplement an online system to support faculty review of course syllabi and development of common student learning outcomes.*) *nsure that all Commonwealth onors courses are accepted as honors courses into receiving institutions by clearly designating these courses on student transcripts.) 3tandardi?e the transfer of nationally#recogni?ed e+ams (e.g. C>*!/ DA=T*3/ Advanced !lacement *+aminations)/ dual enrollment credits/ articulated credits with high schools (e.g. tech#prep credits)/ international credits/ and credits earned through prior learning assessments.) *ncourage independent institutions to participate voluntarily in statewide transfer initiatives. eferenceKinicki, A., & Kreitner, . (2009!. Organizational behavior: Key concepts, skills & best  practices  (-th ed.!. :e# ;ork, :;% c<ra#)ill =r#in. homas, . ., & aurice, >. . (20!.  Managerial economics: foundations of business analysis and strategy  (0th ed.!. :e# ;ork% c<ra#)ill?=r#in.
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