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Foses Necrological Service
  NECROLOGICAL SERVICE IN HONOR OF THE LATE _____________ OPENING SONGHERE I AM, LORD I, the Lord of sea and sky,I have heard My people cry. All who dwell in dark and sin,My hand will save.I who made the stars of night,I will make their darkness bright.Who will bear My light to them?Whom shall I send?Here I am Lord, Is it I Lord?I have heard o! calling in the night.I will go Lord, if o! lead me.I will hold o!r people in my heart. GREETINGS: We are gathered here to offer our prayers and songs for the repose of the soul of our dear ________ who has passed away from this world. Likewise extend our sincere condolence and sympathy to the members of the family , friends and relatives who are joining in this very glorious memento.-n name of the !ather, and of the on, and of the #oly pirit. $%&'. LET US PRAY:   . Here, today, we are reminded of the sanctity of life, and the sacred air which the ending of alife seems to hold. We are also aware of o!r h!manity as we see how deeply we feel ... thefriendship, the celebration, the relief, the grief, the loss, the sorrow, the pride, the thanks, h!mility, thelove .. !r hearts are to!ched as we contemplate the reality of being parted in this life from .........Help !s as we come to grips with this and as we release him to his eternal rest while we contin!e o!r own pilgrimage. o! allowed !s to en#oy $$%s love interest companionship and friendship, elt fromthe people he tr!ly loved and we thank yo!. We are gratef!l for all we have been able to sharewith ........... &ow, with !nashamed sorrow, yet with sincere thanks, we release ........from o!r lives,confident in yo!r mercy, #!stice and eternal love, looking for yo!r comfort, 'od of all comfort. (hiswe ask in )es!s% &ame, AM*& SONG:LIFT UP YOUR HANDS   Life is not at all that bad my friend, mmm....If yo! believe in yo!rself If yo! believe there%s someoneWho walks thro!gh life with yo!o!%ll never be alone)!st learn to reach o!t And open yo!r heartLift !p yo!r hands to 'od And He%ll show yo! the way And He said%+ast yo!r b!rdens !pon me(hose who are heavily laden+ome to meall of yo! who are tired f carrying heavy loadsor the yoke I will give yo! is easy And My b!rden is light+ome to Me and I will give yo! rest.%When yo! feel the world is t!mbling down on yo! And yo! have no one that yo! can hold on to)!st face the rising s!n and yo!%ll see hope And there%s no need to r!nLift !p yo!r hands to 'od And He%ll make yo! feel alright And He said%+ast yo!r b!rdens !pon me(hose who are heavily laden+ome to me all of yo! who are tired f carrying heavy loadsor the yoke I will give yo! is easy And My b!rden is light+ome to Me and I will give yo! rest.% LET US PRAY: God our Father, in this time of -!ietness, of sober reflection and of loss, we lookfor yo!r comfort. We cannot !nderstand all of yo!r ways $ we cannot !nderstand all of life. !t wedo know the love and friendship we val!ed when $...... was with this lovely family. It is in o!r heartsto give thanks, to celebrate and to recognise $......./s life. May we be reminded of the tr!e val!es of living for this life, and find comfort in yo!r !nfailing love.    READING:  $ reading from the book of Wisdom ()*-+ut the souls of the righteous are in the hand of od, and no torment will ever touch them. n the eyes of the foolish they seemed to have died, and their departure was thought to be a disaster, and their going from us to betheir destruction but they are at peace. !or though in the sight of others they were punished, their hope is full of immortality. #aving been disciplined a little, they will receive great good, because od tested them and found themworthy of himself like gold in the furnace he tried them, and like a sacrificial burnt-offering he accepted them. nthe time of their visitation they will shine forth, and will run like sparks through the stubble. /hey will governnations and rule over peoples,and the Lord will reign over them forever. /hose who trust in him will understandtruth,and the faithful will abide with him in love,because grace and mercy are upon his holy ones,and he watchesover his elect./he word of the Lord. /hanks to be od. SONG: PAG-AALAY NG PUSO .%insanlamangakodaraansadaigdignaito0aya ano man angmabutingmaaringgawinkongayon1 anumangkabutihanangmaaarikongipadamatulotninyongmagawakongayonangmgabagaynaito.2ef.'awa3yhuwagkoitongipagpaliban1 ipagwalangbahala apagkat di na 4komulingdaraan a ganitongmgalandas5oda)%galandas RESPONSORIAL PSALM *. will come to you in the silence will lift you from all your fears6ou will hear my voice,  claim you as my choicee still and know  am here. RESPONSE: 7o not be afraid  am with you have called you each by name5ome and follow me,  will bring you home love you and you are mine.8. am hope for all who are hopeless am eyes for all who are long to seen the shadows of the night,  will be your light5ome and rest with me. 92esponse:(. am strength for all the despairing#ealing for the ones who dwell on shame$ll the blind will see, the lame will run free$nd all will know my name 92esponse: ;. am the word that leads all to freedom am the peace, the world cannot give will call your name, embracing all your pain tand up, now walk and live. 92esponse: ALLELUIA/THY WORD . eek 6e first the kingdom of od, $nd #is righteousness,$nd all these things, shall be added onto you, $llelu, alleluia.$sk and it shall be given unto you, eek and ye shall find.0nock and the door shall be opened onto you. $lleu, $lleluia$ntiphon) $lleluia<. GOSPEL: INTRODUCTION: %an is like a seed. f it is left to itself, it produces nothing but when it apparently dies, when it has been buried in the ground then it gives more than itself) it brings a whole harvest.  A reading from the Holy Gospel according to John 12: 23 – 26.  =esus said to #is disciples) 'ow the hour has come for the on of man to be glorified.  tell you mostsolemnly, unless wheat grain falls on the ground and dies, it remains only a single grain but if it dies, it yields arich harvest. $nyone who loves his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. f a man serves me, he mustfollow me whenever  am, my servant will be there too. f anyone serves me, my !ather will honor him. /his is the ospel of the Lord. >raise to you, Lord =esus 5hrist. HOMILIES  from people whom our beloved ______________ worked with. TESTIMONIALS  from the members of the family. SONG: SINO AKO . #iram sa7iyosangakingbuhaykaw at ako tanging handoglamang7i koninaisnaako?yisilang 'gunit salamat dahil may buhay . Ligayakonaako?yisilang>agkattao ay maroongdangal inong may pag-ibig% inongnagmamahal0undi di angtaong7iyosangpinagmulan0undiakoumibig, 0undiko man bigyanghalaga$ngbuhaykonghandog ,$ngbuhaykonghiramsa7iyos0undiakonagmamahal, ino ako...  Repeat II GENERAL INTERCESSIONS (Leaflet – y the Leader! RESPONSE ) Lord of life, #ear your >eople (Please Repeat) SONG: HE WILL CARRY YOU /here is no problem too big od cannot solve/here is no mountain too tall #e cannot move/here is not storm too dark od cannot calm/here is no sorrow too deep #e cannot soothe it, 2ef.) f #e carried the weight of the world upon #is shoulders know, my brother that #e will carry youf #e carried the weight of the world upon #is shoulders know, dear sister that #e will carry you2epeat all and 5oda )#e said come on to me all who are weary$nd  will give you rest. LET US PRAY: n #is great love, the od of all consolation, gave our dear _______________ the gift of life. t is thesame od who has taken him@her unto #imself. %ay his@her faith in the resurrection be the hope of rising a newlife. We ask this through 5hrist, our Lord. $men. Lord, our od, have mercy on our beloved dead. ring him@her into the fullness of your joy and lethim@her live with you in heaven. ive him@her eternal rest, o Lord. $nd let perpetual light shine upon him@her.%ay all the faithful departed through the mercy of od rest in peace. $men. 2& >1' & A !rom the bereave family1/#&2 1' ) TANGING YAMAN .kawangaking /anging 6aman 'a di lubasangmasumpungan$ngnilikhamongkariktan ulyapng ?yongkagandahan.  .ka3yhanapsatwina 'itongpusongikawlamangangsaya agandangumaga 'angungulilasa 4yosinta.ka3yhanapsatwina akapwakokitalamangnadarama aiyongmgalika#angad paring masdanangyongmukha. AMAZING GRACE .$maBing grace, how great thou art /o care for one like me /hou guidest me and never fails /o keep me near to /hee../he world goes on ten thousand years /hy light keep shining on 2eminding me of true loves care!or me thy wayward son ./his light shines on for you and me $nd all who live in peace /ill strife and sin and selfish will hall in the end shall live.C.$maBing grace through 5hrist our Lord7eserve even death will cease Dniting us yes you and me n love and eternal peace. HOW GREAT THOU ART   . 1 Lord my odE When  in awesome wonder 5onsider all the works /hy hand hath made,  see the stars,  hear the mighty thunder, thy power throughout the universe displayed)5#12D ) /hen sings my soul, my avior od, to thee, #ow great thou artE how great thou artE 98F:   . When 5hrist shall come with shout of acclamation $nd take me home - what joy shall fill my heartE /hen shall  bow in humble adoration $nd there proclaim, my od, how great /hou artE #H$%&' 
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